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M. C. - Canada said:
english as a Global languageDespite research stating that the chinese language is the most spoken language worldwide, it does not make chinese a global language. A Global language is effective. It is the ability to communicate effectively to speakers of all different languages by using their one common denominator. Speakers of chinese are indeed plentiful, but the usage and effectiveness around the world is not quite the same. The chinese language actually consists of different dialects, some of which can’t be understood by other chinese people. It also has a very complex writing system, as well as inconsistency in their grammar, structure, and expression. What makes it even more difficult is the intonation of the chinese language which makes it hard for foreigners to learn and hear those differences. Another increasing trend in the chinese language, especially for Cantonese speakers, is the creation of new slangs or written words that make it tricky and complicated for non-native speakers to understand and learn. english on the other hand, has a much simpler writing system, the Roman alphabet, which is already used and adapted in many other countries who do not speak english as their native tongue. It is also similar to other languages which stem from Latin or Roman roots, which makes it easier for those who are already exposed to these alphabets to become familiarized with english words. Few nations and regions in Asia has remained english as their second official language, due to their former Western rulers. Hong Kong, for example, kept english as their second language even after the return of sovereignty to the Republic of China and it still remains one of the most international business hubs in Asia. Furthermore, the english language is phonetic based which represents actual sounds, rather than character based, which represents concepts, as with the chinese characters. The only difficulty with learning english is with the irregularities, special cases and homonyms. The only way to learn these is by memorization and practice. However, even with these small complications, english is still a lot easier to learn than chinese. Since learning english is more effective than learning chinese, many nations and international companies have chosen to learn english to expand and stay in businesses across the globe. It is most likely that english is required or preferred as the second language for job requirements when dealing with international companies. Learning english can also be for personal gains and interests, or it could be from influences from social media. Since the united states has such enormous influence in the world today, many people choose to become fluent in english to understand the language without the aid of subtitles or voice dubbings. With the popularity of films and music stemming from north america, it is hard for the rest of the world not to learn at least a little bit of the english language. english is also the most prominent language used online and over the internet. Huge successful social media web pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace alike all originate from the united states, and has been expanded to also every corner of the globe. Of course, there are many software programs that allows for these pages to be translate into their own native languages, but the exposure to the english language has been increased tremendously. If you step into an international airport, you will most likely hear two strangers speaking english to each other despite their own native tongues being something entirely different. english has become such an international and global language that people choose to become fluent in it in hopes that other nations have learned english as a common source of communication too. As mentioned earlier, influence from north america has become a major source of motivation to learn and become fluent in english among other personal and business motives. english is not only easy to learn and use but it has become a common source of communication making it a global language.