Onsite TEFL Diploma

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M. D. - Hong Kong said:
Why complete a TEFL CourseHave you always wanted to do something that can change your life and the lives of others? In todays world, knowledge of english is becoming increasingly valuable and important. From various facets of life and in professional industries, a persons knowledge of the english language can take them very far in school, work, and in various areas of their life. With opportunities to teach abroad in countries such as China, Korea, vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and thailand, just to name a few, there is an extremely high demand for english teachers from english-speaking countries. Teaching abroad is a wonderful and unique way of living in a new country, immersing oneself in a different culture, exposing to the food and lifestyle, customs, and traditions, and essentially being as a local while teaching english to the native students. The TEFL course, which stands for Teaching english as a Foreign Language, can make the english teacher much more marketable. Certainly for many people that do not have teaching background or feel as though they may not have the adequate experience to teach english to foreign learners, there shall not be any concern as the tefl certification course will prepare you enough to teach the fundamentals of english to a diverse group of students. Completing the TEFL course could open up doors and opportunities for the highly sought after english teacher. The TEFL course is a certificate course in which one completes between 100 or 120 hours (there are TEFL course with more hours) of course material, broken up into twenty units. Each unit is accompanied by a worksheet that asks detailed questions regarding the units material. One entire lesson is dedicated to lesson planning, with things to consider when working towards putting together a successful lesson plan for the class. It follows with the TEFL student creating his/her mock lesson plan for a particular topic such as teaching present tenses to the class. This is a great way for the TEFL student to receive hands-on practice. Some of the subsequent units after ask for lesson planning or particular topics. The TEFL course will help put any teacher at ease because it prepares the first time teachers with everything from teaching the parts of speech, the present, past, and future tenses, teaching methods, classroom management, teaching new language to foreign students, and many more, which will help the new teachers feel comfortable, confident, and motivated in the classroom. The benefits of completing a TEFL course are priceless. The TEFL course opens your eyes to the world of foreign language and how non-native english speakers view the importance and vitality of speaking, writing, and reading proficiently in english. These foreign countries demand highly competent, knowledgeable, intelligent, patient, and encouraging english teachers to teach in their schools. The TEFL course will prepare and transform the native english speaker from someone who can speak/write/read english fluently to an individual who is confident and well informed to teach the english language in either a monolingual or multilingual classroom. After completing either the 100 or 120 hour TEFL course, the english teacher will come out of it as a much more aware english teacher, sensitive to their students needs, clear on w hat the expectations are and the goals of the course.