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M.B. - U.S.A. said:
Lesson planning I choose this topic because for me lesson planning is clearly a topic second to none for the beginning teacher. Other topics may be as important but it is hard to see how any can be more so. Lesson plans give structure to the course. They are aids in seeing that you don,t go off on a tangent. They keep the teacher focused on what they are supposed to accomplish for the day. At the end of the day the teacher can reevaluate the lesson and improve on it for the next lesson plan. Of course the lesson plan must be consistent with the course book, focus and flexibility of the institution where you will be teaching. Teaching independently allows for more flexibility in planning lessons. you can adjust the lesson to what seems to be the needs and desires of the students as opposed to the requirements of thje institution, which at times may be in conflict. The teacher can always embellish on their lesson plan. As you continue to teach, this can occur more and more as it becomes apparent what works. In the beginning, It is important to have well organized lesson plans with plenty of back up or the subsequent lesson plan in case you run out of things to do. Post evaluation of the lesson plan is an important aspect of lesson planning. Teachers must continue to improve their skills, especially in the beginning. Were the students bored with a particular aspect of the lesson and why. Was the time dedicated to each segment well chosen. What adjustments should be made. Was it to hard or to easy. Continual improvement is the mark of an aspiring new teacher in all aspects of teaching. In the beginning, lesson planning is especially important. Teachers must be flexible. Something that works very good for one teacher may not work well for others. Adaption in the area of lesson planning is another aspect that needs continual evaluation and revision. Lesson plans act as a permanent record that can be referred to. The evaluated plan can be used for future classes. Referral to previous lesson plans is another way of improving teaching skills. Lesson plans should include all of the skills involved in learning english. At the same time teachers should try to keep to the the focus and context of the class Diversion at times works when it proves to be fun and valuable and perhaps useful in using for future lessons where it can be incorporated into the context, objectives, and focus of the lesson. Variety is important so the teacher should try new ideas, both as a cure to boredom and as a means of improving teaching skills, so experimentation is important. Throw out the bad ideas and use the good ones in future lesson plans. For me it is important to go over the lesson plan beforehand preferably with someone who acts as a substitute student. I find that it works out some of the kinks in the lesson that I hadn't noticed. Lesson plans can be useful in planning the whole course, with care, of course. This is especially true with courses that repeat themselves each term.They can be a means of improving the classes as time goes on and different things become apparent. They can also be useful as a reference for new courses, again with care.