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K.W. - USA said:
Why Complete a TESOL CourseTESOL, which stands for Teaching english to Speakers of Other Languages, is a comprehensive system designed to train teachers of non-native speakers. Courses generally encompass grammar, classroom management, reading comprehension, and linguistics. As a result of globalization, the demand for english educators have risen over the past decades. Even though some native speakers are hired as conversation teachers, instructors are generally expected to teach every aspect of the english language. Many of them are hired to help students prepare for standardized testing. Teachers that are unprepared will experience tremendous frustration and culture shock. Due to the complex nature of teaching abroad, it is crucial for teachers to be professional and equipped. TESOL training provides teachers with the knowledge and support necessary to excel in classroom settings. english teachers are affected by the increase in academic requirements and responsibilities. Native speakers are expected to be more than just speech models, but grammar teachers and classroom facilitators as well. According to a study conducted by education scholars, ESL/EFL teacher may be called upon to teach any or all of the following: listening, speaking, speaking, reading, writing, composition. english or U.S. Literature, syntax, general linguistics...(Govardhan, Nayar, and Sheorey 117). Many teachers are expected to work in unfamiliar environments and difficult circumstances. This indicates that a typical BA degree cannot address the needs of many foreign institutions. Teachers are expected to all around educators. People that are unprepared lack the versatility and adaptability necessary to work with students efficiently. While well trained teachers can still experience difficulties in the adaptation process, they are more likely to have a finish their contracts and have a rewarding career. In addition, TESOL has a proven record of success with foreign students. It is used by educators as well as Peace Corps Volunteer. For the past 40 years, it has provided teachers with the support and knowledge necessary to perform at a high level. The membership of the organization has grown significantly in english speaking countries and East Asia. TESOL has evolved into a support network work for educators of non native students (Alatis, 10). This is significant because having a reputable education background is very helpful in the employment process. The program has generated successful teachers for english teachers all over the world. This makes TESOL the obvious choice for aspiring teachers that are looking for a quality training program. They can become more competitive in the job market by earning an certification that is internationally recognized. TESOL is also very practical and comprehensive. Because learning english can be a very challenging process, it is important for teaching methodology to be consistent with the language is learned. TESOL is able to directly address the needs of students and maximize the language acquisition process. In fact, it is focused on aspects of individual learners' language behavior, which encompasses learning strategies, communication methods, and student behavior (Cumming, Tarone, Cohen, Connor, Spade, Hornberger, Pennycook, and Auerbach, 675). By using a system that is tailored towards the progress of the students, educators will be able to help students to recognize and learn from their mistakes. Instead of relying solely on grammar translation, it prepares teaches to incorporate a variety of learning techniques. The language can be taught through task-based, audio and communicative methods. In retrospect, TESOL is very beneficial for people that want to teach english to speakers of foreign language. The training and support that it provides are invaluable on many levels. Because teaching positions are becoming more and more demanding, educators need to have a system that prepares them culturally and linguistically. TESOL is a worthy investment people that are serious about having a career in teaching english.