TESOL Jobs in Turkey

Opportunities for TEFL Jobs in Turkey, especially in the bigger cities, are great. Salaries are large enough for teachers to live comfortably. Most of the TEFL job openings are in private language schools. The majority of teachers find living and teaching in Turkey an agreeable experience. You will to have at least a university degree in order to get a job here.

Types of TEFL Jobs in Turkey

You will find the cost of living to be very low in Turkey, and there is a legal minimum wage of approximately $450 US per month. English teachers usually make about twice that amount. The middle class in this country is very keen to learn English, and they prefer to be taught by a native speaker.

This equates to more TEFL job openings than can be filled by the supply of English teachers. There are a great number of English language schools catering to adult students, especially in Istanbul, Izmir and the capitol, Ankara.

It is easier to find a job in one of these academies than in Turkish primary schools. Getting a job at a language school means working evenings and on weekends, so you’ll have your days free to explore the city or to do whatever you like.

Finding a TEFL Job in Turkey

Most schools ask for a minimum commitment of one year. Having an MA in TEFL, education or linguistics, along with teaching experience will give you the opportunity to get a position teaching at a public university.

These positions are the brass ring of TEFL Jobs in Turkey. They are well paid, and the competition for them is stiff. If you hold a university degree but no TEFL certificate, you job prospects become very limited in Turkey. Think about taking a four week TEFL course from a reputable school, such as TEFL International.

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