TESOL Jobs in Taiwan

In terms of earning a good salary, Taiwan is one of the best locations in which to work. Hard-working teachers who are willing to work extra hours can expect to save much more each month than they would be able to in their home country.

TEFL jobs are available in state universities and bushibans, or private language schools. Bushibans can be found all over Taiwan and a large percentage of TEFL teachers find work at one of these settings.

As long as you have a university degree, a well recognized TEFL certificate such as that offered by TEFL International, and you are a native-English speaker getting a TEFL Job in Taiwan should be no problem at all.

About TEFL Jobs in Taiwan

ITTT recommends Reach To Teach Recruiting for teaching positions in Taiwan. They are the only fully licensed and legally owned foreign recruitment company in Taiwan. They work with private schools (buxiban), international schools, and public schools all over the island. Reach To Teach is a very well respected recruitment agency for positions all over Asia and the largest provider of jobs in Taiwan. To learn more about teaching in Taiwan have a look at their Teach in Taiwan page, or have a look at their current openings on their Job Board.

Finding a TEFL job in Taiwan

Finding a job in Taiwan is very much like finding a job anywhere else in the world. You’ll need to seek out as many employers as possible and approach them—even if they’re not hiring. You can find most employers through listings on the Net, directories of language schools and online newspapers.

You should try to visit your employer’s campus and meet your bosses before accepting any jobs. Be sure to arrive to your interview in the same manner as you would for a job interview in the West.

While considering a job offer, be sure to have answers to all questions regarding rates of pay, salary and other benefits. Find out if you’ll have to travel to your lessons and if you get compensated and/or reimbursed for this time and expense. Ask about what kind of resources the school has for planning lessons and teaching materials, as well as what kind of administrative and collegial support you will have. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises after agreeing to take the position. Also, be sure to get all details confirming benefits written in your contract.

Taiwan has a fascinating culture with a deep history and lots of beautiful scenery - a great place to teach English. Explore the Far East while working in Taiwan or sit back and watch the savings roll in.

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