TESOL Jobs in New Zealand

TESOL Jobs in New Zealand will take some time to find but simply due to the wonderful natural surrounding and welcoming culture, the job is sure to be rewarding. Of course with English being an official language of New Zealand, odds of finding employment are best for New Zealanders themselves.

New Zealand is a Commonwealth country so if you’re from a Commonwealth nation, your odds of landing a TESOL job might also be good. Most opportunities are there to be found in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

An option that may appeal to many members of the Commonwealth, who are 30-years-old or younger, is the Working Holiday Visa. This will allow you to work over a twelve-month period, though you cannot work for the same employer for longer than three months.

Finding a TEFL Job in New Zealand

Almost all TEFL jobs in New Zealand are on the internet, with many advertised on TEFL-related web sites. Thoroughly research your employer, so that you are clear what your job duties will be. If coming from outside the New Zealand, before accepting a position, make sure that you ask questions regarding pay, class sizes, benefits, what kind of assistance the employer can provide with immigration and work visa issues, etc. Also ensure that any contract you sign accurately reflects these details.

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