TESOL Jobs in Peru

The openings for TEFL Jobs in Peru is huge. However, the country has a bad safety reputation. The salaries are low, and it is also difficult to obtain a work visa. Still, the opportunities for TEFL jobs in  Lima, as well as in other locations are very great for those motivated to go there.

How to Find a TEFL Job in Peru

Many schools in Peru advertise for TEFL jobs on the internet on the various TEFL related web sites. You can also search for language schools in the locations you would consider teaching in.

Conditions for teaching English in Peru are usually quite good. Schools tend to offer a regular work schedule from Monday to Friday. You can usually expect to work for some hours in the morning and then again in the evening, leaving a large block of free time for you to do what you wish in the middle of the day.

Some schools will ask you to work on a Saturday, giving you extra income. You can expect to teach both adults and young learners, with the majority of your students being adults.

Securing a Good TEFL job in Peru

Before accepting a TEFL job in Peru, make sure that you ask questions regarding salary or hourly pay rate, whether you’ll have to travel to your lessons and if you get compensated for this time and reimbursed for expenses, what kind of material resources the school has for lesson planning and teaching materials, what kind of administrative and collegial support you will have, whether a visa will be needed and if the school assists with that, etc.

TEFL in Peru

Sign up for TEFL International’s training course at our center in Cusco. Peru is a fascinating location influenced by the ancient Inca civilization. Upon completion of our TEFL course, you will hold in hand one of the most powerful teaching qualifications in the world. Our training course in Cusco is a stepping-stone towards your English teaching career all over the world.

Peru does not only have a fascinating history and culture but also beautiful natural scenery. Trekking through Sacred Valley of the Incas, hiking in the Andes or exploring the Amazon rainforest are only a few of the many outdoor activities you can indulge in when in Peru. The Pacific Coast features some of the finest beaches in South America and some of the most beautiful coral reefs that let scuba-diving fans skip a beat. One of the most famous tourist attractions is the ancient Ica city of Machu Picchu high in the mountains. Millions of tourists from all around the world flock to Cusco each year to start their journey towards Machu Picchu and the other many natural and manmade wonders of Peru. If you decide to come to Cusco to become a certified English teacher, you will not be disappointed.


Many of our TEFL graduates enjoy living and working in Peru so much that they decide to stay. The demand for English teachers is high across the country and finding a suitable position shouldn’t be a problem. Other graduates move on to other exciting locations in Latin America, such as Brazil, Mexico or Guatemala. With your internationally recognized TEFL certification, you will have limitless opportunities to teach around the globe.

TEFL Courses in Peru’s Historic Capital

Our training center in the historic capital of Cusco is conveniently accessible by public transit. Cusco is also the gateway to Machu Picchu, where millions of locals and tourists travel to each year. Cusco is also a beautiful attraction itself as it features fascinating Spanish colonial architecture and Inca ruins. You can be sure to enjoy living in Cusco once you are here. Try your way through the amazing local cuisine and visit local pubs and bars where the locals dance the night away.

Besides conquering the mighty Machu Picchu, you can also do various other fun activities such as rock climbing or zip lining. Visit the Pacific Coast to catch some of the best waves in South America. The are is known to be a surfer’s paradise and if you like snorkeling or scuba-diving you will find lots of exciting diving spots where you can see colorful fish and other sea creatures.

As you can see, Peru is the perfect location to start your journey as an ESL teacher. Should you not want to stay in Peru, Latin America is also filled with great opportunities for qualified teachers. After all, your internationally recognized TEFL certification enables you to find work all over the world.

TESOL Courses Cusco

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