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Sign up for our intensive TEFL training course at our training center in Nepal. Become a certified English teacher within four weeks and start your career in teaching English worldwide.

There is a great need for qualified English teachers in Nepal, making it easy to find a suitable position about completing the course. Our staff at our training center in Kathmandu will help you with your resume and prepare you for your TEFL interviews to guarantee that you will find your dream job.

TEFL Nepal

Nepal is an exciting location as it combines spectacular landscapes on the foothills of the famous Himalayas with the spirituality of its population. The country is the birthplace of Buddha himself and is still today a pilgrim’s destination for Hindus und Buddhists from around the world. Tourism is the main drive of the local economy, which means the tour guides need to be fluent in English. This is where you come in and train the local population. Not only adult learners but especially young learners are in need of a qualified teacher here.

Besides full-time paid positions, there are also numerous opportunities for volunteer teaching in Nepal. This is a great way to gain valuable teaching experience before moving on to countries with higher TEFL salaries, such as Japan, South Korea and China.


TEFL Course Nepal

The capital city of Kathmandu is a vibrant but laid-back city. Our training center is conveniently located in the center of the city, where it has been training trainees from around the world since 2008.

Taking TEFL International’s training course in Nepal is a great stepping stone towards your career as an English teacher worldwide. With the help of our professional teacher trainers and the real-life teaching practice you’ll receive at our center, you will have what it takes to succeed in the TEFL world.

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