TESOL Jobs in Germany

As is the case in many countries in Europe, there is a great demand for teachers who can teach business English. Lots of TEFL Jobs in Germany are available to teach English in many locations throughout the country. If you have a TEFL certificate, you shouldn’t have a problem finding TEFL employment.

Pay is quite high for English teachers in Germany, however the cost of living is high as well. Germans have a preference for American English, so U.S. citizens can find work here despite not holding an EU passport.

Because of the current state of economic affairs in Germany, many companies from large corporations to smaller businesses want their employees to learn English in order to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Because of this there are often more jobs available than teachers to fill them.

Finding a TEFL Job in Germany

The best way to get a TEFL job in Germany is to mail your up-to-date resume to schools in the cities where you would like to work. Business centers and language schools offer most of the English teaching positions, so if you have a good IT or business background, you will not find it hard to get a suitable job.

If you don’t have this experience on your resume, you can still look for TEFL jobs in smaller German towns. The demand for English teachers is high all over the country. Competition is not as high in the smaller towns, so as long as you possess a B.A. and the desire to stay for a while, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a position.

Teaching Legally in Germany

It’s much easier to teach English legally in Germany than in other EU countries. U.S. citizens generally just need to find themselves a job and then get their employer to write them a letter to begin working legally. Canadians can get a work visa as well, however, they have to go back home with a letter from their employer to start the process of obtaining a work visa.

Sample TEFL job in Germany

Specialized English + Business Training Firm is looking to hire TEFL-TESOL trained English teachers who have solid experience in teaching business English to corporate personnel of all levels.  Our trainers are provided with all teaching materials individually prepared for our clients by our back office team.  Duration of contract is not limited, but we look forward to one year or longer. Requirements include: Native English speaker; EU, US-American, Canadian or Australian citizenship/passport holders; good German language skills; at least BA degree(s) in TEFL, Education, Linguistics, German, English or similar; about two years of English teaching experience. Benefits include: regular income of around EUR 1,500 up to EUR 2,500 (ca. USD 3,200) cash per month. High bonus after 12 months and min. 1,000 teaching. (EUR 1,000 bonus + EUR 200 for BahnCard) We'll assist you in initial housing, work permit and tax office matters if necessary/ wanted.

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