TESOL Jobs in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is probably the favorite Eastern European country in which to teach English. TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic are quite easy to find, and the pay rates, though not high compared to TEFL jobs in some Asian or Middle Eastern countries, still offer the means for a quite comfortable lifestyle. If you have a well recognized TEFL certificate, you should not have difficulty securing a position in the Czech Republic.

When to Seek a TEFL Job in the Czech Republic

TEFL jobs are available throughout the year in the Czech Republic. This is particularly the case in Prague. Language schools in this country prefer to see you in person before offering you a job. Although its true that many schools do post their jobs on TEFL websites and other places on the internet, it’s best to show up in person, up-to-date resume in hand and your best professional dress and face on. In almost all cases now, you will also need to have a TEFL certificate to get hired in the Czech Republic.

TEFL Job Interview Questions to Ask

Before you accept a TEFL position make sure that you ask questions regarding salary or hourly pay rate, whether you’ll have to travel to your lessons and if you get compensated for this time and reimbursed for expenses, what kind of material resources the school has for lesson planning and teaching materials, what kind of administrative and collegial support you will have, whether a visa will be needed and if the school assists with that, etc. This will help to avoid any nasty surprises after you’ve already agreed to take the job. Also, please make sure that you get all these details confirmed in writing in your contract.

Finding a TEFL Job in the Czech Republic

Competition for TEFL jobs in Prague is pretty hot. It’s a very popular place to live and, therefore, to teach English. Nevertheless, there are more jobs than teachers usually, so you should be able to find something.

Once you have secured a position, you can expect your schedule to be limited at first. Many schools like to start you out slowly to ensure your skills and abilities are up to snuff and that you are dependable.

Once you have instilled some confidence with them, you can expect them to begin to offer you more. If you want to experience a more sedate pace of life and have a taste of more traditional Czech culture, consider taking a position in a smaller town. The competition for these positions is lower. The wages are too, but so is the cost of living.

Many teachers like to supplement their income by taking on private students. You can find private students by posting ads on bulletin boards at the British Council, put notices in business publications and newspapers, universities, internet cafes and places where locals are likely to congregate. If you have experience with business or IT, you will have a better chance of getting private students and of getting your own contract with a private company.

The Czech Republic is a fascinating country with a lot of culture, history, art and architecture to explore. Teaching English is a great way to do this. The best of luck to you and enjoy.

TEFL in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a premium TEFL location with many job positions available throughout the country. Come to our training center in Prague and start your career in teaching English in Europe.

The demand for English teachers is high in the Czech Republic and most jobs can be found in larger cities, such as Prague, Brno, Ostrava or Plzeň. However, smaller towns are also looking for qualified teachers for their language schools. Taking our TEFL training course in Prague is a valuable stepping stone for your career in teaching in other Eastern European countries.

TEFL International’s course in Prague is available throughout the year. You can join a new course every month and soon call yourself a qualified teacher of the English language.

Its history, vibrant cities and beautiful landscape are what make the Czech Republic so intriguing for many travellers visiting Europe. Add to that unique local food, welcoming people and low cost of living and you get the perfect location to live and work as an English teacher.

TEFL Courses in the Czech Republic’s Capital

The capital of “Praha”, as the locals call it, is a beautiful city with typical East European architecture, numerous churches and a lovely city center. Prague is situated on the river Vltava (Moldau, giving it a special charm. After classes and on weekends, get together with new friends and go for picnics or long walks on the riverfront. The city is divided into 15 smaller sections that are all unique in their own. In the evenings, head to local restaurants and bars where you get to experience the real local lifestyle.

Upon completion of your training course, you will hold in hand one of the most valuable TEFL certifications worldwide. Our staff at our Prague center will help you with resume writing and job search. You can be sure to land a position in the Czech Republic, other Eastern European countries or around the world!

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