TESOL Jobs in China

Right now, China is one of the hottest markets for TEFL jobs anywhere in the world. China’s emergence into a more free market system, coupled with the higher standard of living many Chinese are now enjoying, has made for an insatiable demand for English teachers. The main problem for most TEFL qualified teachers is not if you will find a decent paying job, but which offer you should take.

About TEFL Jobs in China

ITTT recommends Reach To Teach Recruiting for teaching positions in China. They work with private schools, international schools, pre-schools, adult language centers, and public schools from Beijing to Shanghai to Shenzhen and everywhere in between. Reach To Teach is a very well respected recruitment agency for positions all over Asia and the largest provider of jobs in China. To learn more about teaching in China have a look at their Teach in China page, or have a look at their current openings on their Job Board.

Noteworthy Advice on TEFL jobs in China

First, make sure that the school you are contracting with has a good reputation. Talk to other teachers in the area via the internet or in person. The school should put the terms of your employment in writing and answer all the questions you have about the conditions you will be working in.

Be sure you know the population you will be teaching, class sizes, hours you will be working, details about salary, is housing provided or is there a housing allowance, is return or round trip airfare provided, do they have a permit to employ foreigners and will they help you to get a visa and work permit, how many teachers in the last year renewed their contracts, and can they provide you with references for teachers who have worked for them.

This is not a complete list of things to ask, but it provides you with an inkling of areas to have confirmed before you make the leap. The Beijing U.S. Embassy has a very good document on their website with more detailed guidelines (" target="_blank">

Securing a TEFL Job in China

You can often secure a TEFL Job in China through a recruiting firm before arriving in the country. Make sure that you have a contract from the school itself and have looked into both the recruiting agency and the school. Sometimes the recruiting agency will not really know where they will place you. You want to avoid this situation at all costs.

To teach English in China you technically do not need any qualifications other than being a native English speaker, that’s how high the demand is. However, the more experience you have and the better your credentials the more job options and the higher the salary you will get.

If you have no experience or qualifications and are considering teaching for longer than the very short term, consider getting a well recognized TEFL certificate. This will increase your earning potential, give you important teaching skills, and if you take the right course, give you actual experience in the classroom.

Types of English Teaching Positions in China

Teaching positions in China fall into three main categories: private language schools, public schools and universities. Universities and public schools are generally lower paid than private schools, with salaries ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 RMB per month. This consists of around 15 hours of in-class teaching per week and normally comes with a housing subsidy of between 1,000 and 1,500 RMB per month. These jobs are generally popular as the students tend to be highly motivated, the hours are relatively short and holidays generous. Public institutions are also inclined to be more consistent in terms of paying on time and giving assistance with visas than are private schools.

You can expect to earn around 8,000 to 9,000 RMB per month or more when working in a private language school, with around 20 hours of teaching per week. The hours are generally longer and there are fewer holidays, although you should still receive free or subsidized accommodation. Many employers also offer a substantial pay raise if you extend your contract after the initial year, while free airfares in and out of the country are also a common bonus with most contracts.

Overall, you should find that you are able to live very comfortably no matter which type of employer you end up working for. You should also remember that salaries and the relative cost of living do vary considerably throughout the country, with salaries being offered in Beijing and Shanghai as much as double those quoted above.

TEFL in China

China has become the perfect TEFL location in recent years. The increasing middle class is ready to spend millions of dollars on English education per year. Therefore, it will be little trouble to find a suitable teaching position in China. If you are ready to take on this adventure, come to one of our three China training centers and get ready to learn everything you need to know to succeed in the classroom.

We have training centers in three major cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Zhuhai. Many of our TEFL graduates enjoy life in China so much that they stay and work here. Others, move on to other excellent TEFL locations, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan or Thailand. In fact, the demand for English teachers is very high throughout Asia, as well as South America and the Middle East.

You are able to join our courses in China every month throughout the whole year. This flexibility enables you to fit the training course into your schedule when the timing is most suitable.

China is a huge country with many exciting locations. Historically speaking, you will have the greatest time in China. Hike the Great Wall, explore the Forbidden City, or see the Terracotta Warriors. China is also a country rich in natural beauty with numerous mountains, valleys, coasts, forests and deserts. China truly has something for everyone!

The booming economy also sees new businesses opening up almost everyday. These companies want to make business with developed markets such as the United States, Canada, and countries in Europe. Therefore, the demand for Business English teachers has also been increasing tremendously in China.

TEFL Course in China’s Capital

If you decide to join our training course in Beijing, you will not be disappointed. The Chinese capital lures in visitors from around the world who are looking to see the many historical sites the city has to offer: The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square the Great Wall of China, and many more. Today, Beijing is China’s economic, governmental and educational center – the idea place to start your career as an English teacher.

TEFL Course on the ‘Pearl Sea’

Tropical weather, world-famous food and a distinct local dialect are all features of Zhuhai, our second training center location. Located in China’s Guangdong Province, its people speak Cantonese rather than the official Mandarin Chinese and the local cuisine is influenced by Cantonese dim sum. The commercial metropolis Hong Kong is only a hop over the border away and the former Portuguese colony of Macau is also located within close proximity. It is especially this geographic location that gives Zhuhai its economic power. It is the ideal location if you are thinking over moving over to Hong Kong and work as an English teacher there, where salaries and life quality are higher than in Mainland China.

TEFL Course Shanghai

Our third training center is located in China’s commercial capital: Shanghai. The center is in the city’s vibrant downtown area and very close to the city’s major attractions. Shanghai is the city with the largest amount of foreigners in China. Many people come here for doing business and teach English. Due to the economic power of the city, Business English positions are offered in abundance. China’s rich and famous also mostly live in Shanghai giving teachers the opportunity to find many positions at private language schools around the city.

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