TESOL Jobs in Other Asia

If you’re looking for a real world experience but need to ensure that you’ll find a TESOL job, Asia is the place for you. Asia’s market is as hot as you’re going to find anywhere in the world. When it comes to China, it’s not about finding a job; it’s about finding the right job to suit your individual tastes and needs. After China, you’ve got the Far East and Southeast Asia as well as Mongolia, the Indian subcontinent, and many of the Former Soviet Republics (FSRs).

Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan are some of the better options for paying jobs and if you’re looking to volunteer, Armenia is also a good choice.

Types of English Teaching Positions in Asia

TESOL positions in Asia can be divided into three main categories: private schools, university work, and freelance teaching.

Universities are generally lower paid but your students will be keen to learn. Students tend to be more engaging and you will have time to do additional work to augment your salary. Universities also tend to be more consistent with pay and offering assistance with visas and other paperwork.

Sample Job in Kazakhstan

The London School offers incredible opportunities for TEFL teachers in the heart of Central Asia. Located in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, The London School is the country's foremost language school.

Our team of foreign and native speakers teach English to a friendly and diverse group of students of various levels and backgrounds. We're always looking for experienced native speakers to join our team.

This is an exciting opportunity to experience life in Central Asia's most beautiful country, with a good salary and free accommodations. Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country often referred to as the “Switzerland of Central Asia,” making it an attractive destination for travelers and professionals alike.

The London School was established in 1998 and since then has gone on to become one of Bishkek's leading language centers.

Teachers will earn from 30000 som ~ $650 up to 35700 som $ 800 (with one extra group) per month. This is more then enough to live very comfortably here. (The average salary in Bishkek is under about $150 a month and have savings.)

Securing a TESOL Job in Asia

There are many ways to find jobs in Asia. If it makes you feel better to find a job before you arrive, you can often use a recruiting firm to secure a TESOL job. Be sure that you have a contract from the school itself and have looked into the recruiting agency as well as the school itself.

The demand for teacher is so high that you only need to be a native speaker. However, if you’d like to find a good job, you’ll need certification such as that from ITTT. If you have no experience, nor qualifications and you’re considering teaching for longer than the very short term, you really should look into getting the TESOL certificate from ITTT. This will increase your earning potential and give you the necessary teaching skills to perform your job effectively.

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