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This unit introduces various types of language teaching methodologies. Every methodology seems to be useful in its own right, which I believe depends on the various factors such as resources availabl
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This unit was centered on How to teach the receptive skills: reading and listening. It starts off by informing the reader that There are many different reasons for a person to use receptive skills, wh
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Unit 14 discusses the use of course books and other lesson materials. Advantages of using authentic materials include that they are real and therefore more interesting and motivating, students can ga
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Gull Lake
Some teachers prefer the use of course books but some stay away from it. A course book is really helpful especially for new teachers because the methods are tried and tested and the progress is contin
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This is another lesson, but more informative with actual completed plans, to help guide the new teacher (myself) with a place to start. I mentioned before that I have had some teaching experience in c
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Unit 6 focused on the 4 past tenses (simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. It also provided a helpful summary of each of the four tense types whether they are past, present, or future:
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Like with most other language points teaching past tenses should be accompanied with lots of drilling exercises. Bringing students' life experience into class discussions can also be really helpful. A
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This unit introduces about the course books and materials that can be used for teaching English. The unit defines authentic materials and created materials. The unit introduces common created-materi
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In this unit I've learn about the possibility problem that teacher might face. I've also learn about the common problem that the student have, either it's monolingual or multilingual class. In this un
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I’ve been making a lot f lessons and soon I will make a lesson plan for the winter semester so this is great prep. The parts I want to add to my lesson planning ritual is “anticipated problems”
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I find the task sheets very useful and important. It is important to, not only teach in a correct manner, but to keep track of how students are understanding the subject. Lesson planning is important
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This Unit gives an complete understanding of the 4 types of present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. While speakers of English use the la
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This unit provides a good overview of a classroom management. The unit provides a good insight as how to effectively manage classes to better engage students. It cover body languages and deals great
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In this unit we learned the importance and use of modal and phrasal verbs as well as passive and active voice. These things are important for the students to understand so they can better articulate a
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This unit give explanations of the differences of the test and understanding behind why students take these test. Of course test is not the only thing that can be used when trying to check on the stu
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I believe the phoneme is useful and that teachers of ESL should be familiar with the concept, particularly because it does provide considerable amount of guidance in deciding how to assign priorities
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This unit has taught me a lot about actual methodologies used for teaching (which I have never formally encountered), and is probably the most useful one so far in terms of practical applicability. I
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I have learned that when it comes to lesson planning it is important to be flexible in your lessons and to also target specific goals that you want to achieve between the student and yourself. There a
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This unit was about modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. It was the last technical grammar unit. Like in many of the other grammar units I learned a lot of rules I didn’t know, and why certa
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This unit was about the productive skills, speaking and writing. In reflecting on my own teaching, I think I spend more time focusing on fluency in speaking and accuracy in writing. This unit has give
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Unit 20 shares additional tips for common problems in the classroom. During first lessons it is important for the teacher to establish rapport with the students and set the tone for the rest of the c
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this unit returns to teaching theory and takes a close look at reading and listening skills. the unit examines the importance of those skills and then covers various techniques and activities associat
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Evaluation and Testing Ongoing overt feedback is a great way to provide students with information about where they are in the process of learning English. Tutorials Tutorials can include all stude
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The content in Unit 14 (Course Books and Lesson Materials) appreciates the fact that a good teacher must be balanced. The teacher should not discredit or become wholly dependent on solely just course
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Unit 1 was a very informative section that introduce me to the foundation and basics of the levels when learning the English language. It also introduced, expectation, and differences in certain areas
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Hay River
In this lesson, I learned equipment and teaching aids. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. 1, The board. It can be
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The final unit was brief , concise and very understandable. I have studied how to deal with teaching a new group and an already existing group. How to effectively coduct the teaching activity with max
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Hazel Green
This unit introduces different types of materials used for teaching in the classroom and lists pros and cons for each. Some of the items listed seem to be a bit outdated such as cassette recorders and
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This was a fun unit. I enjoyed watching the videos and seeing live examples of teaching. When I first watched the videos, I had not read the description of the first class. As I watched, I was really
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This unit is as interesting and useful as the others. The unit looks closely at the importance of modal verbs in English communication and also covers phrasal verbs, the passive voice and relative cla
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The subject of this unit is theaching special groups.The unit covers various classroom scenarios that a teacher may encounter in his/her teaching career. It looks at techniques and activities that can
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This unit was helpful in teaching me the components of a unit plan as well as its importance. I have learnt that it is very important to plan so that classes can run smoothly. Planning involves antici
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The past tense in the English Grammar is an aspect that focuses on past actions. The structure of the past tense is not quite different from the present tense only that actions are related to the past
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this unit is all about the way to deliver a new vocabulary, grammar and other language concepts effectively in the classroom. the unit provides examples of suitable activities for each lesson topic as
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In this unit I have learned and examined productive skills: writing and speaking, both communicative skills. There are some differences though, writing is an accurate way of communicating whereas spea
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I found this the hardest unit so far; probably because I had had a long gap since my last study time and I think it was the first unit that linked to previous modules(with practice comparing the pres
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Hickory Grove
In this unit, I have learnt how to manage the class and the different methods of classroom arrangements, grouping students, establish rapport and discipline students. Establish a good rapport with stu
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Expressing the future in English is quite diverse. That makes for may Future tenses which mean different things. The future continuous may be mistaken for the future perfect continuous but they expres
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In this unit we examine the different ways future facts, plans and details can and should be used properly in a sentence. We learned how the different future tenses are applied to certain scenarios an
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This unit provides two video examples- one of a well taught lesson and one of a poorly taught lesson to help us identify differences. It would have been very uncomfortable to sit in on the first lesso
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In this unit I have learned that there are three main aspects or areas to consider when teaching a new language: vocabulary, grammar and language functions. Usually a single lesson is focused on a sin
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The future tense is another very complex element of English grammar. Along with the explicitly future tenses (the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and future perfect continuous), ther
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First of all, let me eat humble pie for my rant about the "cool" color in the last class. I should have double checked my reading of the phonetic question instead of guessing!! This unit covered the u
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Receptive skills (reading and writing) is two out of four of the skills of language. It can be tricky to teach but by using a variety of topics, it can possibly catch the interest of the students. Thi
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First of all, phrasal verbs are unique to just a few European languages such as German, Latin, and of course, English. Therefore, any learner that is not a native speaker of a language that doesn't ha
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When looking at the grammar of the English language, as a native speaker, it can commonly be overlooked and looked upon as common sense. In truth, it is complex and going more in depth with the senten
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This unit is about productive skills: speaking and writing.The most interesting thing I learned from this lesson is that of all the productive and receptive skills, writing is the hardest thing to tea
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This lesson is oriented to productive skills which are basic in English language. Many schools give much importance to the grammar part which is vital. However, this will not worth it if you are not a
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Honey Creek
Lesson 10 showed in a practical way how the teacher can affect the learning experience. It also showed how to engage the students and always have a plan for each lesson. I was able to see from real li
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I've learned so many things in this unit, I can't believe it. I have learned a lot about the teching methods that are used and the pros and cons of it. Now I know the ESA method that is commonnly used
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