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I really liked that there was a troubleshooting section at the end of the course, I am sure that I will use some of the suggestions mentioned here. I know that 30-40 students does not seem like a ver
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What i've have learned from this unit? I learned that the connection between the teacher and the students is extremely important. It is extremely important not only to know the methodology of teaching
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This penultimate unit covered a wide range of subjects: Passive and active voice, modals, relative clauses. Active and passive voice are especially valuable for the ESL learner since it teaches them t
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This unit has demonstrated the different skills needed for speaking, writing and knowing when to incorporate accuracy and fluency into the different stages of my lessons. I have learnt that an extensi
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I have learnt that teaching is complex and extremely dependent on the relationship and interaction between the teacher and student. Teachers need to be inspired, motivated, sensitive and excited in th
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The pronunciation of words is a troubling task for most students. It can be difficult to learn because the English language is full of subtle nuances of intonation, stress, and word changing. As the E
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Again, the most important things that came across to me during this Unit are that flexibility and adaptation are two of the most important skills to develop. Being able to note and use opportunities a
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In this unit we covered the teaching of special groups such as beginners, individuals, children, and business clients. It is important, as a teacher, to be able to adapt our teaching abilities to fit
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In this unit I came across the vital aspects and principles of teaching receptive skills. They are actuality and interest, and that a teacher should use a variety of topics to cater all students over
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Cold Spring
This unit served as a review of the future tenses. I struggle with grammatical definitions and explanations so this was a good crash course and refresher for me. I liked how the different functions
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Unit 12 covers the the four essential skills that are used when learning a language. They are divided into two groups the productive skills and the receptive skills. Productive skills are speaking and
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The unit focussed on the use and reason for lesson plans and then gave practical examples. I still find it difficult to identify the different activities in the different phases of the lesson. The
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This unit discusses the advantages of course books and authentic materials in the classroom. As a teacher, I prefer using both. I found the explanations in this unit very helpful to my understanding o
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I think this lesson has been very usefull. Now I have a deeper knowlegde regarding the role of the teacher in the class and how to adjust it according to the activities and the circumstances of the cl
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Without any doubt the most difficult unit so far. A lot of theory is given regarding the phonetics and pronunciation, thought it might be hard to assimilate I consier it extremely important for a teac
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This unit was about lesson planning. It was more in depth than Unit 3 which also covered lesson planning, in a sense. It covered the detail, and the order in which multiple activities in the three sta
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The links at the back were very helpful. My policy is don’t reinvent the wheel! So I will def make use of these teaching and ESL resources later. The tip about not writing in all-caps is very useful
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Cooks Valley
In this lesson, I learned productive skills-speaking and writing. Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language. Fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the students to e
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Unit 9 Lesson planning is useful for creating a logical sequence for the lesson, a working document, recording what has been taught, and for use in case someone needs to cover you at work. Two area
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This lesson was interesting in that it brought to light another area of study, reading and listening, and how they are linked and necessary for teaching and learning a language. Included again were so
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I've learned from this unit how to to inspire confidence in the students. Small things like eye contact, gesture and voice appeared to be very important. It was a surprise to me that even names could
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I really liked this lesson. It was an excellent way to review and learn different strategies to teach speaking and writing skills. Sometimes I find quite hard to teach these skills to my students, usu
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Cottage Grove
In this unit we will look at different ways of evaluating student's levels, progress and as well external exams that you may need to prepare the students for. There are a number of ways to assess a s
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Study unit 6 module was fun and very educative however some of the test questions seem very tricky although I have answered all the question , I trust and hope that I get a good score. I believe past
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Unit 16 focuses on teaching conditionals and reported speech. The five main conditionals are: Zero conditional: if/when+ present tense, present tense Refers to actions or facts that are irrefutable.
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This unit highlighted how important it is for teachers to build rappprt with the students during class and be enthusiastic while teaching. It also demonstrated the importance of introducing the target
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Unit 12 addresses the teaching of the productive skills of language acquisition: speaking and writing. In the case of the former, assignments may emphasize objectives of either fluency or accuracy. Fo
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This unit covered teaching pronunciation and phonology, in which I did not have a strong background. I have personally never learned the international phonetic alphabet, but I am delighted to now, and
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this unit explores the wide variety of resources that a teacher can use in the classroom, we look at the materials and technologies that are available and how to use them to improve lessons. the unit
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Cross Plains
This unit is helpful in explaining that student in the classroom have different paces of learning and some may be progressing more quickly than others- causing the teacher to need to need to come up w
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Writing in a new language is difficult for most students, but can be practiced at home. During class time, I will review the students work for punctuation and spelling. Students will have to improve t
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Crystal Lake
This topic is very relevant and useful in teaching English as it gives recall to the very basics of English grammar. As a fluent English speaker, I have realized that English teaching is not just know
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Cuba City
What I have learned from this unit is the understanding of nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs and adverbs. I learned the different types of nouns, for example common noun, proper noun, compound noun,
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The unit cover some general point on the evaluation process, giving examples of various tests that may be given to students at different stages of learning process. Also the unit offers examples and s
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this unit deal with two branches of language three reading and listening. teachers should carefully choose their materials based on students interest. teaching students different kind of reading style
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In this unit we learn tenses. This is probably my most difficult unit because there are so many tenses to learn and know. However I like how this unit teaches it in a mathematical perspective. It g
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classroom management is the control or organizing and managing the class, for students in the class to learn effectively, the teacher must inspire them in order to be carried along with the lectures .
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Honestly , the content of the first unit is very well organised and has kept very well informed of the utmost essential qualities of a good teacher as well as a good learner. However, one quality of a
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Unit 5 tackles class management issues. There are three aspects of class management. First, teachers shoud especially pay attention to keeping an eye contact with their students, while using proper ge
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In this unit,These are sentences containing 'if' (or similar expressions such as 'when') which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the 'if' clause and the main clau
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Productive skills such as writing and speaking are as important as receptive skills but sometimes are more difficult to develop. Students may experience difficulties with writing due to a number of re
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The content of Unit 10 ( CD/Video Lessons ) contained 2 very useful demonstrations of ineffective vs effective teaching. The first demonstration was useful in that I learned what NOT to do as a teache
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In unit 13 we learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various teaching materials, as well as the most appropriate use different types of materials in a course. The course book is the most elem
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This unit covers the pros of lesson planning, the reasons for it, and what to put in the lesson plan. It also supplies a lesson plan example, and a blank lesson plan. Important for the growth of the
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This unit is another good example of how we as English speakers are often not aware of all the little things that we say as native speakers. It is, of course, important for us as teachers to be more a
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A nice unit to end on giving me an insight into the problems which may occur during any future lessons I may v teach. I feel this unit has helped me to see that preparations for possible issues will e
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following the previous unit, this unit takes a close look at speaking and writing skills once again we cover techniques and activities that can help both the teacher and student in the English languag
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There are some wonderful ideas in this unit for helping to organize and run a classroom. There are likely to be a variety of different situation and it is good to have a plan of how to solve some comm
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De Pere
This unit explained that modal auxiliary verbs ca be used to explain varying degrees of formality in situations as well as obligation and ability. For example, "may I" is used in the same sort of sent
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Being able to understand and identify different aspects in the roles of teachers and learners is a detrimental part of being a good teacher. One must be able to properly control and motivate the lear
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