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The unit describes the future tenses and their usages. It provides very useful information on the mistakes to look for while teaching students. The video of the unit provides extremely helpful exampl
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This unit covers grammar, the mechanical aspects of the English language. The unit gives good basic reminder of terms and their definitions. As an ESL teacher, being able to approach the English lan
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This unit has two different topics -- conditionals and reported speech. For conditionals, an important point is that we can mix certain tenses among different kind of conditionals. For example, mix
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This unit was a basic refresher on past tenses, which mirror present tenses, encompassing past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Of special note are irregular forms,
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In this unit I learned that communication between people is a very complex and always changing thing. I also learned the difference between accuracy and fluency activities and how they both are equall
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It is interesting to be able to see what can and can't work in a good lesson. The videos highlight the importance of engaging with the students, having a good sense of humour and making it fun, thorou
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This unit discusses the different forms of the future tense or conveying the future aspect through certain forms of the present tense. The future tenses are, I feel, often overlooked by new English le
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It was interesting to watch and learn the differences in the two videos and the impact this can have on the students learning. The second lesson was far more appropriate. The student were happier in t
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Unit six deals with the past tenses of English verbs: the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. This is another element of grammar rarely taught explicitly to native
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Evaluating students is one way to assess where a student’s English level is at. There are three main ways to do this: tutorials, student evaluations, and tests. Tutorials are sometimes difficult an
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In this course, I learned the future verb tenses in great detail. They included the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going plus infinitive, present simpl
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This unit covers the information and useful tips for the teacher when workinf with different students and groups of students. It tells widely about some specific needs and aspect for working with chil
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This unit focused on the importance of teaching speaking and writing as productive skills. These are the skills which come into play from listening and reading and to complete the communication proces
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One of the most important things I have learnt is the importance of building a rapport and keeping students engaged. Using visual teaching materials, creating a positive learning environment, being o
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The main themes of "Unit 1: Teachers and Learners" are the description of what makes good teachers and learners. This unit answers the following questions: What skills make a good teacher?; What are t
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This unit covered all the forms of past tense what they mean and when they should be used. I learned the difference between, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Th
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This unit went through the most commonly used equipment and teaching aids used in the classroom. Equipment and teaching aids are essential to effective learning, as they help focus and garner the atte
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While linguists may (convincingly) argue that only languages only have two tenses, for the purpose of EFL instruction 12 tenses are covered, 4 of which are important to this unit: present simple, pres
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In unit 1 I learned about qualities that make for a good teacher. One that will not only be successful but also build a good relationship with their students. The unit also taught me what important ro
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Castle Rock
This unit provided videos that clearly illustrated the difference between a successful lesson and one that needs improvement. Overall, the teacher's attitude proved to be the deciding factor of the e
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Unit 6 deals with how to introduce the idea and the four different aspects of past tenses to non-native English speakers. The past tense describes a concluded past event, whereas the past continuous d
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More difficult but super helpful to understand all the varied ways to create future tense. And by this point the perfect tenses are sticking because of the repeated exapoure. I’m a little hazy on th
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This unit on focussed on ways to teach productive skills. Many of them had to do with encouraging language production in the first place. It showed the need to create motivation for production in the
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Cedar Lake
In this lesson, we review the classes we have learned before. The attitude that the teacher comes into class with will have a profound effect on the success of the lesson. The teacher has a positive
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Cedar Rapids
This unit discusses how to effectively teach the two receptive skills: reading and listening. Based on what I read, I believe that the key to successful receptive skill development begins with gainin
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This unit examines the pros and cons of different teaching aids, including the use of electronics in the classroom. With the advent of new technologies, it has become more and more common to use elect
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For the past few units, I have felt a little overwhelmed and read and re-read the material as I went. However, during this unit, I think some of the terminologies have started to become clearer. I thi
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In this unit, we talked about how to make a lesson plan. Lesson planning is important esp. for inexperienced teachers. Because teachers can refer to the plan when teaching a class in order to make sur
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This section contained a lot of new information that was new to me. I was already very familiar with active and passive voice, but I had never specifically reviewed phrasal verbs or modals before. Mod
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Students normally need to take an English language exam, which are required by universities, immigration departments, professional bodies and employers. But, aside from formal requirements, there are
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Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.These are four Basic Skills in any language learning.Reading and listening are considered as receiptive skills because learners receive and understand. They
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There are the seven ways for talking future. 1. The Future Simple - Future facts and certainties decisions - Promises - Predictions - Assumption or speculations - Spontaneous - Threats 2. The
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Receptive skills or passive skills must be taught depending on how the brain functions. This skills do not need to produce language because students are receiving it. Nonetheless, when students receiv
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The unit focused on ways in which the use of coursebooks and lesson materials can be relevant and helpful in the classroom. It highlighted that while textbooks are usually expected to be had by studen
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In this unit I have learned how to behave as a teacher and how to arrange the class in order to better manage and maintain control of it. This lesson taught me the various pros and cons of different c
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Chimney Rock
As I am not an Education major aspiring English teacher, I find this topic really helpful because it gives me ideas on how I will manage my future classes. I personally believe that building rapport i
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In this section, we talked about how to teach vocabulary, grammars and language functions. We learnt what language points are appropriate, what needs to be taught and how to teach. When talking about
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Chippewa Falls
As an aspiring English teacher, this lesson is very useful in classroom management and organization. Making a lesson plan before the start of a class is needed in order for me to conduct the lesson we
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Modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice Modal Auxiliary Verbs basic rules: Can Could May Might Shall Should Will Would Must Have to Have got to Need to Needn't Ought to Can be used to express: Ob
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In this lesson, I learnt about the different types of teaching methods and the ESA method that is followed by TESL. Under the ESA method, I learnt different techniques for each part of the method, and
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City Point
In this lesson, I learned teaching special groups. First, types of classes. Teaching beginners, the term beginner tends to strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced teachers. Tips for teaching begi
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Clam Falls
Eye contact with the students, gestures and the volume of the voice are all very useful in managing a class. The eye contact can be ensured depending on the activities being done as well as on how the
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It was interesting to look at the enormity of resources out there for use, however, I am a great believer in making sure that material is extremely relevant to the students, I feel that material shoul
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This unit on lesson planning is so important because as teachers. We can know the material perfectly, but if we don't have a clear idea of how to teach the material, it won't matter at all how much we
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Clay Banks
This unit describes the importance of creating a lesson plan and what kinds of details should be included in the lesson plan. I think it is very important to be organized before lessons and to come up
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The unit covers the important parts of learning process which are speaking and writing. It also offers some guidelines for teaching speaking and writing skills as well as two examples of a typical les
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Clear Creek
This section is brainstorming for me. Evaluating students is such a tricky task the teacher should make sure that he/she will evaluate student correctly without suppressing students motivation.The tes
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Clear Lake
There are many commoon troubles we encountered in our daily work, so that it's really easy to unterstand and the handling ways here are quite good. Accoring to different class types,we should have dif
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This unit introduces lesson planning. It reviews what can be included in a lesson plan. A written lesson plan, in a structured format, can work as guidelines to teach a class. With a written lesson
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Unit 11 focuses on teaching the two receptive skills, Listening and reading, as opposed to the productive skills, which are speaking and writing. The two motives for reading and listening are for a p
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