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North Plainfield
In reflection, I've learned that as an ESL teacher, I should expect to have learners of varying ages and abilities ranging from beginners to upper intermediate. Additionally, it is important that I'm
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North Valley
It was interesting and informative to watch an actual lesson being conducted. Comparing the two lessons -effective teaching vs ineffective teaching, provided me some insight into what techniques would
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This unit we learned about problems one might encounter in the early stages of teaching. Setting the right pace and tone is important on the first day. This can be done through engaging activities des
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Unit 11 was very informative and detailed with precise and realistic examples that can be used in the classroom. It focused on teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening and informed th
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This unit outlines the use of the past tense, divided into the categories of past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. The unit follows the same structure as the unit o
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Tenses are a vital part of English teaching and learning as it differentiates the present, present continuous, past, among others. Hence learning how to use and differentiate them helps in accuracy of
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I have learnt the different ways to approach any trouble that arises during classroom teaching. The most important is how to handle reluctant students who are usually less active in the lesson. The ot
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In this lesson I learned valuable knowledge of what makes a good teacher and what goes into teaching. It was valuable to me because I can reflect on my own experiences as a student and what I apprecia
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Ocean City
As noted in earlier reflections, I find it easy to use the grammatical structure (tense) accurately. It is another story to be able to provide the usage rules as to when it is appropriate to use one t
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I feel this unit provided a solid foundation between teacher and student possibilities and perspectives. I think I am more aware of the different possibilities I can possibly encounter teaching differ
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Ohkay Owingeh
Lengthy unit. There is a lot of information to take in and learn. A difficult unit for those individuals without any background in speech or phonetics to absorb. I did not agree with your take on lin
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Old Bridge
This unit focuses on how to teach new language structures to students. The questions above focus heavily on the types of activities that are appropriate for the different stages of an ESA-structured l
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Old Tappan
This unit was content rich in regards to English grammar, particularly verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions and pronouns. I have previously learned Italian and French Grammar,
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Class arrangements are helpful in understand ways things can be taught and how it can increase student participation. The circle arrangement is a good way of making the class participate. I think it m
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I have previously looked at the importance of integrated skills in the classroom, and also examined receptive skills in more detail. In this unit I took a look at a productive skills: speaking and wri
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This lesson introduced us to the 4 types of the Present Tense, as well as the 3 categories they may take. All forms of the tense may be Positive, Negative, or Questions. The first type is the simple t
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Paradise Hills
This unit focuses primarily on equipment that is often used in the classroom, such as the board, interactive whiteboards (smart boards), OHPs, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, a cassette record
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the most important thing that this unit has taught me is that Mistakes and Errors are not the same, and I learned how to spot them and correct them accordingly. I often thought that correction was key
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Park Ridge
Future tense, in my opinion, is the most difficult tense to teach. It was always the most intimidating to learn when attempting to learn secondary language other than English. It is extremely helpful
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This unit outlined the qualities of good students and teachers, the types of roles that teachers hold, how age and culture play a role in language learning, and levels of proficiency. It is particula
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This last unit was a great overview of some problems that I might have as a teacher and some ways to solve them. As a foreign language student in high school, I liked the group and paired activities
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Hi! It is very interesting and usefull Unit for me. I have learnt from it that there are three basic types types of phrasal verbs : Intransitive, Transitive separable and Transitive inseparable. Also
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The teacher's engagement, attitude and perception are critical to the student's learning experience. The student needs to learn, engage then activate throughout the scheduled class time. As a teacher,
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Covers a lot of important basics of yet another grammer, shouldn’t be difficult to teach and to understand for the learners though however it still need the full attention from the teachers. Great e
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This unit covers how the teacher may garner a strong rapport with the students, utilizing various methods of interaction ranging from gestures and position during the lesson, to arranging the classroo
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Penns Grove
Tenses are used to convey different ideas or expressions in time. Focus must be placed on the structure of the sentence to identify the tense used. Some hints to note are that; if the sentence lacks
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This unit covered how to teach special groups; explaining how there is a difference when teaching young learners compared to business learners. I was able to understand how to approach business Englis
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The fact that reading and listening, speaking and writing are all equally important in learning a new language. The application of a specific skill is focused on a particular goal or aim. Also that we
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This unit discusses the basis of English grammar, including an overview of sentence structure, as well as the use of nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, and c
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From this Unit, showed us two different classes were taught by same teacher with totally different result, I learned how to be well prepared, what attitude should we have when we are teaching, also wh
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Perth Amboy
Unit 5 is about managing classes. Eye contact is needed but too much eye contact could intimidate children. Eye contact is also necessary to maintain discipline and to send signals for example to in
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In this unit, I have learned about parts of speech, an important area of learning English.Knowing that a sentence structure consists of not only subject and verb, but there are many other purposes and
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Pine Hill
I have learnt about the different parts of speech. Nouns are usually people, places and things. There are different types of nouns. Adjectives describe nouns. Articles are 'a,an and the'. Verbs are
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In this Unit, introduced how to teach new language, it includes vocabulary, grammar,and functions. learned how to use ESA method freely, example when we teach new vocabulary, it's better to use a typi
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This unit teaches us about conditionals and reported speech. Conditional sentences contain if or similar expression which refer to past, present, and future possibilities. There are five main condit
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This unit covered basic grammar and parts of speech. While most of it was already familiar to me, it was helpful to have a refresher on transitive and intransitive verbs, as well as things like counta
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A brief overview on the content; EFL methodology and the feedback. The content stated how important it is to not only correct the students when they make a mistake but to also praise them. To make sur
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This unit introduces us to the various exams that students will take during their course. Included is the placement exam which directs them to a specific course level, a diagnostic exam which helps th
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In this unit I have learned and understood that the way I will address my future students, how I'll have them be seated and even how and where I stand in the classroom is extremely important and will
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Phonology is a critical aspect of teaching in pronunciation, for students especially beginners have difficulties in not only English but while learning other languages as well, hence all these languag
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Hello! I have learnt a lot from Unit 17. Now i can use dozen beutifull links which will help me in my career as English teacher.I`ve learnt what does mean IWB , OHP as well as DVD and tape recorder.A
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Point Pleasant
Tenses are important when teaching EFL learners because it very confusing of when to use it and why a certain form should be used. Students tend to make mistakes such as, “She walk to school in the
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The unit is a good recap on the present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. At first the tense is explained, in a way that could be used by the
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Pompton Lakes
This unit is about teaching receptive skills i.e. reading and listening. Both skills are of equal importance in learning English. If possible, both aspects (reading and listening) should be incorporat
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Ponderosa Pine
This unit focuses on teaching special groups. Such groups include beginning learners, individual learners, children, business English and multilingual learners. When it comes to beginners there is
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This unit is a very helpful one because it can help teachers to avoid most of troubles which they can face during their classes. I've got a lot of ideas which are effective ways to solve all the probl
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Princeton[note 1]
Unit 17 covers equipment and teaching aids. The most common teaching equipment include white/black boards; IWB's; OHP's; visual aids; worksheets;casette recorder; cd player; videos and dvd's; video c
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This unit we learned about pronunciation. Most importantly, the intonation, stress, and articulation. Intonation refers to the rise and voice in your pitch and volume while stress is about where you c
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The lesson mainly focused on teaching vocabulary and grammar and the approach one must take in order to have a successful experience. I learned that the ESA methods, whether it is the straight arrow,
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Radium Springs
This unit addresses parts of speech. It includes nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles, conjunctions, gerunds and prepositions. Each of these parts of speech includes subcategories.
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