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In this unit, I have learned some useful techniques that I can use in the classroom. The attitude of the teacher in the second video has made a big difference in the teaching and learning process than
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In this i have been given two ESA demonstration videos. In the first ESA demonstration video a teacher was boring and not active as in second video. In my opinion he did not followed ESA structure. Ev
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This unit deals with : - the qualities a good teacher should have (patient, kind, entertainingm having a good knowledge of the subject, having a good rapport and interaction with the class, and so on)
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this unit was like two other units before as in it was a little odd to read and understand because growing up you didn't learn about it like this. Growing up in american hearing and speaking English f
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The lesson here was about grammar and the basic rules of modules, passive voice sentences, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. I learned the most about phrasal verbs and their effect on the sentence.
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Although there are specific gramatical rules in the English language, there are always exeptions wich can only be learned by exposure to native speakers. For someone trying to communicate and forever
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Red Bank
A good teacher is an individual who is willing to listen to his/her students, provide a good environment for learning where students are willing to ask questions without fear of embarrassment or a blo
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This unit's content is about the teaching theories,methods and techniques.I learned many different methodologies. There is no best method it depend upon your individual circumstances.It's very good fo
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This unit we learned about teaching different kinds of students, specifically when it comes to age groups and purpose. Teaching children often requires a lot more patience and innovation from the teac
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I have learnt from final Unit 20 some information about troubleshooting. There are a number of activities that the teacher can use for estsblish rapport between the students, find out about the studen
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Rio Arriba
This unit also deals with grammar and sentence construction. It is important to incorporate these some what regid topics into the everyday learning environment to ensure the student gradually manage t
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Rio Communities
This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. Below, I will review all of the different conditional forms ands their different uses. While this unit test focuses heavily on reported and direct sp
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Rio Rancho
Unit 18 is about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modals are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. Phrasal verbs, consist of a verb plus one or two particles. Passive voice
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River Edge
The teacher must learn to be flexible in the classroom, changing his or her role in order to manage the classroom effectively. In order to achieve optimal classroom management teachers must use all sk
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River Vale
The phonetics and intonation of the English language seems way more complex when broken down into the various consonants and vowels in this unit. I appreciate how many different meanings a sentence ca
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In this unit the productive skills provide are more elaboration on how to prepare , present and produce fitting an speaking skills for the English learner, since its common for teachers to ignore the
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This unit is about materials and books used in the classroom and what options are available to teachers. Often a textbook is used in the classroom so a good teacher should add to the textbook and or o
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This unit talk about the past tenses it includes past simple,past continuous,past perfect and past perfect continuous.Now i am more clear about past tenses' form,usages,common mistakes and i got some
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This unit was a very good refresher if nothing else. The positive part of this unit was a lot of examples that covered the need to understand the most basic parts of speech. The one part of speech whi
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In this unit, receptive skills are showed to equally important to the English learning scheme, the students are to be more exposed so as to help understand the English language and how it is used to c
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This unit was a great way to start. Talking about the relationship between the teachers and the users really got me to think what type of teacher i want to be. And when talking about possible complica
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In this Unit i've learnt that eye contact, gestures and use of voice can be helpful in things such as indicating who's turn it is to speak, maintaining discipline, adding visual interest and increasin
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I learned a lot from this Unit. I honestly didn't know about a few things in this chapter as in-depth as was presented in this Unit and for that I am rather thankful. I've been using English for 31 y
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In this unit, the characteristics of a good teachers and a good learners are mentioned first and then the language levels for the students are presented. Being fair in the classroom, motivating the st
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Ruidoso Downs
How to make a lesson plan was discussed in this unit. I learnt the functions of creating a lesson as well as how a lesson plan should be written. Because I am still new and learning the process of bec
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In this Unit I have learnt mainly about different kinds of examination, however, theme of evaluation was touched just relatevily slightly. And for me it is the biggest challenge to have an adaquate ev
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This unit was very informative and serves as a real reminder of the various Present Tense formation and usages that I did not remember. It had its fair amount of challenges, I had to email my tutor to
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I have learnt a lot from this unit. Also i repeated information i knew earlier. I have known about typical student`s errors/mistakes in future simple, future continious,future perfect, future perfect
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Saddle Brook
This unit focuses on two fo the four major skills that are involved in learning and using a language: reading and listening. These are both considered to be receptive skills, in which people 'receive'
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This unit was one of the faster units to finish. Reading through this unit reminded me of some of the different types tests, and exams I took over the years. Some types I didn't mind, and some types w
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San Miguel
This was a valuable unit to introduce the varying types of students an ESL teacher can expect. It is presented in a way that it is easy to identify what type of class I may be teaching, such that I ca
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San Ysidro
This unit covers a variety of challenges ESL teachers may come across in the classroom. One of the best tips for a first class is to avoid using the textbook and focus on group activities so as to bui
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Sandia Heights
Unit 13 covers teaching pronunciation and phonology. I was taught the definition of phonology and the difference between intonation and stress as well as the techniques for indicating and teaching int
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Sandia Knolls
In continuation of the previous unit, this unit discusses on teaching receptive skills, particularly on productive skills which are speaking and writing. I was made to understand the importance of wri
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Santa Clara
The content in this unit supplements that of Unit 11 because it focuses on the remaining two aspects of language learning and usage: Speaking and Writing (known as Productive Skills). Interestingly,
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Santa Fe
Everything discussed in this unit was basically about the teachers and the learners. The qualities and roles of a good teacher as well as the qualities of a good learner were also spoken about. The un
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Santa Rosa
This unit explains what it means to be an excellent teacher, the roles a teacher may assume throughout the course of a lesson as well as the different levels of English language learners. For example,
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Santa Teresa
Unit four covered present tense verbs. First, the present simple tense is divided into the form: affirmative, negative, question, and how to for the third person singular. Usage of the present simple
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Reading over the follow content was very informative; understanding that every level and age of your students will differ from how the teacher should approach the classroom. Being sensitive to each an
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This unit we learned about the future tense and the different ways in which you can express an idea or action based on when it will take place. What was most interesting from this was the fact that pr
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Scotch Plains
This unit taught me the benefit of following a certain structure to ensure capturing and maintaining a student's cooperation, interest and participation- all necessary to achieve success in transmit
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Unit3 is about how the way in which the English Language teacher helps learners learn the English structure effectively. To make their English class effectively, there are three main stages for every
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Silver City
This unit emphasizes the importance of grammar and how it is used every day both consciously and unconsciously. It’s important to understand grammar in order to teach it effectively. For example, if
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This unit is extremely informative because it makes everything clear about all the methods and techniques of teachng English. The main thing I've understood after studying the information is that te
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This unit provided a great overview of how to use equipment and teaching aids in learning. However, in my experience in Thailand there are minimal digital teaching aids. Most of the classrooms have on
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This unit teaches us the different forms of past tenses. Like the present tenses, the past tenses have past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Each form has its own
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Somers Point
The last of the three tenses (present, past and future) was covered in this unit. Just like the other tenses in previous units, the forms, usages and teaching ideas for students were discussed. In ad
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This course covered equipment that can be use to help teachers in a classroom; teachers will benefit from using a board, OHP's, and even cassette recorders. I was well informed about interactive white
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South Amboy
Unit 13 is about teaching pronunciation and phonology which is the study, science and analysis of the physcical properties of sounds. Intonation is a variation of volume and pitch in a whole sentence
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South Brunswick
This chapter deals with the present tense. There is the simple present tense e.g. 'I work'.Then there is the present continuous tense ( also called 'present progressive'). An example is ' I am learni
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