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La Luz
This was a very challenging unit for me. I learnt alot about the methodologies and theories involved in teaching and learning a language. There are many different ways of learning a language such as t
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La Mesilla
As with the prior unit, understanding that students come from different backgrounds and different life situations makes it importat for the teacher to establish a solid rapport with the students as we
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La Puebla
Past tense verbs were discussed in unit six. First, the past simple tense includes regular and irregular verbs. Past continuous verbs use was/were before the base verb. The format for past perfect ten
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La Union
Unit 20 focuses on troubleshooting. During first lessons the teacher should not use the textbook and do activities to establish rapport; find out the students' interests,needs and acquired English le
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As I already teach I think I have a relatively good understanding of English grammar, especially as in Italy many schools really focus on grammar. The most salient points for me were the gerun as I do
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This unit deals with the different forms of the present tenses : present simple, present contiunuous (or present progressive), present perfect and present perfect continuous. This lesson shows as well
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This unit discussed how to teach pronunciation and phonology; from different techniques we can use to teach our students which was shown on page 20 and 21. What I took away form this unit was the plac
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Las Cruces
During this unit I have learnt different theories,methods and techniques to bring into the classroom.the course is structured very well so i found it easier to break down .The video was extremely well
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Las Maravillas
This unit was a simple unit to understand. It did bring to the forefront for me, the need to teach not only the vocabulary and grammatical structure but also the language function. It made me recogniz
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Las Vegas
This unit focuses on course books and lesson materials. The materials we can bring to the classroom include: a white/wipe board, visual aids, worksheets, video, cassettes/CDs/DVDs/electronic media, di
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This unit we explored managing the classroom. Some of the factors to take into account are the classroom space and how it is set up, managing TTT and STT to ensure that a good rapport is built and stu
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This unit provided needed clarification about the many different tenses within the present tense. It also highlighted the subtle differences that provide very different meanings that are often not th
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In this Unit,introduced how important the pronunciation part of learning a new language, also introduced intonation is generally considered t be the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence,
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Unit 4 talks about the present tense verb formation which describes current actions. It consists of four categories or aspects - Present Simple, Present continues, Present perfect and Present perfect
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There are four basic skills in English. In this unit, I have learned in deep about two skills which are reading and listening. These two skills also known as receptive skills. In teaching reading and
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This was an interesting unit that helped me understand how i can arouse the interest of my students so that they can look forward to participating in any class discussion.I also learned how to use the
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This unit was dedicared to productive scills such as speaking and writting. There was told where is the difference between accuracy and fluency activities and which methods should be used during activ
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Little Falls
This unit provides a general overview of the nature, character and qualities of teachers and learners. The different roles of the teacher are discussed as well as the different levels of the learner.
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Little Ferry
Unit two focused on the parts of speech. Nouns can be broken down to common, proper, compound, abstract, and collective. Something that I learned about adjectives is that there is a particular order u
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Little Silver
In this unit I gained knowledge in how to teach productive skill in speaking and writing ,I also learnt how to incorporate them into lessons ,I found that I learnt a lot from this unit ,the video was
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Unit 2 has provided an over view on parts of speech which is a vital part in creating proper English sentences and english grammar. Besides exceptions in the rules of the parts of the speech,the basic
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As I have stated previously, it is a valuable learning experience for me regarding the repetition of Engage, Study, Activate. I have been utilizing this method more in my classroom planning just in th
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The 'modals' are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. They are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. Modal
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Long Hill
This unit is about teaching new language. There are four things that students have to be able to do with a new language : be exposed to it; understand its meaning; understand how it is constructed an
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Speaking and Writing are apart of the Productive Skills students need when studying English. Writing which is the more difficult skill requires a greater degree of accuracy than speaking. The general
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This unit gave an outline of the various parts of speech that form English sentences. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs were all covered in their varying states. Differing types of the mentioned p
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Los Alamos
Students bring different backgrounds and life situations into the classroom. This can affect their ability concentrate and connect with fellow class mates. Even on a one-on-one basis two people can ha
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Los Chaves
The unit provided an overview of the nuanced roles and expectations for both learners and teachers within the teaching process. It informed me on how one should adapt to learners needs and the teachin
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Los Lunas
This Unit provided an overview of typical definitions and expectations of learners and teachers. Put briefly the characteristics of an ideal teacher amount to a motivating, well-sourced influence in
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In this unit, I have learnt about theories, methods and techniques in teaching. There are two ongoing arguments about learners' intelligence. The first is the intelligence of their own genes called "N
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This Unit is talking about the importance of having and using lesson plans. It states that lesson planning is an effective tool for teachers and also students. It allows teachers to stay on task, keep
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In this unit, I have learnt about teachers and learners. There are some factors that make good teachers as well as good learners. What makes a good teacher are fair, have knowledge of the subject and
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This Unit was very informative and concise it provided details on all the Future tenses, giving great details on each specifically the Future Simple tense. This unit provided examples potential studen
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Exploring and practicing different roles as teachers helps us be flexible in the classroom, keep students engaged, and avoid falling into the same patterns of teaching. Spending too much time in any o
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The whole lesson plan preparation and pre checking the materials you will need for the class should be a first priority to the teacher not forgetting to come early to the class. You don’t want the s
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This unit teaches us about pronunciation and phonology. In a sentence, the intonation carries the message in the sentence. In a sentence, the part that is stressed will convey the meaning of what th
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This unit at first was one of my easier one, but towards the latter it got more difficult. Its not that it was hard, just once again it was something I know naturally how to do but when asked why do y
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This unit was different from all the other ones because it consisted in watching 2 videos and comparing the way the teacher teaches in 2 situations. In the first video, we can see that the teacher doe
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Parts of speech Noun pronoun adverbs adjectives verbs conjunctions Articles Proposition Comparative Adjectives Superlative Adjectives Adverb of time Adverb of place proper noun common noun countabl
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this unit was an interesting one. From grade school to college days i always used text books. And i never knew if the teachers had any influence on what books we used, or what we did in the books. But
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In this Unit I have learnt how to prepare the lesson regarding the vocabulary, grammar and/or functions. It was helpful to put existing knowledge in order. However, I feel that I still lack practice t
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This unit covered the difference between adult and young learners from age, to language level, to motivation and more. It also delved into what makes a good teacher or good student and how cultural di
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Maple Shade
This unit helped me recognize how extrinsic things can determine the effectiveness of the teaching and learning experience. It was useful to have information provided as to the importance of classroom
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I find this unit very clear for even nonnative English speakers, the use of examples is very clear and very detailed. Before I went through this unit I can say I was struggling a bit with the tenses s
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Margate City
This unit reiterates the need for a stronger understanding of grammar and the tenses needed to be known to not only understand the context of the sentence but also to produce language in a articulate
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I have learnt that a good teacher should be patient and kind. Also, they should be caring for their kids. Without their care, they can't observe their kids weakness. Kids can develope their English la
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In the unit i have learnt about intonation which is the variation of volume and pitch in a whole sentence or sometimes in a single word. the 3 main intonations are a rise and fall which is the most co
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Maurice River
It was useful to have the various purposes behind receptive language put in writing. It was also useful to receive a sequential set of steps/tasks beneficial in improving reading and listening compreh
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In this unit, there are a number of new theories and methods that a new teacher would learn about about for example the different categories of engage, study and activate lessons that are helpful in l
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This unit teaches us about the future tenses. Similar to past tenses and present tenses, future tenses have the same form, but the usages are different. Additionally, future tenses have three more f
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