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As a teacher's assistant I've been able to experience first hand some difficulties in the classroom. I believe the most common one in my class would the difference in language ability. With a beginner class it starts of kind of simple in terms of level because most of the students know nothing of the new language, or just a little bit of exposure, so as far as level goes, everyone is similar. However, now as the semester draws to an end, the class is split almost in half. Half of the students seem comfortable with the material, while others seem to drag behind and still struggle with material from previous lessons. Knowing when it's the teacher's fault vs. students not committing time to study is difficult. I think my supervising professor is a good professor because he always blames himself and never the students. He's always thinking of ways he could improve so that everyone is on the same page. I admire that over professors that constantly scold students and tell them they are not working hard enough. I believe that approach can make a student feel less motivated to practice and do the work. I agree that a good way to mix up the levels is to have weaker students work with stronger students. I think sometimes this can be a challenge for the weaker student because they don't want to be embarrassed, but it feels a lot better to have a peer help you fix mistakes then have the teacher fix it in front of the whole class. Something that I enjoy doing is offering my time outside of class so individuals or groups of students can seek help outside the classroom. I feel like they are more relaxed, and it allows them to learn more on their own time than a scheduled class they are forced to go to for attendance.