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Modal auxiliary verbs: Can, could- shall, should, will , would, have to, need to ,needn’t, have got to, must ,ought to ,may, might Express: obligation-possibility- permission – ability and advice Come before the verb Don’t change with the different subjects. Denotes formal speech Passive voice: We knew that we have active and passive voices In passive voice, the object of the sentence turns into subject. It gives same meaning but changes the area of focus. In active voice, the focus is on the doer. In passive the focus is on the object that became the subject in the new condition. Relative clauses: Group of words that contain a subject and a verb: Independent: complete sentence Dependent: in complete sentence Relative: describes and identifies a noun. Adjective clause. It uses relative pronouns like who, which,.. A defining relative clause gives important information. Opposite is true, non-defining relative clause it gives non-essential information. Phrasal verbs Multi-word verbs. Verb plus one or two particles. Intransitive, not followed by a direct object. Transitive, Object can come between and the other particle Transitive inseparable: object comes after the particle