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This unit has detailed the various tenses used to express future events. These are simple future, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous and the "going to" forms. The structures
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I found unit 4 the most challenging so far. I felt that i was prepared and had a good understanding of the subject, however i really struggled during this test. It is vital for myself as a teaching
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From the Present Tenses unit I have learnt a great deal. Starting with the forming of the tenses, usages and activities which I personally find quite amusing and which have opened up the mind towards
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Unit 17 / Equipment and teacher aids talks about how to use many differents teaching aids so teachers can make lessons more interesting for students. Depending on the resources available at schools, t
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Lesson 10 contrasts two different presentations for a lesson on modal auxiliary verbs. One of the most evident differences in the tow lessons was the attitude of the teacher towards the students. I
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Unit #20 covered some common challenges which ESL teachers encounter. These included teaching a first class, teaching a large class, teaching a class of students at different levels, and teaching stud
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The unit was about teaching special groups those include young learners, business English, multilingual learners, beginners. Each group has its own requirements and teachings techniques. The unit hig
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In this lesson of teaching special groups, it has taught me on how to teach beginners, individual students ,business English,and teaching young children.this lesson has given me tips on how to teach b
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This unit has provided the most new information for me thus far in this course. I was not previously familiar with the manners of articulation or the names for the organs involved in producing speech.
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This unit was very fun to watch. Unless you’re in a program that specifically calls for it, you don’t often get to see other teachers’ approaches once you become a teacher and are no longer a st
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I have learnt that there are many different phases to the straight arrow ESA. The Engage phase, Study phase, and Activate phase all elicit new vocabulary from sharing stories with classmates. The phas
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Alta Vista
In this unit productive skills that is speaking and writing was accessed.Techniques that can help both teachers and students was covered and importantly how to use the straight arrow lesson plan here
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This unit focused a lot on how a teacher can make a comfortable, open environment for the students. It talked about how eye contact, gesture, and the voice are incredibly important for building rappor
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Woof. This was harder than the last few units. But very interesting. This unit explored pronunciation and phonology. This unit introduced basic concepts in how we physically make language. For instanc
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As teachers it is important that we know the importance of the kind of material and work that we use to approach the language and teach it. Therefore, the coursebook is something that if possible, mus
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Unit 18 discusses the possible types of classes that a TEFL teacher may need to teach. With different types of learners comes unique sets of needs. The unit gives a thorough though not exhaustive look
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I learnt about teaching theories, methods and techniques. There are different methodologies: Grammar - translation, Audio – lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, C
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Managing class as its name indicates the unit was all about the effective class management. Different strategies for both the teacher and students were given to develop a well managed class environmen
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This Unit so important I learned in this Unit: Techniques for indication and teaching intonation, Nonsense words, By gesture, Humming or singing, the board. Stress: 1- Stress on first syllable, 2-Stre
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Teaching a class has many variables. The class size, ethnic makeup, language proficiency, age, and behavior are but a few of the class dynamics. Understanding this, a teacher should act in a way which
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This unit taught me how to use different classroom equipment correctly and effectively. Most if not all classrooms usually have a board to write on, although writing everything you say on the board is
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Arkansas City
In this Unit was too much success for me. Evaluating students: Tutorials: these can take place with the whole group or with individual students. Evaluation by the students: it can be very useful to as
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In the last unit of grammar, unit eighteen, modals, phrasal verbs and the two English voices (passive and active) were all taught to the future TEFL teachers. I learned in this unit a lot about modal
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This unit explains the different forms of the past tense. Like the present tense, there are 4 different forms: Past Simple which is adding -d or -ed to the base form. It can be used when talking about
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This unit provided helpful information regarding the use of course books, authentic materials and created materials in the class room. As a teacher, I would certainly want to incorporate authentic mat
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Evaluation and testing is a kind of assessment required to put on check the students ability and progress towards the course. There are various levels of testing to figure the right students placeme
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The content of this unit included conditionals used in grammar, such as zero c, first c, second c, third c, and mixed c. There are several ways to go over these in class with the students, it will rea
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This module contained a great amount of resources. Although cassettes aren´t quite as popular today, as with video recording, a cell phone can certainly take its place to do both playback and and re
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In this section we learned the basics of teaching special groups and the requirements for that. We learned the benefits of having a multi lingual class and the good and bad of having different levels
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Unit Eight 'Future Tenses', provides a detailed unit on the formations of future tenses. In addition it gives information on the uses, teaching ideas and common mistakes made by students. Given this I
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In this unit I discovered what qualities make a teacher and student "good" in their respective roles. A good teacher is someone proficient in their discipline and prioritizes student learning while cr
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This unit focused on the ideology behind teaching Vocabulary, Grammar, and Language Function. It outlined how teachers should consider approaching lesson structures and the four components in which st
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I found This unit particularly interesting cause it had meaningful and useful excercises and the template it’s very organised and detailed , I’ll use it in my classes too, it’s important to ge
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Unit 15 evaluation and testing was short and to the point! different tests will serve different purposes all are an important indicators of either the level at the starting point during the study or
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Parts of speech - particularly English, from my experience - can be very challenging. When deciding what part of speech a work is, one must put in "in play". Put the work in a sentence, and see how it
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Baldwin City
In this unit it is pointed out that many students tend to have more problems with writing and I agree. It is also true that is a part of the skills that teachers used to think that students must have
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This unit focuses on how to approach teaching listening and reading skills. It goes over how to select texts for different levels and the differences between authentic and inauthentic texts and how to
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This unit discussed various teaching equipment and aids these include; the board, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aides, worksheets and work cards, the cassettes recorder, CD player
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This unit is highly important to both teachers and students to create a better learning environment. Using appropriate methods, theories and techniques such as the ones used in this unit is a good tea
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This unit reviewed the systems and structures of past tenses. I Learnt how tenses are formed grammatically, common errors, teaching activities, irregular verbs to study, and the difference of structur
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This unit covered lesson planning, I believe it to be something both extremely helpful and necessary no matter how long an individual has been a teacher. I also believe it is especially important when
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Baxter Springs
I love writing but I do not agree with the school system's idea that It's the most neglected skill, I was never a fan of doing homework, but I had no problem working on activities in the classroom wit
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There's a large variety of classes and groups for learning English. Being aware that each class has different focuses and needs is essential. Knowing how to deal with children will greatly enhance suc
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This was the greater unit so far in my opinion as it brings so much information such as types of methodology used in the past and nowadays, the step by step of the ESA methodology even with good ideas
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Bel Aire
From this unit I have learnt how to recognize the tense in question and how to form it. The diverse usage for all of the past tenses. Just as before it allows me to instantly connect to what is being
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Belle Plaine
Unit #19 discussed some of the special groups an English teacher may have, including business people, monolingual groups, children, and individuals. Through this lesson, I learned how to assess the sp
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In this unit i learnt a lot about Modals , phrasal verbs and passive voice, also some grammar like Modal verbs and Auxiliary verbs. As a youth i did not relies that what i learnt then i would remember
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This unit was very informative of teaching aids, how to use them, and what resources are best for certain scenarios. I never knew there were basic principles to using a board, for example: section off
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This lesson highlighted the importance of speaking and writing skills. When teaching writing skills it is important to teach the students proper spelling, handwriting, and punctuation. When the studen
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I now understand why I have seen board games in ESL classrooms. I incorrectly had thought they were used to give the teacher and students a break from learning. These games are tools to promote the
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