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R.T. - U.S.A. said:
Motivating Students
Motivation is an important part of students being able to learn a language effectively. If teachers plan their lessons the same every class with no imagination the students will become bored and probably not pay attention. Teachers should keep their lessons varied and continue to find new ways to present material to increase their students interest in the lessons. Lessons should not be planned around the teacher talking but around the students communicating with each other. When the teacher must lecture, incorporating student participation is useful because students will pay attention if they know they might be called on to answer in front of the class. Students are more likely to be motivated and participate in a friendly classroom environment. A friendly atmosphere starts with the teacher's personality and demeanor. It is very important to establish a rapport with the students and have good interactions during class. Teachers should smile and encourage students throughout the lesson so they are not afraid to speak. To create a friendly environment the teachers should start the class by introducing themselves to the students and go around the class having the students say a few things about themselves. This will allow the students to learn a few things about each other and ease them into speaking during class. Teachers should make sure to call on everyone in the class and not target one student so no one feels singled out. Students feel more comfortable in the classroom if the teacher explains things clearly and make sure directions are understood. Teachers should also learn how to give useful criticisms to students that are fair and appropriate so the students can feel they are making progress. The best way to interest students in a lesson is to plan fun activities for them to participate in. Activities encourage communication between students and interaction that will make them more comfortable participating in the classroom. Starting a class with a simple activity engages the students in the lesson and makes it more interesting for them. Memory games, pictionary, anagrams, and word linking are some good activities that can be used to start a class. Even in the study phase activities can be used so that the new material for the lesson is absorbed in a fun way. Hangman, tongue twisters, and word searches are some ways that the study phase can be livened up. Activities in the activate phase should always be based on the students interacting with the other students. One of the best activities is role-play where students use the language they have learned to communicate with another student. Motivating students can be difficult but teachers who continue to change and vary their lessons should be successful. Motivation starts with students feeling like they can participate in the classroom and interact with the teacher. The teacher must present themselves as an encouraging, motivating force for the class. For the most effective courses, lessons should be well organized and the teacher needs to be prepared and have contingencies for each lesson. Classes that are filled with activites and student interaction should keep boredom at bay and increase the students learning.