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R.K. - Germany said:
english as a global language There are over 400 million native english speakers and over 700 million people speak english as a foreign language. It is one of the mostly widely written and spoken languages worldwide. english is the mostly widely learned second language in school. Many countries begin english lessons very early with children. english is used in business worldwide and it is also one of the 6 official languages of the UN. As the world becomes more globalized english is often seen as the global language. Products are often sold worldwide and therefore english is frequently needed to get those products shipped globally. Many American products have become staples in other countries. For example, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are familiar trademarks and can be found in many countries worldwide. The globalization of these products requires offices throughout the world and employees that are well versed in the country the product is distributed in and in english so that the local office can communicate with headquarters in America. All of these factors lead to english as a global language. Many business deals and meetings are done in english globally. The need to be able to communicate in english is critical in the business world. Many companies need their workforce to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively in english. This could include IT, technical, or scientific vocabulary. These terms could make a huge difference within business negotiations. The client needs to be sure that the vendor knows exactly what is needed for a potential machine part or IT issue. If there is miscommunication it could lead to time and money lost. If a product is produced with a misunderstanding this could cause huge issues within a project management timeline. Rework and lost time costs companies thousands of dollars. This could cause major problems not only for the company producing the goods, but it could also jeopardize the client/customer relationship. english is also the predominate language throughout the Internet. Most of the media is predominately American and therefore in english. There is so much information that is available on the internet and much of it is in english. english is needed to glean all of the information out on the internet. Tourism is also vitally linked to english. As tourism booms and more people have access to all corners of the world, english is needed in hotels, shops, and tourist sites. Many store owners are desperate to sell their goods to tourists and english enables them to be able to do that. Tourists may not be native english speakers, but they may not speak the language of the local country. Speaking english allows both proprietor and tourist to be able to communicate and buy and sell the goods. english is so important in business, media, and tourism that the importance of learning it ever increasing. Many companies will pay for english classes for their employees. The need to learn Business english has become very popular with language schools. Native english speakers are becoming more in demand and they need to be able to teach effectively and efficiently. As students complete TEFL courses they should be aware of how critical english has become globally.