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The two productive skills are speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency carry equal importance. Accuracy is the ability to produce grammatically and lexically accurate English sentences, while fluency is the ability to produce language in a coherent, effortless way. Activities in the classroom which promote accuracy are going to be very different to those which promote fluency, which is why you need to be clear which you are focusing on at any time. Accuracy activities are usually part of the study phase are concentrated on producing correct language. Fluency activities focus not so much on how the students are communicating but what they are communicating – such as conversation, role-plays and debates. I have learnt from this unit about speaking activities in the classroom. It can be accuracy and fluency based activities. Also it is written about techniques to encourage interaction such as pair-work, group-work, much controlled and guided practice before fluency activities, careful planning, etc. and how to provide feedback after the activity. Written text has quite a number of differences which separates it from speaking. Not only are there differences in grammar, vocabulary (usually more formal in written English) but also in spelling, handwriting, layout and punctuation. I like the games in this unit and I am sure they will help me to create an interesting lesson.