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online tefl Courses VS Onsite TEFL Courses
In life, we all have obstacles and tasks that must be completed. Whether we have obligations in our personal life or in our education, we seek the easiest way to accomplish things. We ultimately decide how our time will be spent. In other words, what is our preference when it comes to an education and the time management that comes along with it? There are many pros and cons when it comes to choosing online tefl courses or onsite TEFL courses. It just depends if the person’s preference and learning abilities. Online courses are more convenient than the onsite courses for a number of reasons. Online versus onsite—online is in favor. For one, both choices have the same material and resources to become an excellent TEFL instructor. The main difference is that the online courses are designed for people with a busy and “on-the-go” type of lifestyle. If the person has a family to take care of along with the responsibility of a job and their education, the online courses are far more convenient than going to the onsite campus for the same lessons and lectures. They are also far more portable when it comes to live video classes where you can sit down and watch a class in the convenience of your own home without disrupting their daily professional or personal commitments. Another important reason why it is better to take the online TEFL course route is the flexibility and control of your own schedule. Although you may not finish the course in a short amount of time as if they were in the onsite class, you have the option of choosing your class time and daily agendas. For example, if there’s 140 hours of content, you can decide to work for 10 hours a week, 2 hours per weeknight, and finish in 3 - 4 months. Or, you can spend just a few hours a week and finish in 6 months to a year. There is no favor as to when and how you will complete your hours of courses whereas onsite courses have a specific date and time you’re your class. It is as simple as whatever suits your schedule –as there isn't a set time limit for completing each part of the course. Online courses are relevantly cheaper and more affordable than the onsite courses. It is actually cheaper in many aspects of schooling. If the candidate isn’t within a good mile radius of the onsite course site, it may actually turn out extremely more expensive than the online courses—gas prices are rising under the tips of our noses and aren’t going down anytime soon. If preferred the online route, the person may find that they are actually saving the cost of traveling. All the candidate needs is a good Internet connection and a computer or laptop. What many people don’t come to realize is that the content taught in the online courses are, in fact, very similar to taking a course onsite. It is important to take into consideration of all the factors that contribute to tour TEFL courses. The costs, the content of the course, and all the way to the simple decision of wanting to study at home—it ultimately rests in the hands of the candidate. Online courses are relatively more convenient and more affordable for your average person.