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N.K. - U.S.A. said:
Why Complete a TEFL CourseWhy complete a TEFL course? Because teaching is difficult. Teaching is not something you learn overnight and to teach well is a whole other story. Despite the fact that I have been in school for at least 17 years of life never once did I give a thought to the way I was taught. Never once did I witness all the work that went on behind-the-scenes to make sure every minute of class time is was relevant and counted for something. No, taking this course will not make you the perfect teacher. And no, taking this course cannot be compared to real-life teaching experience. However, I can honestly say that I am grateful in my decision to take a TEFL course because it has opened the path to my journey as a TEFL teacher. A TEFL course can viewed as the direction manual for your teaching journey, it provides advice and tidbits to help you get started but does not mold or force you into any one way of thinking. As a result of taking a TEFL course, I started the process of making up syllabus lesson plans as well as figuring out ways to explain to students hard to understand concepts. For example, I was reminded on how rusty my english grammar skills are. The TEFL course provided me with my own personal grammar units that I was able to use to re-teach myself the different points of english grammar as well as look at what points were confusing to me so that I may think of simple techniques in teaching them to others. Although I have experience in writing course syllabus nothing prepared for the extensive thought process that should go into writing lesson plans. I was introduced to different lesson plan methods, which I will continue to use in the future. I have been forced to think about how I am going to in on my first day as a TEFL teacher and what I am going to do and talking about with my class. If nothing else, taking a TEFL has given me the confidence to get through a first teaching experience, which I think says everything. To think that a person goes into a class and “wings it” so to speak it denying yourself the opportunity to properly prepare for the very real job you are about to embark on. To take a TEFL course is to grant yourself the ability to go into a teaching english foreign language job with the proper tools in your box to get through not just your first day but many other days successfully, An intelligent person would not think to enter a boxing match without the proper tools and knowledge to try and win (or at least not get killed), so why would this be any different? Taking a TEFL course provides a person with beginning skills and education they need to plan their own lessons, to start thinking about how they want their classroom to run. Do you know what ESA or PPT stand for? Or what rapport in a classroom is? Did you know that there are 5 different categories of beginners? I didn’t before taking a TEFL course, but I am so happy that I did.