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M.U. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL course It is a general consensus that english language is the most widely spoken language in the world and wildly learned by many people as a second language. In recent years there has been a surge in rise in the number of people who show interest in the study of the language for various purposes and this has resulted in high demand for teachers of english to non-native speakers all over the world. This article outlines the need for teachers of english language to complete a TEFL course. The article compares the difference in teachers approach to their work prior to their period of study in a TEFL course and after the course. Response to questions given to some teachers whom I have had contact with in the past, coupled with various testimonies of people who have successfully completed the course and how it has affected their career as teachers suggest the need for teachers to complete a TEFL course. A lot of reasons abound for the need for english teachers to complete a TEFL course. Whether as a native english teacher, it is essential. There is the erroneous notion by many people, that being a native speaker or one who is fluent in speaking english qualities one to teach the language. In recent years the global economic recession which has rendered many people jobless in Europe has resulted in a great influx of people moving to Asia to seek job as english teachers. From observation, most schools now prefer to employ teachers who are native english speakers who do not have any training as english teachers, to non-native speakers who are trained as english teachers with B.Ed in english language. This is obviously wrong and as Carri Kallenberger put it, after her successful completion of a TEFL course she quickly learned that there is a huge difference between teaching english and being fluent in english. Being fluent in speaking a language does not mean that person understands the technicalities involved in teaching that language. Even as a B.Ed holder in english language, such a teacher still require the need for a TEFL course based on experience which indicates that In many universities, faculty of education plan out their curriculum in such a way that emphasis is laid on areas such child psychology, educational law, school organization and administration etc. as well as other courses based on the students subject area like english or history as the case may be. But the fact remains that some areas are not covered in depth thereby making graduates appear like cake not thoroughly baked. A TEFL course such as TESOL will help to cover up such lapses and even in a better way because the course contents are put together in a way that they focus specifically on training the teacher on how to teach various aspects of the subject which makes it more in depth in nature as the whole course focuses on specialty on how to teach english. For teachers who does not have a previous professional background, (teaching qualification) a TEFL course is equally very essential. It enables them become qualified and well grounded in the techniques on how to handle various areas of english language in the classroom. As earlier indicated in this article, I have had the opportunity to discuss with many teachers about their opinion on the impact, taking a TEFL course have had on their teaching career. All of them gave positive remarks about the tremendous change it brought to their performances in their career as teachers. Testimonies in the internet by people who have successfully completed TEFL course and their responses on the positive impact on their career also portray the need for a TEFL course for teachers of english language. Based on these reasons, it therefore becomes imperative for teachers of english language to take a TEFL course. References: 1. Jenny Balmer english teacher, Providence english private school Sharjah, U.A.E. 2. Vanessa Dalais english teacher, Wesgreen internation school Dubai, U.A.E. 3. Samuel Gikera Karinga english teacher, Dubai International Academy 4. Carrie Kellenberger on why you should take a TEFL course. 5. Video testimonials (Ann marie)