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M.B. - Korea said:
english as a global languageOften I have thought about the benefits of having a truly global language. Right away numerous pros spring-up in my head. One could travel the entire globe and still understand everyone that one came into contact with. Never again would there be misunderstandings due to translation issues or a need for an interpreter. People would travel from country to country actively socializing with the locals. Artists and advertisers would be able to touch the ends of the earth with their messages because all people would speak the same language. However lengthy the list of pros might be, it is important to remember that with pros come cons. I had to pose the question to myself a bit differently to flush out the negatives, though. “What happens when all of the other languages cease to exist?” This question is appropriate when hypothesizing about a global language. It is easy for a person to presume that once there is a truly global language, other languages will eventually go away. Without foreign language, foreign cultures seem to melt away. Language is such an interesting, integral part of culture. National pride or a sense of belonging diminishes when everyone speaks the same language. Language remains a piece of one’s identify. Although one can find many pros and cons about having a global language, I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. The rise of english as a global language has been exponential. english already has a significant foothold in the world affecting the areas of business, music/movies, and media. This is especially evident in the business world. english has fulfilled the need for a common language for companies from different parts of the world to be able to negotiate and form relationships in the pursuit of profit. Never before in history have so many cultures been able to work together on projects, revolutionizing global commerce. Secondly, American and British movies and music stars have made a massive impact on foreign citizens’ desire to speak english. Throughout my own travels overseas, I have learned how much influence the rich and famous in America can have on the youth from other countries. Many young people I met could speak minimal english, but the little english that they could speak was focused on movie and music quotes from their favorite artists. One could argue the chick and the egg conundrum. Which came first? Did the spread of english around the world create an affinity and understanding of American music and movies or did an affinity of American music and movies affect the adoption of the english language? While I do not have the answer to that question, I can at least recognize that english as a global language has had a profound effect on pop culture around the planet. Finally, english as a global language has allowed news coverage to be understood universally. This is one of the biggest reasons why the democratic movements in the middle east were accelerated. Much of what was being reported in the U.S. and parts of Europe regarding western intervention was understood by citizens of oppressed nations in the middle east. They knew the actions of their governments were condemned by western powers and help was on the way. I’m sure this gave much hope to struggling victims who hoped for a better life.