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C.Z. - China said:
Establishing rapport
Establishing rapport means we want to impress people, build a friendship or get kind of fondness from others. We can establish rapport in many different ways; I would like to use some examples to illustrate my understanding about it. In School: Rapport between the teacher and the students plays an important role in determining whether a class is successful and enjoyable. Most students would like to contribute and talk in the lessons if the atmosphere is relaxed and they get on well with the teacher. While the students play a large part in setting the atmosphere in the classroom. It can be encouraged and stimulated by the general attitude and approach of the teacher. I have summarized some tips that a teacher can do to help establish rapport with the students from my personal teaching experience. ? Smiling and being amiable with students. (I believe if I treat students as well as my family, they will feel my kindness, and smiling is a very basic sign that I can show to my students. No matter what happened in my life, I always try to deliver a positive attitude in class, because my behavior and attitude will partly influence my students. That is also the reason why I think it is so important in establishing rapport with students.) ? Ice breaking, some warm-up questions or activities are preferred. (Especially when you face a group of new students, it is a little difficult to built friendship with them quickly, thus, most teacher would like to use some warm-up questions, activities, such as hangman, chain guess, etc. to keep close with students) ? Always care your students’ reaction, and ask for comments and opinions from the students. (Students would like to tell you their feeling by their action in class, they will become confused, or absent-minded when you talk too fast, or perhaps the material is out of their understanding. Sometimes, perhaps I need to vary the activities and have more interaction with them, and then ask advices from them, like what kind of lesson they look forward to. As a good teacher, I must know their needs and expectation.) ? Giving more personalized advice for different students. (We are born differently, thus, we have different students from different family and background, and they may have different problems in class that is the right reason why personalized advice is vital for the individuals. If we can notice their difference and give them more personalized advice, some warmth has been delivered in their heart. ) ? Make sure to remember all your students’ name. (It is kind of challenge for few teacher, however, I would like to get students’ name list beforehand, and go through it carefully. And then I will make some activities plus survey to help me remember their name quickly. Don’t you feel surprised and happy when a teacher names you with eye contact and smiling in class just after your first introduction?) ? Note down all the students’ birthday and deliver a blessing message when every special day is around the corner. (This is my little secret to improve a great rapport with my dear students.) ? Being aware of the disposition of different students, and make sure the seating arrangements are more reasonable and positive. ? Self-introduction from the students are necessary, make sure all your students get to know each other. And being positive and passionate in teaching. ? Ensure enough students talking time and encourage students to share their personal ideas. ? Domination by individual students in class should not be encouraged. The teacher should provide more chances for pair-work and group-talking. ? Give clear instructions and do content check to make sure that students have got your idea. ? Encourage students to help each other and let them know that happiness lies in giving help to others. And Give students opportunities to correct each other. ?In business area: As a popular saying goes, no matter what kind of product you will sell, do remember to sell yourself before your product. And there are some techniques to establish rapport with your clients. I find some tips online, for example: asking good questions; paying attention; eye-contact; proper body language; tone of voice; paraphrase and summarize, etc. Actually, establishing rapport exists in all aspects of our life. We can use some tips above to make a more beautiful life.