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Classroom management is one the following criteria of each class. Good management provides good discipline, good rapport and interaction between students. Most things depend on what kind of teacher yo
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This brief overview will be pretty similar as the topic about Present Tense. The system and structure of past tense has four aspects such as Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous. All co
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Unit 7 is considered about teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions of the language. Besides understanding the meaning of the words students need to know how the language is constructes and they sh
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As I have been taught at the University the future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. Grammatically you use present simple or present continuous but in fact what you are saying
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From unit 9 we are taught about planning lessons. There were given a number of important functions of lesson plans such as: an aid to planning, what you expect the students to retain and how you can m
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In this unit we covered the different methods of teaching a language. We looked at many ways that have been used in the past, and some that are still used today that don't work all that well, and then
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In this unit we learned about the many future tenses. We briefly touched on all of them, the Future Simple, Continuous, Perfect, and Perfect Continuous. We also looked at how the present simple and pr
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In this unit we watched a couple of videos showing two different types of teachers, a good teacher and a not so good one. There is so much to be said about attitude that cannot be put into words. In t
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This unit was useful in that I gained many suggestions for entertaining and engaging games. I also learned about when it is helpful to correct students (mostly during the study stage)and that it is no
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This unit was helpful because it carefully spells out the usages for different forms of the present tense. The word "perfect" always confused me; what makes a verb "perfect"? It turns out that "perfec
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Engage, Study, and Activate are key phases for teaching the english language. These phases can be used to form three distinct ways of teaching - ESA, Boomerang, and Patchwork. The focus of Engage pha
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This unit outlined important methods to use to establish a well-managed and safe classroom where students can feel comfortable learning. It is important to understand that the teacher's role is to fac
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The topics discussed in this unit are very helpful in understanding the dynamics of a class and arranging a class for best learning opportunities for students and best positioning of the teacher to te
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Similar to the previous unit about present tense, this unit also gave me a good understanding of the past tense and its usage. It was especially helpful to read the examples and the teaching ideas for
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Teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions to students require the teacher to first access their level. This unit introduced examples and many techniques for teaching during E
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Charl Cilliers
This is definitely the most complicated unit I have read during this course so far. It introduced seven different future tenses with their usage many a times overlapping each other. It was confusing t
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This unit introduced me to the steps for planning an ESL lesson properly. I learnt new details about the things I need to include in a lesson plan to be able to have a smooth class. The examples in th
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These two videos were very helpful for me to understand the level of impact a teacher's attitude has on students participation and learning. The videos demonstrated a number of techniques that the tea
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This unit gave me a good insight into the two receptive skills (reading and listening) that students should know to have reasonably good command on any language. The example task materials and the exa
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I learned during this unit that productive skills are as important to learn for a student as receptive skills. Writing skill is often neglected by teachers during the class exercises but it is an impo
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It was a very interesting and educational unit for me. The complexity and depth of Phonology and Pronunciation is explained very well in this unit. I got a very good understanding of the basics to tea
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A very interesting unit about course books and teaching materials. I learned about how a course book can be used in a class, and the advantages & disadvantages of strictly following a course book vers
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It was surprising for me to learn that there are many types of tests offered by organisations like Cambridge to evaluate and assess the english language level of students. Even though I believe that t
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The outline at the beginning of this unit was very helpful, straightforward, and clear. I used to have a hard time remembering the difference between present perfect continuous and past perfect contin
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As children, we adapt to our surroundings quickly and with this we also adapt to our native language. For instance, if we were born in Germany, as children we will adapt the language German and this
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In this unit, our primary focus is on present tense. Present tense expresses the action or state in the present time. However, this system has caused students and English teacher problems as the arg
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In this chapter, we focus on classroom management. There are many ways a teacher can manage a classroom. It is believed that a good teacher will be able to control a classroom, however this believe is
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Past tense is a tense expressing an action that has happened or a state that previously existed. For example, ‘My grandfather was a student in the 1950s. He loved his years at university. He finis
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In this lesson, we will be looking at how teachers can teach a new language. Whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things t
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Unit 8 Future tenses The tense system is one of the most complex areas of the English language. The seven most common are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfe
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Should lessons be planned out? There are various schools of thought on this issue. It is suggested that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred lesson. However
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In this unit we will be looking at how the teacher and his students respond to his teaching method during class and in the first video, the teacher asks the students on how to make a sentence with the
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In this unit, we focus on the receptive skills which are divided to reading and listening whilst productive skills are divided to speaking and writing. These are all equally important and wherever pos
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In this lesson we will be looking at the productive skills which are speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are different in many, however they are used for the same purpose for communication.
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There's no correct or wrong way of teaching a lesson, in my opinion, as long as you create the environment that allows a natural way of engaging and practicing the language. The best thing is to find
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I felt really insecure on this subject, I studied English as B.A. and I remember almost mastering this, and although I use it every single day as properly as possible and it comes natural; the dynamic
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I wish I would have known all this information when I was doing community work for college, it would have helped a lot, but I learned and it was fun doing what I like. The most important part for me w
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Well, now I definitely know my weakness in regards to tenses and can continue working on it. The video said that the past perfect and past perfect continuous are not very used in English I can definit
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It was very useful to find out in an organized way what specifically is needed to know in order to teach new language in terms of vocabulary and in terms of structure. I think these are things that we
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Not easy at all, time challenging and consuming, but worth all the effort is my opinion on planning. I'm big on planning for regular activities and like everything to go as planned or at least have th
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I think I finally learned how the phases of ESA work and to identify what each entails. To me reading is as important as listening they not necessarily need to be taught together, but it would be very
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All skills are important in learning a new language to put in practice correctly. As teachers we need to be mindful and aware of what we choose to help our students learn. Motivation is key, paraphras
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How interesting is the English language! Teaching phonetics is an important part of the process so that students can learn and understand how to properly pronounce and speak fluently, to understand an
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Piet Retief
this lesson has shown some of the characteristics- be it, personal, emotional or behavioral- good teachers are supposed to have; then, it shows the roles of both teachers and students. It also classif
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Pilgrim's Rest
I find materials to be every teacher's best friends, but for us beginners even more, speaking a bout course books as they can be used as a guide, very important to know that this would be a guide for
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Unit 3 gave an overview concerning the methodologies and approaches that teachers can have at hand to help them understand and practice. I understand that currently what we have is a series of framewo
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unit 4 is a grammar unit, as it Works on the field of tenses. The focus is on the types of present strucutures/uses English provides according to the four aspects, simple, continuous, perfect and perf
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Classroom management is an important issue as it delas with teachersand students emotions, attitudes and behavior. Teachers dont need to be actors, but they need to presente the contente with confiden
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This unit has shown us how to work, understand and forecast possible error/mistakes concerning past time, tense and aspects. Past situations that are complete, seen as complete, that happened begfore
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when teaching language, teahers need to have clear in mind the importance of teaching Grammar, vocabular and functions of communicative acts. Moreover, teachers need to ask themselves what is teachabl
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