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In this lesson we will be looking at the productive skills which are speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are different in many, however they are used for the same purpose for communication. Communicating between people is complicated but there is generalisation that has particular relevance for the teaching and learning of languages. When two or more people are communicating with each other, they tend to have some of these characteristics such as, they have some communicative purpose, they want to say something, they to listen to something and/or they are interested in what is being said. Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language whilst fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the students to experiment and be creative with language. Both the accuracy and fluency activity are equally important as both come into different stages of a lesson. Many students during class can seem reluctant to speak in the classroom, this could be caused by lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes, peer intimidation, lack of interest in the topic, previous learning experience and/or cultural reasons. The teacher must try to overcome these hurdles and encourage students interaction. The aim should be to create a comfortable atmosphere, where students are not afraid to speak or make mistakes. There are few techniques that are available to encourage interaction such as, pair work, group-work, plenty of controlled and guided practice before fluency activities, make speaking activities purposeful, change the classroom dynamics, careful planning and with certain activities you may need to allow students time to think about what they are going to say. For creative speaking activities, the teacher might want to decide on their aims for the class and what they want to do and why. Prepare any necessary materials and work out the instructions Written text has quite a number of differences which separates it from speaking. Some factors as those for a speaking lesson need to be considered and incorporated such as handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation and creative writing. Games is an activity with rules, a goal and an element of fun. There are two kinds of games that can be adapted in the classroom, one is competitive and the other is co-operative. In competitive games, the players or teams would race to be the first to reach the goal, while co-operative game, the players or the teams work together towards a common goal. Games are very popular amongst children, teenagers and adults alike, they should therefore be regarded as an integral part of the syllabus and not just an amusing diversion on a Friday afternoon.