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Tests are always an important way of assessing students on their learning. I personally don't agree with memory tests as they are not teaching students to be critical and analyze, it's necessary to cr
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This lesson was very helpful to me as a teacher. i have Always put much information when writing my lesson plans, and in this model, we can reflect better on ESA structure and timing, as well as listi
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Waterval Boven
The two vídeos presented here show clear diferences on teacher´s atitudes, actions and planning success in classroom. Lesson presented in vídeo 1 seems disconnected and the teacher, uncomfortable.
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Waterval Onder
Receptive skills are part of many proficiency exams, for example, in Brazil: when students intend to go to universities to have their Ma or Phd, they are supposed to go through Reading comprehension e
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White River
Writing and speaking depend on many factors, as lesson discussion showed. Vocabulary and strucutre knowledge as well as the topics presented extensively will contribute for a better communicative act.
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Although quite difficult to memorize the names affricate, alveolar and on, this is extremely importante ot recognize and to understand the way we use our articulation, our mouths. Not only this, but t
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