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Should lessons be planned out? There are various schools of thought on this issue. It is suggested that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred lesson. However, it is very difficult for inexperienced teachers to be able to be as flexible as this would require. The teacher is expected to let the students decided what to do in the class but an inexperienced teacher would find great difficulty in being able to conduct a lesson in such a way. Most teachers will find themselves somewhere between these two extremes. The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions such as an aid to planning, a working document and a record. There is no special way to how lessons should be planned. Some teacher write notes, and others would find a different way. When planning a lesson, teachers are to keep it simple, do not try to script the lesson word to word, structure it, and to keep it flexible and open to adaptation. Teachers must be organised and a checklist such as to check that the teacher has the lesson plan, to run through the lesson plan, to make sure that they have all the necessary aids and materials needed, to lay out materials, arrange the seating as desired, make sure that the board is clean and to be ready to chat with the students as they come into class. When planning a lesson, it is very much up to the individual. Many experienced teachers just write a few brief notes on a piece of paper. At the start of any teaching career, the teacher would want to structure their plans so that it would give a clear guide as to what they would want to achieve and how they would their class to be. A few things that can be recommended which are learners objectives, personal aims, language point, teaching aids, anticipated problems, the procedure, phase, timing, interaction, class level, number of students, date, time, teacher’s and observer’s names. A teacher with good organisation skills would want to monitor the quality of their lesson. As teachers, one would need to continually strive to improve the skills and to make classes as enjoyable as possible. There are number of sequence to a lessons and what needs to be considered are flexibility, goals, revision, variety and balance.