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Unit Three covered the numerous styles of teaching, including pros and cons of each type. This unit was also able to cover the stages of different lessons, and in great detail as well. It went into
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East Bank
I have always thought that authentic materials like songs, movies or fiction books is a fun and engaging source of a language, something that gives a student the touch and feel of what language really
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Teaching vocabulary, grammar, and sentence functions can be very difficult. In my experience many languages do not form proper sentences while talking in their languages. Such as languages like Chin
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In this unit the evaluation and testing issues are represented. I’ve learned the reasons of student evaluation and the various tests and assessments. I’ve studied to distinguish these tests due to
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Elk Garden
This lesson emboldened the impact that the teacher's attitude has in the classroom. When a teacher enters the classroom with a monotone voice and a snobby attitude, the students will be greatly impact
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This unit covers the importance of documenting, developing and implementing lesson plans. A teacher can plan effective classroom lessons using the Engage, Study, Activate teaching method covered in a
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This unit covers course books and lesson materials for teaching English as a second language. By using both created materials (designed specifically for an ESL class) and authentic materials (items no
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Course outline 19 Intro:this course covered a wide range of Types of classes Which starts from Beginners and Types of beginners like 1)The absolute beginners 2)false beginner 3)Adult beginner 4)The y
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A teacher can encounter some problems while teaching. For example, in the first lesson she/he has to establish rapport with the students. These classes may be a new group or an existing group. For mot
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Falling Spring
Lesson plans are essentially the outline for how the day in class will go, allowing the teacher to think logically through an organized rough draft that promotes both structure and flexibility. At the
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In this unit I learnt the various ways of keeping up to date with the progress of my students. I learnt about the types of evaluations and tests that the students must take part in in order to keep tr
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There are two groups of skills that are known and studied in the context of educational process represented by teaching and learning. The category of receptive skills - also
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Classroom management is a key element to establish a successful learning environment in any classroom. An effective classroom management plan creates a positive learning environment. Classroom managem
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It is imperative that one knows how a sentence is formed and how the different parts are structured and relates to one another. It forms the basis for communication, and as a teacher one needs to know
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Unit eight covered the basic principles of lesson planning. It looked at why teachers plan their lessons, what to include in the planning lessons, as well as how to produce a lesson plan which is prac
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Fort Gay
This unit emphasizes the different aspects that contribute to a smooth lesson full of student participation. Everything from eye contact and intonation, to the classroom set up plays a part in the flo
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UNIT 8, OUTLINE WAS PLANNED WITH THE AIM OF ACTUALIZING GOOD FUTURE REFERENCE EFFECTIVELY. these Tense system is one of the most complex areas of the English language.But when understood makes the us
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As with all the chapters so far, it is truly amazing to see all the specific definitions of each tense. I am beginning to realize how much was not covered in my communication classes in college, and h
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Gauley Bridge
I feel that ideally this unit should be split into three separate units dedicated to the stresses, phonemic symbols and articulation, because I’m a little bit overwhelmed with information. In daily
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The diversity of different methods and types of lessons is huge but very interesting. Thanks to this unit I can easily create an ideal plan of each lesson depending on what type of a lesson I want to
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Having knowledge of type of class you are going to have lesson helps a lot in the preparation of the lessons.Unit 19 elaborates on that.Teaching special groups consist of the following types of classe
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Glen Dale
Teaching aids in my opinion. Just about anything can be used as a teaching aid. Most common for me are white board, Curriculum books, work sheets, games, outside media material, Flash cards. TV for v
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I liked seeing the two lessons side by side. In the first lesson, the teacher doesn't seem to take into account the students, and I know that I have fallen into this trap before (especially with the
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I teach English, so I know the parts of speech, but I learned a little bit more about adverbs. I thought I knew more than I did! For example, I didn't know that there was a "formula" (generally spea
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Grant Town
Can I, or could I, or may I write this overview about modal auxiliary verbs here? I think, I must. I just have got to do it, because this is what the course requires. I need to do it, because I should
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THE LESSON FIVE OUTLINE,ABOUT CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. There is need to observe all the outlined topics in this outline and all other relevant points carefully noted by a prospect teacher. There is need
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I have learned that even though I can recognize and decipher what people using different types of English it is certainly a different story for people of other languages. The pronunciation and the sp
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This unit gave a thorough discussion of lesson planning for an ESL lesson. I really enjoyed the breakdown of the elements that belong in a lesson, and the lesson plan was particularly useful in that
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Unit one explores both the necessary skills and roles which a teacher requires, as well as a breakdown of different learners in regards to both their ages and their language level. This unit makes it
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This unit has a lot of good learning point to take into consideration while teaching ESL students. Teacher most understand that the important part of a lesson occurs during the first few minutes. If t
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i learnt another four important tenses from this unit which are future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous tenses. also i learnt how to make sentences for be Going
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Harpers Ferry
This unit was a bit stressful in learning it. It seemed to evolve into a biology lesson. After reading the full unit, I understood why teachers do not give it importance or are afraid to teach it. It
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I looked at the Grammer part of the lesson in this unit and it got a litte confusing at the end but the basic rules with all that it entails helped me understand. I knoe that the auxilary verbs and it
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Hartford City
This time I have found the video lesson to be more elaborate, than the text unit. Last cooking sentence example perfectly describes the difference between all four past fences without any further ado.
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Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice; this unit is one of the most complex and difficult, because it covers many areas that could be broken down into two separated units. It was very confusing and
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Course outline 18 GRAMMAR: modals,phrasal verbs and passive voice Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas, such as: Obligation – I really must go now, my friend's expecting me. Po
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In Unit 14, books and materials are mainly introduced. There are some advantages of course books, such as a tried and tested syllabus, a balance of skill and continuity and procession. On the other ha
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In Unit 17, a number of equipment and teaching acids are mainly introduced. We’re familiar with most of them, such as black/white board, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, work
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We see two examples of lessons on video in this unit, one good and one inefficient. The first lesson is an example of an ineffective and confusing lesson. The teacher has no rapport with the students,
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Unit Five held a plethora of information, which pertained to classroom management, and instruction on how to establish rapport with your students. Discipline was also a large topic, as it is a very i
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The videos provided a good example of how an effective and non-effective lesson is conducted. The most obvious difference was the teachers' attitude towards the lesson and the students' themselves, it
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In Unit 7, I have learnt how to teach new language, including vocabulary, grammar and functions. How to teach vocabulary? For most of the teachers, word list must be mastered and repeated by students
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As with any other subject English Language Teaching is also subjected to performance outcomes. Students learn English and teachers teach English with the goal being to learn, improve and progress in t
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Unit Four, though confusing at first, after a second read, gave way to a plethora of information that after reading, made perfect sense to me. I am very satisfied with this unit, and its contents, wh
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Jane Lew
I would like to mention several things that I have learnt from this unit: 1) Class arrangements mostly depend on the physical size of the class, however it won't hurt to experiment with different type
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Evaluating students are covered in this unit. This can be done through tutorials, student’s evaluation, and tests. The different types of tests are covered with an example of a placement test given.
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This was an interesting module in terms of the fact you get to watch videos of two classes. I found the first class really uncomfortable to watch as the teacher was so unclear about what he was actual
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Unit 16, Conditionals and reported speech, talked about many different types of speech. It talked about the different conditionals, and how to transfer direct speech to reporting speech. I think this
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In unit 5, I have learnt a lot about Classroom Management which can improve learning efficiency. It’s important to establish good rapport with students through good eye contact in the classroom. Als
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