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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

I feel that ideally this unit should be split into three separate units dedicated to the stresses, phonemic symbols and articulation, because I’m a little bit overwhelmed with information. In daily conversations we rarely think of what word in the sentence to stress, because it comes naturally. We just follow our linguistic instincts without detailed analysis of how we produce those sounds or in what part of our mouth our tongue should be placed next. According to the phonology of English language, all sounds are classified and divided into groups, based by manner and place of articulation. However, I firmly believe that students not only need to memorize all phonemic symbols, but also be able to produce them without strong accent, imitating the speech of a native speaker. So I was quite disappointed with the lack of insight on this particular topic in the discussing unit. There are plenty of mouth and tongue stretching exercises, sound producing techniques and tongue twisters, that help to improve one’s pronunciation, get rid of the accent and in general feel more confident and relaxed while speaking in English.