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Testing is a way to evaluate students for every subject, not only in the English language. The result of testing determines what level of students at, to diagnostic if students in the right group or n
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Conditional tenses are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen. In English, most sentences using the conditional contain the word if. Many co
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The unit further expands our knowledge of grammar. The introduction of modal auxiliary verbs shows us how verbs can be modified to change their meaning and express a number of different ideas. The uni
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Teaching aids are one of my interesting activities, I can create subjects regarding coming lessons that I have a chance to help my students interesting in English lessons too. By teaching aids, studen
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In this unit, we will examine modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. In fact, you can meet passive voice and relative
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This unit shows the differences bewteen various special teaching assignments. I have learned that techniques for young learners are not necessarily appropriate for business learners. I have also learn
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In this Unit, they are telling you that there still exist many troubleshoots, and ways to avoid them effectively. In any situation, teachers should prepare for their skills and psychological to handle
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This unit explored some qualities that make a good teacher and a good learner. Teachers should be enthusiastic, sensitive, motivated, and patient. They should build rapport with students and ideally b
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This unit covered the basic parts of speech and units of a sentence. As a native speaker sentence construction is natural, so it was good to slow down and consider the specifics of such basic parts of
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This unit covers various methods of language teaching and highlights the pros and cons of each. Many seem to have come from the 60s and 70s and are couched in psychoanalysis (suggestopaedia, the silen
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This was a tricky lesson. As a native speaker of English the language skills are intuitive but the language systems are less so. I had to slow down significantly and think about each sentence above ve
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This unit presents how to manage classes with regard to the teacher's body, the arrangement of the class, and the types of activity work available to the teacher. It is important to reduce Teacher Tal
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The unit is informative about sentence and structure, but the supplemental video is more helpful. Toward the end the narrator points out that the structure of the sentence dictates the tense. This see
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This unit has a promising title. Other than that there is not much useful information. The "Engage," "Study," and "Activate" suggestions are terse lists without much guidance or information. Ultimatel
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This unit was a thorough completion of the tenses. Some of my Japanese friends have said that they don't have a future tense, but use the present to express the future like 'going to' and present cont
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Along with discipline, lesson-planning is what makes me most nervous as a trainee teacher. I don't know the first thing about creating lesson plans for students of different levels, let alone a classr
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From the videos I witnessed the importance of establishing rapport with students and creating a relaxed, encouraging environment for learning. The teacher has an important impact on the atmosphere of
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The unit acknowledges that without knowing how we read and listen it can be very difficult to teach. It does provide some goal guidance, however: predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed inform
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This unit emphasizes the importance of productive skills in successful communication. It makes it very clear that students must be engaged to learn, therefore it is imperative that the lesson is inter
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There's much to process here. I'd never before heard of fricatives or the alveolar ridge or given much thought to intonation or word-linking. Analysis of the language emphasizes how complex and confus
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This unit highlights the role, pros and cons of course books in the classroom. I understand that they provide a broad strokes approach to teaching that is not always relevant or interesting to individ
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I learned that evaluation of students is important in gauging progress, isolating effective methods, and troubleshooting ineffective ones. Evaluations are essential for new learners so they can be pla
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I learned about the 5 conditionals that convey alternate realities, wishful thinking, amended past actions, etc. This was difficult review for me, so I imagine it is for higher level learners and not
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This unit provides useful suggestions for dealing with many common problems. The Unit showed me how to do a needs analysis and the importance of knowing if the class is a new or existing group.I have
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The modal auxiliary verbs have a vast range of applicability which makes them essential learning for any student of English. However, their tenses and structures can be tricky so formal study is proba
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This was a useful lesson because teaching Business English is very common in Japan. In a private business school I could expect to be teaching one-to-one and really individualize the lesson and make i
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Some common problems that arise in classrooms are first-day nerves, controlling and making large class sizes effective teaching environments, establishing class rapport with students from different cu
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Foreign accent is the most persistent issue with the language. You can have fluency in speech, rich vocabulary, native grammar, but one's pronunciation and intonation reveal the non-native speaker and
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Throughout Unit two, I have learned about the different types of words used in the English language. For example, a noun are words that refer to physical objects, adjectives refer to words that descri
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This unit taught me the basic on how I can organise a lesson on a daily bases. For instance, in using the ESA method of teaching, this will allow me to divide my lessons into three different parts. Th
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In this unit, I've learned about the different types of tenses used in the present tense of the English language. This includes the present simple, which consist of routine actions; facts; commentarie
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In this unit, I learned about the importance of class management. This includes, the different ways in building rapport in students; the appropriate balance between the teacher's talk time and the stu
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Conditionals belong to the more difficult part of English grammar. How to use them in everyday speech and how to use them correctly is not easy for me, like the test question 18> Are you working tomor
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East Bridgewater
In this unit, I learned about the proper methods in teaching vocabulary; English grammar and structure, and language functions. I also learned about the different factors that should be considered in
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East Brookfield
This unit was about the traditional teaching equipment. The most recent/coming trend is the distance learning, e.g. teacher giving the lesson via Skype, or other conference room software and the virtu
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East Longmeadow
Phrasal verbs are difficult for the student, as these must be learned like new words, that is memorized case by case. If the students do not know the right expression, they might choose to say things
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There are many different student groups, which all have their own strengths and weaknesses to learn the foreign language, and the teacher needs to make a careful study plan to reach the student group
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In this unit, I learned about the principles of teaching receptive skills in the classroom. This consist of reading and listening. This is important for learners of the English language, as reading an
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The last unit was a brief recap on how to teach different student groups, containing varying number and mix of students. When we prepare our first lessons, we will face the issues of rapport, and late
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Unit 19: Teaching Special Groups. This unit defines the different levels of language that a student may have. Strategies and Do's and Do n'ts for teaching a group versus teaching individual student
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Unit One. The studying of unit One has given me an understanding on what makes a good teacher and how to strengthen my personality. The study of the roles a teacher must pursue an example of this uni
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Teaching & Learning A good knowledge and a firm gathering of understanding in what makes me a good teacher and how to strengthen my personality to become a assertive teacher. The studying in certain
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Theories methods & Techniques After studying unit Two I have grasped important motions on how the design the structure and the orchestration in the classroom. The presentation, practice and followed
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In this unit, I have learned more about the different roles of a teacher. The role a teacher may take on may vary depending on which portion of the lesson we are in but learner orientedness should alw
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Managing classes The first understanding of managing a class room that I have learn is the behaviour and methods that a good knowledgeable teacher might be more effective in the class room is to brin
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Fall River
In this unit, I learned many teaching methodologies and techniques I had previously never heard of. While some of these may not be as relevant to my teaching career (the silent way), others will defin
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The studying of unit four - Teaching new Language. Being a successful and a effective teacher will depend on certain structures - some lessons are specifically focused on vocabulary and grammar - in t
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In this unit, I was able to read about managing a classroom. I feel it was extremely useful to me due to the fact that my previous experience in the teaching field only consisted of tutoring, which ha
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This unit, like unit 4, was a refresher course on the basics of grammar, specifically the past tense. As with the previous unit, this unit was very well laid out and made reviewing these tenses more c
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This was a relatively shorter unit about the different types of lessons that I may lead as an EFL/ESL instructor--namely vocabulary grammar and function centered lessons. I believe my position will be
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