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New Bedford
In this unit I learned about the many different methodologies, techniques, and theories used to teach learners. I also learned that this course is focusing on the ESA method because it’s the most ef
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New Braintree
In this unit I learned about the present tense. I learned about the affirmative, negative and question forms of this tense and how the different present tense forms is constructed and in what situatio
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New Marlborough
This unit discussed how to manage a class. It’s the first time I was made aware of the purpose of setting up a classroom in rows, a horseshoe, or individual desks. It was interesting to learn how th
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New Salem
In Unit 6 I learned about the past tense in more detail. I learned that the past perfect continuous form isn't used very much in English and has one major use. This use is to talk about longer actions
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I learned about how to apply the ESA methods to introduce a new language. I also learned that when I am teaching vocabulary, grammar or functions I will commonly use certain ESA methods. When the less
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In this unit I learned about the different future tenses and other tenses that have future meanings. The tenses that have future meaning that I learned are the present simple and the present continuou
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In unit 9 I learned about the details of lesson planning. Some of the important functions of a lesson plan I learned was that it is a working document, it is an aid to planning, and it is a record of
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I learned in this unit the difference between an effective lesson and a lesson with many errors. Another thing I learned, which I thought was another important point, is how the mannerisms and enthusi
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North Adams
In this unit I learned about the receptive skills reading and listening. It was very interesting to learn about the purpose or motivations for reading and listening. Those are for a purpose and for en
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North Andover
In this unit I read about the productive skills that are speaking and writing. I learned about accuracy and fluency activities and their differences. The difference is that accuracy activities focus o
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North Attleborough
In this unit I learned about phonology. After reading this unit, I learned how much goes into the phonology of English. Things like stress, rhythm, and intonation. As a native speaker, these are thing
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North Brookfield
In this unit I learned about the uses of course books and materials and their advantages and disadvantages. I learned about the 2 types of materials being authentic and created materials. I learned th
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North Reading
In this unit I learned about the different ways of evaluating students. I learned that there are many different types of tests to help assess the student’s abilities such as placement, diagnostic, p
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In this unit I learned about conditionals, direct speech and reported speech. I learned that there were 5 conditionals which are: Zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. Each conditional h
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According to the test 8 I knew exactly the different types of future tense.The usages of future tense types are more complicated. I read and think many times about the form and types of future tense.
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Test 9 shows us,why and how should we do lesson plan and how should we prepare for lesson plan.And then we also can prepare how to solve anticipated problems during teaching hours. We should notice pr
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In this unit I learned more about the different types if classes I might encounter. Also there are many different types of beginner level students. I wasn't aware of the different ways when teaching
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In this unit I learned about different problematic situations teachers might encounter and the different ways available to deal with them. It was interesting to learn about the biggest problem a teach
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The relationship between teachers and students is complicated.Teachers have different roles in the class and students are at different levels with different characteristics. Even thought I have been a
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This unit helps me review the parts of speech and remind me how important the basic knowledge of English teaching is. For example, I never knew where multiple adverbs go before today when I learnt thi
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Oak Bluffs
In this unit I have a chance to look deep into different methodologies at the beginning. I compared them and found that most Chinese English teachers prefer ‘teacher-centered’ class. I am lucky to
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In this unit, I know more specifically what kind of present tense we use for different situations and usages. For me, I am finally clear about the difference between present perfect and present perfec
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In the unit, we reviewed some knowledge about class management. For responding to problem behavior part, I learnt something vitally important and instructive to me. That is to focus on the behavior an
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ESA video lessons support to test 10. In actual we teach normally in the multimedia lecture room.Firstly choose the selected part of video(VCD disk).Within one period give new vocabularies and their
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By test 13 how to teach pronounce word by word. I know the difference between syllable and sound. I can teach how can we pronounce and explain about syllable. But I can't explain how many sound we can
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Unit 14shows me which materials we should use as teaching aids during teaching hours.Course book or teaching notes are necessary for the teacher within teaching periods. The teacher should prepare for
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Evaluation and testing are not the same.personality and ability can be made by evaluation.But testing can do to know habit,behaviorand educational level. How should the teacher do testing? Which test
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classroom management is one of the challenging tasks for the teacher, it is very important for the teacher to be trained to use different techniques and skills to keep students organized, orderly, foc
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Unit 16 shows conditional and report speech.I know exactly about conditionals.But now I know exactly different types of conditional, their sentence patterns and grammar usage.Especially I get as knowl
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During teaching periods the teacher should use suitable teaching technique.He/She mustattract the interest of student.So he/she uses teaching aids,equipment forsupporting teaching process. Many years
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the future tense can make a confusion to some students since there are many different tense and ideas can be used with future meanings. its helpful to teach the tense with its common usage, for instan
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I have already knownauxiliary verbs.But I know exactly as modal auxiliary verb,and can explain these modal auxiliary verbs express the speaker's feeling or altitude.In video explained about major usag
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Test 19 shows classification of special groups.We know how yo teach and control in the language classroom forbegineers. I like very muchten things to bear in mind when teaching begineers.And I must ta
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creating a balance between the four basic skills of language are very important to achieve the propose of learning the language. those skills are absolutely central to learning: without them, the lear
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In my opinion this unit overview all units.After reading this test can see again teaching technique,teacher's quality,class control,problem solving and activities in the class room.In the first time o
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pronunciation and phonology are one of the most difficult areas to teach due to their difficulties. Phonics is a method of teaching students to read. as we know phonics works by breaking words down in
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This unit examines the advantages and disadvantages of the course book and what teachers can do to improve their lessons. The use of course books in the classroom is very common because the course boo
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this unit has helped me to try to understand the different parts of speech in a sentence. such as the noun: i clearly understand the different types of nouns, proper, common, abstract compound, abstra
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this unit started by the different methodologies that are or have been involve in languages learning such as;Grammar translation, audio lingual, task based learning, the silent way etc. furthermore, t
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this unit started with the present simple tense. just like any other tense the form, the usage, along side common errors students make. with this unit the different forms of the different tenses were
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it has been helpful for me because this unit has made to know how to carry out my class management activities. when to reduce teacher's talk time and increase students talk time. in addition, with the
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This section on the parts of speech is interesting as it dissects a sentence in a technical way, categorizing them in terms of verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, gerunds, articles, etc. It also helps to
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Unit 2 had a lot of different grammar examples. Grammar is a part which even native English speaker can sometimes be unaware of. As a teacher, it's important to have good knowledge of the grammar thou
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In general, teachers identify with nine roles in the classroom; manager, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitator, model and observer. It’s important know when each role is mos
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Grammar is an area of English that strikes fear into the hearts of both students and teachers, but when viewed from a logical angle, it should not present too many difficulties. As native speakers of
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There are many different types of IWBs on the market,ranging in both price and complexity, working on a number of different technologies. Some are based around specially-made whiteboards that are touc
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This unit is certainly a more difficult one, often challenging students and teachers. I found it helpful in creating tricks to remember each tense form. There are four present tenses; the present simp
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This unit addresses the appropriate ways to manage a classroom. Teachers should consider class size and class dynamic when deciding on group work, class work, pair work or individual work. There are p
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This unit is one of time collection and difference in that it teaches the different times and different types of ways to express those time in sentences and how to differentiate between the different
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This unit introduced a lot of information that I was previously unfamiliar with especially the ESA style methodology for teaching, although it does seem like a logical progression of a lesson and seem
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