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This unit was another unit reviewing grammar, it is the third in a series of units reviewing English verb tenses and uses. As with the previous two, it was a great review and something I may use as a
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The first three stages of planning a lesson is the expectations of you think a student should learn, To document the lesson this helps you to keep on target with the productivity from the student. Or
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This unit demonstrated two very different ESL lesson via videos. The first lesson showed many of the mistakes that can be made when teaching ESL such as the manner of the teacher, giving instructions
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This unit was related to the teaching of receptive skills which are reading and listening. I felt that through this lesson we got to see the clearest yet examples of the ESA lesson style which I am be
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This was another unit relating to the four different language skills, this time we concentrated on the productive skills--namely writing and speaking. One of the standout points for me in this lesson
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this was a more challenging unit which was focused on pronunciation and phonology. This unit introduced a large amount of new vocabulary that would be needed to teach on the aforementioned subject, su
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This unit dealt with the use of coursebooks and other teaching materials. Some of the points in the lesson and video were somewhat common sense such as to ensure you know how to use the classroom equi
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This was a relatively short unit identifying the various types of tests an instructor would have to give or be familiar with. In my case, I will most likely be working with beginners (elementary schoo
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This unit was another review of English grammar points. In this case, conditionals and indirect speech. This was a more challenging unit as I found the differences between the conditionals hard to dif
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This was a relatively short unit regarding different types of equipment and teaching aids. While some of these technologies mentioned, such as cassettes and OHP's, are somewhat outdated I may still en
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This unit was another of the grammar review units, this time concentrating on modals, passive voice and phrasal verbs. The first half of the lesson was somewhat easier to understand while the latter p
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This unit was about teaching so-called special groups of English learners. Among these, I think the section regarding young learners will be the most useful to me as I am planning to teach elementary
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Great Barrington
This was a very short unit on common problems that arise in the classroom. Despite its brevity, this unit provided a lot of useful information. I enjoyed reading about different types of activities th
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In this unit, I can tell that I learned a lot. It focuses with the teachers and the learners which will be the main cast in the world of teaching. Having knowledge about what a good teacher must posse
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This unit gives me more knowledge. Since, I've graduated college, I never expected that there will come a time that I will study this over again. It's not easy as can see but it helps me a lot. Review
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Knowing the learning methods of your students can guide the design of the lesson plan and the format. Some many benefit from a more task based lesson or some may be better with an audio-lingulism appr
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Present Tenses Unit which allows me to understand more about contructing sentences with the different types and usage of each. Present Simple which contains subject + verb "be". Present continuous, wh
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This unit allows me to undestand the do's and don'ts of a teacher when it comes on handling a class. It includes the classroom arrangement, discipline, the teacher talk time , the student talk time an
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I really love this unit. It takes me a little time to understand and complete this and take the test. I don't know why but maybe I like the past tense among the other tenses. I usually use this one wh
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Teaching new language to foreigners is quite different from teaching English to those native speakers who already have ideas on how to pronounce or use it in a sentence. There are also factors to cons
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Same with the past units, this units shared more knowledge to me. As the units got deeper and deeper, it became more interesting. Tenses are not that easy it takes alot of memorization and understandi
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As I experienced teaching 2 years ago, this kind of lesson planning is not familiar with me. Maybe, because teaching English as a Foreign Language is not same with just teaching other subjects. With t
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I got really confused with this lesson since we all have our own opinion on watching videos, so answering this test is very hard for me. I have my own opinion and observation maybe that's why I'm feel
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This unit was so right. Teaching using receptive skills such as reading and listening is a big factor. It caters both the performance and knowledge of a student. Receptive skills can bring out more mo
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As I have studied the reading and listening from the past lesson,this unit shares more about speaking and writing on how to teach it to future students and what are the factors that is need to be cons
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This unit is what I've been waiting for. I'm so much excited to learn this lesson. I'm too glad to study this phonology. Since, I'm a non-native English speaker, we don't give priority to this. Even m
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Using course books in teaching English is a long time tradition for teachers. Not because it makes the teachers lazy to study and teach in a creative way but to provide more ideas when teaching a less
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Whether it is present continue or present simple the stick rules for grammar will take a lot more practice than vocabulary. For myself personally it is a concept I have grown up with and have applied
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Honestly speakng, this lesson is a little bit easy for me. As I usually use this during conversation with my family and friends, but it still widen my knowledge to know what are the particular tenses
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Past sentences are difficult because sometimes the entire word must change in order for it to be in the correct form and memorizing that vocabulary can prove to be difficult. Knowing the appropriate c
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This lesson, I learned about the different modals and their proper usage and that it can be expressed using different kind of ideas. I am familiar with those words but not sure on how to use it proper
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From this topic I leartn how to manage my class. I mean time, position, grouping students, how to use voice and gesture. Good managing of class is really useful for smooth teaching. Because of managem
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Well, all I can say is I totally relate to this lesson. Why? Because currently, the batch of kids I've been handling this month was quite difficult to handle. Maybe because they are not in the same le
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From this topic I learnt a lot about the vocabulary, grammar and functions of teaching new language. It's really useful, especielly for new teacher because I should to know how to use language, not ju
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From this topic I learnt a lot about lesson planning. It's really useful for making a class interesting, smooth, effective. I know how to use different part of class and follow the lesson plan. I know
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From this unit, especially from the movies I leaetn a lot about relationships between teacher and students. I recognized what kind of behavior is really good, usefull and effectively. Sometimes the at
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From this unit I leartn a lot about the coursebooks and lesson materials. Because I read everything really carefully, now my knowledge is better than before. I know how to use and choose the different
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This Unit is very important for all English Teachers. present simple, present continuous , present perfect, present perfect continuous is a must to learn of every English learner. Several form such a
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Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. For a class to be able to learn effectively the teacher must be able
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I learned a lot about the 3 different types of language lessons that you need to teach to English students. I now know how I need to teach the 3 different parts in combination with a complete lesson p
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Past Tenses is not is too different from present tense except that past tenses relate to past time period. If would help me to use it for my teaching skills . All continuous forms feature some form o
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Grammar is very important in teaching English to non native. It is often said to be the tree trunk and branches of a language while vocabulary and functions are the leaves that add the beauty and vari
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Explanation of the lesson for the day is very important. Introducing yourself as a teacher and each and everyone of the first day of class is important in order to be more comfortable and engage in ev
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So , Thete seems to be some confusion as to how i interpret the questions & possible answers?. illicit information & write it on the board for perfect tense ?, appears that particular ESA Lesson is in
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Get this unit out of the way. it's interesting viewing. but unfortunately my mobile data is to slow to watch the video.. Hope I beat my previous score of 80%?. The remaining units or but a few i sh
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I learned about how you stress words (in sentences) en how you use the right intonation. For me this was a very hard chapter because this comes all natural to me and we NEVER learned any of this in sc
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Ok, here comes another unit. I was mistaken regarding the information i gave on unit 11?. Predictive skills etc. or did I mean something else?. I remember I scored low on this unit before & not unit1
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Plain sailing how. Damn I hope ITTT website dont freeze up on me for taking to long on this unit webpage..its quite bugging , but i guess people, students forget to log off & could lead to wasted onl
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Being a teacher won't just require someone to have a diploma to be called so. A good teacher must have a high regard not just in the teaching process but most importantly to the learners. A single tea
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As a teacher, a good grammar is not just a basic skill to possess but also an essential skill to master. It is indeed true that a teacher is not necessary to know everything about grammar but in the v
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