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Saint Leonard
The last unit of the course covered troubleshooting. In this unit I learned that course books should not be used in the first lesson. This makes total sense as the first lesson should focus on getting
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San Mar
In this unitI learned different type of methods and techniques to use within the classroom setting. This unit went over methodologies, mistakes and feedback. I learned about the boomerang ESA lesson,
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Sandy Hook
The content of this unit is about five main conditional sentences, also know as, if this happens, then that happens sentences, depending on if something is factual or completely impossible. I learned
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This unit introduces how to teach to specialized groups of students. This included multilingual, young children, and the business oriented. Within each subset was a list of techniques used to hold a
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Teaching pronunciation of words in English can be very difficult due to the fact that it is not a phonetic language. This means that many words do not look how you would expect them to based on the le
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I have studied conditinals and reported speech in details. Explanations were very clear to understand and useful for teaching. I tried to generate my own examples while studying. It helped me to reinf
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I have learnt how to approach accuracy and fluency activities in this unit. Accuracy and fluency based activities require different attitudes from teachers. I have learnt how to focus on both accuracy
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Severna Park
This unit starts with an overview of the roles of a teacher and what these roles entail. It lists the categories of learners a Business English teacher might encounter, as groups or individuals. Studi
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Shady Side
This unit covered many different methodologies of teaching English, focusing on ESA, or Engage-Study-Activate. I learned about how each stage differs from the others, and the importance of each in an
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Although before starting this unit I knew that there would have to be some testing of students, for example placement and progress testing I was not familiar with with other forms of testing that take
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Silver Hill
This unit covers the remaining two basic skills in any language, namely speaking and writing. These two are collectively classified as productive skills; They are used for the same purpose, to communi
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Silver Spring
I have learned that the teaching of Business English is a great way to expand one’s knowledge and enhance one’s employment opportunities. Businesses in one country have learned to communicate wit
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Smith Island
This unit went over the importance of lesson plans, as well as how to make them—at least, one way of making them. While many teachers don't use lesson plans for various reasons, there are actually p
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As a Science teacher for 15 years I feel it is very important to motivate students by doing varried activities in the class. It is important that the students think critical and are motivated to chall
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South Kensington
According to this unit, the future tense can be perceived as quite complex in the sense that other tenses and ideas can intermingle with future tenses to create future meanings or implications. For in
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South Laurel
Equipment and Visual Aids were covered in this unit. I learned in this unit the different types of equipment’s and visual aids that could be used in an EFL classroom setting. This unit was pretty st
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This unit made me aware of suitable behaviours between students and teachers. It gave me a lot of practical ideas to create a good teaching and learning atmosphere. I got enough knowledge about use of
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Spring Gap
This unit lays out the ground for understanding the basic characteristics that an individual must aspire to attain in order for him or her to effectively play the role of a Teacher. It describes in de
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Spring Ridge
This unit was about the potential issues that English teachers can run into. One such problem is that of particularly large classes, which can make involving all students quite challenging. A solution
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Unit 5 helps understand classroom management. It is important to understand that classroom management playes significant role in being successful teacher. When managing classroom, eye contact, gesture
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I understand that the business world has standards to live by because of the competitive nature concerning products and services. It is also in my best interest to research the countries I will visit
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Unit 10 is about two ESA classes. The first is a class where the teacher did not look so friendly and not giving adequate instructions, as a result the student did not show proper understanding and ex
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Unit 1 gives you the overview of what is Business English Teaching in general. I have learnt different settings in teaching business English, it could be in a company, language centers or language sch
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In this chapter, I have learned the two types of materials that can be used to different level of students which are named authentic and non-authentic or created materials. Both types present advant
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This unit state about various ways how to engage the class in such a way that it would avoid some misconduct and disengagement during classes. One of the ways to make it possible is the way
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Tall Timbers
In my reflection of this unit, it took me back to elementary class in learning what are nouns, verbs, adverbs etc. However, I did not know what a gerund was, I learned that it is -ing form of the ver
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Taylors Island
This unit was all about course books and the different types of reading materials that a teacher can use. There are two kinds of texts: authentic and created. The former include regular English docume
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Temple Hills
This unit explains the significance of lesson planning. According to this unit, the idea that lesson planning is necessary is debatable. However, for inexperienced English teachers, the unit stresses
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Tilghman Island
This lesson was all about pronunciation and phonology. When I first started reading this section I soon realized shortly after the first section that this was going to be a difficult unit to grasp. Ho
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I was curious and interested in the explainations of a good teacher and a good learner. I have had some experience managing the classroom and organizing activities but I also recognise a need to devel
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Found the Case studies and frame-working model quite quite informative and useful tool. Also, learned about the speech act model, i.e. Utterance, Propositional Utterances, Illocutionary Utterances and
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Unit 9 explains the importance of lesson planning. Writing the lesson plan has number of important funcions. Number one: its an aid to planning. Number two: its a working document. Number three: its a
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Writing and speaking are known as the productive skills in learning a new language. The majority of students prefer to focus on their speaking skills which often leads to writing being neglected in th
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Uni 10 shows two videos on teaching English. in both videos, the same teacher teachin class But the atmosphere is very different in second video. Teacher and students are more involved. Teacher calls
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Trego-Rohrersville Station
The first section breaks down the job of a teacher into the various roles that will be needed in a class and how they work together to be successful. Part two covers the differences in ages, levels,
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Unit 3 teaches about EFL methologies There are 9 methologies, which include grammar-translation,audio-lingualism, PP and P, task-based learnig, communicative language teaching, communicative language
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This Unit gave clear and instructive insights into the dynamics necessary for teaching younger EFL students, one to one EFL students and Business English students. The pros and cons for each special g
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Vale Summit
The content of this unit is about the two receptive skills, reading and listening and how important it is for the teacher to incorporate them in a balance way into her lesson plan for her students. I
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This unit encapsulates the bulk of useful points from earlier units regarding classroom management, student dynamics, and lesson planning. It is helpful to have these lessons in .pdf format for future
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Walker Mill
The teacher may use authentic as well as non- authentic material during the lesson, however the authentic one is not level graded. The lesson plan is designed in order to have an outline of the lesson
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In this unit we will look at the types of material that we can use in the classroom, but first let us define what we mean by material. Material is anything we bring with us to the classroom to aid our
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West Denton
This unit is about troubleshooting, common problem situations, It's important to know what to do in our first lesson with a new group (the student's don't know each other) or existing group (the stud
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West Laurel
This unit covers the different needs and techniques used to teach different groups from young children to adult business learners and students from beginning to more advanced levels. I feel that the
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West Ocean City
This unit has given an outstanding description of how an English Teacher-Student relationship should be. It describes first and foremost the qualities of a good teacher, his/her role to their students
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West Pocomoke
This chapter gives a brief overview of the different types of tests and their purposes of use. It also briefly describes some of the preparation work and gives a good example placement test showing m
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This chapter talks about different groups of learners. There is called beginners who are can also be categorized as absolute beginner, false beginner, adult beginner, young beginner, and the beginner
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This was a great unit on lesson planning. I liked that it provides not only a sample lesson plan, but also blank lesson plans for future use. There is a nice list of websites that offer helpful resour
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It's very important to have good pronunciation of words. This adds much clarity for the listener. Many students listening to the teacher will have a greater understanding of a lesson if the teacher us
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White Marsh
This unit delves properly into teaching activities involved in an actual class period. It talks about techniques, including classroom management, topic introduction, activity organization up to observ
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White Oak
This section covers the different sections of a well-ordered lesson plan and structure. It gives good examples of order patterns and explains their different total usages, as well as the reasons for
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