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This unit provides a detailed description of what present tense is, which is consist of four aspects with their specific functions and form. Another content of this chapter are suggested activ
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I like the teacher’s engaging attitude in the videos. He tried to do student-centered lesson. So he was asking questions to make students speak. Sometimes he was asking them to guess the sentences.
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This unit provides content that shows the the degree of importance of reading and listening.It is vital for a teacher to be able to develop the receptive skill.This unit provided content to further on
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These tenses all add meaning to the sentences you are speaking or writing. Whether you are just speaking in a regular conversation with some friends or family at a Thanksgiving dinner or just an eveni
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There are many different types of equipment and teaching aides that can be utilised in the ESL classroom. One of the most common is the board which is used write up new language points for the class.
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I found it quite interesting to learn the different strategies for managing the classroom while using eye contact, tone of voice, gestures effectively. I'm looking forward to applying these strategies
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As teachers expand their repertoire of aids, machines, and techniques, students stand to benefit from a more varied and interesting learning environment. These tools help teachers keep their course co
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Conditional sentences are helpful to use in speech. Giving examples to explain sentences with conditions will help students understand the differences needed to make these sentences. Some of the condi
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Teaching Business English is very new to me. The units that you have presented previously give me an idea of what is this all about. I am truly grateful for that. And, in this unit presenting the mate
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