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T.A. - South Africa said:
Why complete a tefl courseA TEFL course is a great qualification to have and can be an advantage in teaching all around the world. People normally pursue a TEFL certificate for a variety of reasons. Most people would like to how to teach english to foreigners. Some teachers would like to know how to teach foreigners because they would like to travel overseas and teach. Teachers who are already TEFL teachers do more advanced courses frequently to keep themselves up to date with current teaching practices and also to teach in places where a more advanced tefl certification is required. This TEFL course has been highly enriching for me. I have learnt numerous techniques, theories, student teacher relation skills, academic work (such as tenses, and lesson planning), how to manage classes, teach a new language, how to use course books and media in the classroom, evaluation and testing, teaching special groups, and many other skills that will help me in theory and in the practical part of teaching english to a class of students to the best of my ability. Previously, lesson planning seemed a bit daunting to me. However, after working on the units in this TEFL course, I feel confident in planning lessons for elementary students and am more excited at the thought of planning and executing lessons. I now know how to use different types of media the correct way and incorporate this into also teaching the students how to use technology in their daily lives. I also feel more enlightened by completing the units on teaching methodology and teaching techniques because these units gave me background knowledge into the english language and thus I feel better prepared to now teach english. The tenses are something that is difficult to grasp if you are a foreign language student and this TEFL course has given me ample teaching ideas for engage and activate phases as well as exercises for study phases. In fact, I now have many ideas for activities, games, exercises that I can incorporate in the classroom lessons about other aspects of english as well. This course has greatly equipped me in planning lessons and using games, activities and exercises to motivate excite and get students involved in the lesson. Learning that this is how lessons should be prepared made me realize how different my schooling was and how different the lessons I used to have are from these lessons. The lessons I had in primary and high school used to be very teacher orientated and involved little if not any involvement from the students. It makes me feel encouraged and pleased to know that teaching has changed around the world and that I will be expected to be vastly different from my teachers. The TEFL course has taught me how to approach the student bond and help this relationship to be used to the students best interest. I look forward to activities with students and making them feel they are in a great educational environment and motivating them to learn study and also participate. Teaching students with special needs is something I feel strongly about because I feel every child should have a classroom experience of enlightenment, encouragement and comfort. No student should be made to feel inferior, judged or unhappy due to what is going on in the classroom. The TEFL course has given great pointers on how to approach students with different needs and even how to handle adult learners. It is very important for a teacher to be flexible and to manage teaching different groups of students. This TEFL course has inspired me to become a great teacher and given me the back ground in english that I needed to familiarize myself with. I now feel better prepared to teach and more accustomed to teaching practices that are recognized in another country other than my own. I look forward to planning lessons and executing them and putting into practice everything I have learned from these units.