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In this unit I've learnt that lesson planning is an important instrument for the teacher, but it must also be flexible and ready to be adapted to the students' needs. It's important to write down the
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With this unit I learnt using the criteria shown in vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions combined with the ESA examples shown to design my own ESA plans in a more confident manner
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Throughout the unit,we learn how to use the future tenses to express the our meanings of the present relating it to the future,for example through plans,predictions,arrangements and future times. Also
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This unit was great to review of what to expect and how to adjust my teaching to more specialized groups. Although I do have the fear of my first class, I have to remember that I am the professional i
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Throughout this unit,we learn that classroom management is also a skill that can help any teacher in organizing and managing the class,creating a friendly,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in
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Having a very thorough understanding of the English language, this section really helped me to break down concepts and get out my my native-speaking ways a bit. I have the knowledge to define and unde
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It has most certainly been one of the most complex units so far due to its content - it entails many different, varying topics and themes. Class management is in fact one of the key elements of becomi
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Big Sandy
This section of the course taught me a lot about what it means to be a good teacher and a good learner. Being a good teacher consists of patience, sensitivity, corrections and prompting when necessary
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Big Timber
Part of speech.For example,I usually go swimming with my best friend and his rather unusual girlfriend.I used as the subject.usually is the adverb of frequency,go is the verb,swimming is the gerund,wi
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Unit 10 presented 2 video lessons with the same topic but different approuch. It showed how any lack of the appropriate aspect, such as: a teacher's smile, positive attitude, inviting gesture, appropr
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Unit 11 gave an information about receptive skills, which are reading and listening. It explained the motives people listen to and read stuff (for a purpose or for entartainment), and sometimes both
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In Unit 2, I learned about using proper grammar in the English language. This was something taught in elementary school, but it was never a subject that got into so much depth as this lesson did. It w
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Unit 8 is about future tenses that include future simple , future perfect continuous present simple and present continuous among others. Each of the tenses takes up a unique form and is used in diff
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In unit 3, I learned different kinds of methods and techniques in teaching English. There are 9 teaching methods and each method has its pros and cons. For example, Grammar-translation- The language i
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Unit 3 observed different theories, methods and techniques of teaching English. There is a lot of them, but all of them have more negative than positive factors. Some of the methods are suitable for
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By reading and learning this introductory unit I have become more acquainted with the qualities and attributes of a good teacher, the different roles of a teacher, and the general dynamics of an Engli
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I have leaned about the seven most common future tenses. The usages for Future Simple are future facts and certainties, promises, predictions, assumptions, spontaneous decisions, and threats. The func
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I learned methods how to teach different levels for students studying English. Although it is much easier for students to learn the language when they are surrounded in an environment where English is
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In this univt I've learnt what students need to know when learning a new language, and how to introduce those elements in a balanced and manageable way. I've seen how to apply the ESA method to introd
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In this unit I've got a comparison between two lessons taught in two different ways, in this way I could better understand how effective is to follow a correct teaching method, approach, study phase a
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The two videos presented two lessons with very different progression and outcome. The first showed an evident lack of preparation on behalf of the teacher. He did not make clear demonstrations or inst
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Unit 6 is teaching Past tenses. There are Past simple, Past continuous, Past perfect, and Past perfect continuous tenses. Past simple is used for completed actions, and a definite time of the actions
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In this section, I learned the difference between several future tense verb conjugations. Even though I am familiar with these verb tenses as a native English speaker, it was beneficial for me to lear
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Clyde Park
The unit 12 continued talking about the language skills, particularly productive skills, which are speaking and writing. Writing requires more accuracy, whereas speaking requires fluency, but it is ne
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This unit has explicitly gone into detail in the areas of form, usages, typical student errors, and activating stage teaching ideas. The three different tenses that are taught are the past, the presen
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Columbia Falls
This section was very unique because it gave me a overview of all the different ways to evaluate my students levels and progress. I think it is also a great for students to know what information they
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This unit covers class management. This includes the right use of gestures , voices , how to group students , discipline maintenance and even the sitting arrangement. I have learn that eye contact s
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A good teacher has great features,such as kind,patient,motivated,knowledgeable,sensitive and encouraging.The roles of a teacher are controller,organizer,assessor,promoter,participant,tutor,facilitator
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This unit was helpful in learning how to structure and maintain flow in a class. Components such as available space, student age, nationality, and personality all factor into the way in which a class
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Cut Bank
Throughout this unit,I feel that I have learnt how to plan for my lessons through learning how to increase my flexibility towards achieving my teaching goals as a teacher. Also i have learnt the impor
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In this unit I have learned how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions. The teacher will ultimately decide which structure to use with their class and how each will be introduced. When teaching v
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Deer Lodge
I've learnt what abilities and skills a good teacher must have, so what an interested and willing to learn student will expect from me as a teacher. I've learnt all the roles a teacher can and must ha
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Reading and listening are the receptive skills.We read and listen for purpose and entertainment.Students use a lot of skills when they read and listen,e.g.predictive skills,scanning,skimming,detailed
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In this unit I've learnt various teaching methods and techniques, fucusing on their best and worst parts. So, though any method is perfect, there are parts of them we can use, in order to give variety
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This last unit looks into the common problems that teachers are faced with and some of their solutions. Such include first lessons that has two groups , the new and existing group. In the new group
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PPP has proved to be effective in teaching simple language at lower levels.It is less effective with higher level students who already know a lot of language.Points to bear in mind.For example,be awar
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After reading Unit 1, I learned a lot of things. I learned that a good teacher must be kind, patient, motivate learners, have a good subject knowledge, involve the students equally, knowing each s
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East Helena
Unit nine has taught me how to lesson plan. The teacher should be able to make modifications if necessary during a lesson but should be able to have the lesson planned before teaching the class. The m
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Unit 7 is all about how to teach a new language to non-native speakers. I learned the four things that students need to know when studying a new language; exposure, understand its meaning and form, an
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This unit really important for teachers because teachers will learn how to teach a new language. Language divided into three groups, teaching vocabulary, grammatical structure, and teaching language f
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Throughout this unit,we learn the different theories,methods and techniques ESL teachers should use to make the English language teaching so easy to their students so as to get the best results from t
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Unit 3 is about the theories methods and techniques used in an ESL class . These includes lexical approach that emphasis on words and phrases as the building blocks ,silent way that encourages the
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Unit 2 was about Parts of Speech and in which order they are used in a sentence. I will mention only the information which was new for me. There are 8 parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, i
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This lesson showed two different teaching styles. I learned the attitude of the teacher affects the students. In the first lesson the teacher seemed impolite and insensitive towards the students. His
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Throughout this unit of Teaching vocabulary,grammar and functions, we learn that it doesn't matter whatever level the or class,the teacher has to arrange the study phase for the lesson and there are f
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Fort Benton
Well throughout this unit,I have learnt that the teacher's attitude is very vital in boosting the mood and moral of the students to learn and also the teachers must be organised well before they start
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Fort Peck
This unit showed my many different teaching aids and equipment that I can use in my future classes. These teaching aids such as the interactive whiteboard (IWB), visual aids, overhead projector (OHP),
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Unit 9 gave an explanation about how to write a lesson plan, what to include in it, and why do teachers need lesson plans. There are many reasons for writing lesson plans: 1) It creates a logic stru
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It reflects on modal verbs , phrasal verbs and passive voices. Modal verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the sentence, they include can , may , might and could. They are used for diff
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In this unit I've got an overview of the different ways to evaluate students' level and progress during the course and how useful tests can be for both students and teachers. Placement and diagnostic
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