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This unit teaches us how to different between the past tenses and how they can be used in teaching English grammar and speaking depending on different situations and actions which the speaker would li
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The first video shows a class that is somehow bored and not willing to ask questions or even lack the desire o study. This can be attributed to the teachers attitude that lacks liveliness and inter
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Throughout this unit, I have learnt more about the qualities of a good teacher and also the relationship between the teacher and the students which is very vital in making the teaching practice more i
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Grass Range
In this unit I've learnt what receptive skills are and how to classify them in order to find the student's purpose and use it as a resource to teach. I've learnt that when reading or listening we use
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Great Falls
This unit has taught me what makes a good teacher and learner, the role of the teacher, the different levels of students, and reasons students are motivated to attend an English class. It is imperativ
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In this unit I've seen that pronunciation is an important aspect of the language, but often ignored by many teachers, since it can be considered too abstract or taken for granted. For example intonati
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This unit was interesting because I has combined previous units with new ideas. The conditionals and reported speech mixed with tenses was a great way to test myself and a good way to see what I need
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This unit has taught me the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past prefect continuous tenses. Past simple has two forms, regular and irregular. The irregular can be difficult for student
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This is all about lesson planning . Elaborates on the importance of a writing a lesson and factors to be considered while doing so. As many of the teachers think that a lesson plan denies flexibilit
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The unit is about evaluating and testing of students. Basically this is done to know the progress of an individual or group of learners. There are three ways to assess learners these are through tut
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This unit has taught me the difference between fluency and accuracy. The language is controlled by the teacher for accuracy and by the student for fluency. Teachers should encourage students to speak
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This unit was similar to the previous one concerning the receptive language skills. It first dwelt into the main difference between accuracy and fluency-based activities. It provided a clear revision
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It talks about present tenses siting the many types their usage and forms. The tenses talked about include present simple , present continuous and present perfect among others. All the tenses take
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Hot Springs
Unit 5 observed an important issue - classroom management. It gave me an information how the right usage by the teacher of his/her voice, gesture and eye-contact can help to manage the class; how it
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This unit has taught me about the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and how to use authentic materials. Authentic materials are useful because they appeal to the student. Students are
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I have learned the different ways to evaluate and test students. The three ways to assess a student’s language level is by tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests. The different types of te
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This unit has taught me the different theories, methods, and techniques to use in the classroom when teaching English abroad. Each method and technique have pros and cons for teachers and students. Th
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The future tenses.For example,1.I am going to the theater this morning.They are going to play basketball on Tuesday afternoon.These are the going to future forms.2.Jane will left her job by the end of
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Judith Gap
The criteria we need to consider when selecting vocabulary is appropriacy to the students and the task,frequency and coverage,teachability.For learning a new vocabulary,students need to know the meani
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This lesson has taught me that there are four basic skills in any language and all are equally important. Reading and listening are done for a purpose and entertainment. The five areas that depend on
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This unit taught me how to use eye contact, what gestures are appropriate, and what type of voice should be used in the classroom. It is important to encourage students while maintaining discipline in
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The second class is good ESA class.The teacher comes to the classroom politely.He writes his name on the broad and addresses students'name to say hello.The students feel comfortable.The teacher create
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Throughout this unit,I have clearly understood the parts of speech and how to use them,the different explanations of nouns as they are subdivided into different parts is really interesting. Also to cl
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This unit gives information about course book and other teaching materials. A teacher can use course book or another sourcebook, worksheet, crossword, flash cards,..etc. I learned the advantages and d
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A brief summary of the major grammar points concerning each past tense, it presented many clear and elaborate examples in a very logically structured way. The task sheet was, as always, a great opport
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I thought this lesson was a clear and concise example of how to structure a lesson plan. It gave a good overview of what to keep in mind while planning lessons (keeping it structured yet simple and ad
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I learnt the layout of the class is important, it allows easy teacher-student interaction on certain activities, e.g. small class use horseshoe style (ease of communication, easy to set up pairs for a
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Lodge Grass
This unit has taught me the different modals and how they can be used to express different ideas. The ideas they can be used to express are obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice. Th
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For this unit, I felt was the hardest so far for me so far but with following the rules of structure provided I will soon get the "feel" of future tenses. The 'going to' tense when I first started rea
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In unit 4, I studied one of the tense which is the Present tense. Present tense has several usages and can overlap from one tense to another. It has different forms- present simple, present continuous
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Medicine Lake
Unit 2 focused on different parts of speech and how to identify and classify each part. I learned how to decode each word from a sentence and classify it into a part of speech. There are five main typ
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This unit has taught me about the different conditionals. They are zero, first, second, third, and mixed. The structure of the sentence is what differentiates the types. The problem students have is d
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Miles City
This unit gave a great overview of the English grammar that I should be aware of during my teaching career. Even thought I can take years to master the whole grammar systems, knowing the essential bas
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This unit has taught me the difference between the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner, and the beginner with Roman alphabet. The teacher should use different
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The criteria we need to consider when selecting vocabulary is appropriacy to the students and the task,frequency and coverage,teachability.For learning a new vocabulary,students need to know the meani
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In this unit I've got a clear presentation and description of the form and the usages of the present tenses, how to use the irregular forms and some useful example sentences. But the most important pa
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In Unit 6, I studied about Past tense. Past tense is used to tell events that happened in the past. There are two kinds of verb forms. Regular past form is the verbs that end with -d or -ed, unlike ir
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Teachers can use eye contact to establish rapport with students and gestures and voice to give clear instructions. Groupwork and pairwork can increase STT and interaction.How to avid unnecessary TTT?A
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In this unit I've learnt how to behave in a class for better results. I've learnt that every small thing can be a resource when it's used in a good way. For example the teacher's voice, position and e
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In this lesson, I learned how to best manage the classroom. This is really useful to know how to best seat the students and how to make sure you maintain discipline in your classroom. When studying in
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It covers the materials , ads and equipment used in an ESL class. These are basically used to make the class interesting and even to compliment or supplement with the course books. These teaching
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There are various teaching methods to use in the classroom to aid student’s success. Various teaching equipment is incorporated in the classroom such as interactive boards, visual aids, worksheets,
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This unit taught me how to differentiate the uses of verbs in the past tense. Like the present tense unit, this was helpful in removing myself from my English-speaking mind and really analyzing when a
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The unit covers past tenses. These past tenses include past simple , past perfect and past continuous. Each of these tenses have a unique structure and have several usages.For example the past simple
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The functions of writing a lesson plan is an aid to planing,a record and a working document.Engage-Study-Activate.Engage is like warmer.In this part,teachers use games,music,interesting pictures and s
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The two productive skills are speaking and writing.Accuracy activities are concerned on producing correct language and fluency activities are concerned on allow students to experiment and be creative
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Red Lodge
In Unit 5, I learned about Managing classes. Class management is a skill of organizing, managing and maintaining discipline. Proper use of eye contact, gestures and voice are the factors to get studen
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In this unit I've got an overview of the productive skills and I've learnt how to practise speaking and writing skills with students. I've seen that accuracy and fluency are both important skills, so
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This unit provided a brief and concise review of the four present tenses. It contained all of the necessary information needed for teaching them - their formation, their usages (in different situation
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I have learnt that using ESA will help develop an easy to follow layout for the teacher to engage the students. Starting with engaging with students to build up enthusiasm while gauging the levels of
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