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Conditionals are used to express past, present or future possibilities. Zero conditional refers to actions that are irrefutable, first conditional talks about a "real" situation in. the future that is
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This unit talked about the tense system including different forms, usages, typical student errors, and activating stage teaching ideas. This unit then went into further detail when it came to differen
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Kaneohe Station
In this unit I learned about the past tenses. First the past simple tense, which has regular and irregular verbs that often end (d) or (ed). These can be used for past actions. Next past continuous i
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This unit has taught me a lot about the structure of a sentence and how to identify what tense is being used. I think that it is really cool that we can do this in English. It also taught me how to pr
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PARTS OF SPEECH 1. Noun 2. Verb 3. Adjective 4. Adverb 5. Pronoun 6. Preposition 7. Article 8. Gerund 9. Infinitive 10. Conjunction 1. Noun A noun names people, animals, places, things, qualities, st
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This unit described how to properly manage a class including the different types of learning and ways of seating individuals. This unit also talked about building rapport with students which is very i
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In this unit, I have learnt the teaching new language of vocabulary, grammar and functions. It gives very details how to teach vocabulary, introducing grammar structures and language functions. It giv
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He videos given are quite educational, I must admit. Both of them show what should be done and what can’t be done during any class. The first video is a great example why student who study for a lon
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This unit showed me the need for practicing writing, but also the difficulty of it. Taking the time to practice writing and spelling during class time pulls the class away from talking and practicing
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Kawela Bay
I first learned about different methods of teaching, although each method could be used in a teaching setting there are more methods that are favorable than others. Overall students should be a low st
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I enjoyed this section and personally feel it is needed and that I will have to practice it more. Clear pronunciation is a must for clearly conveying meaning. The phonetic alphabet is something I have
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I liked the way the topics are organized for this unit. For both reported speech and conditionals the structure shared is clear and examples are relevant. This is a very complicated area for non-nativ
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In this unit I learned about techniques and methods to teach various groups of students. Groups include teaching beginners, individual students, children, and business professionals. Identifying at wh
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Classroom management is one of the most important things during the lesson. It’s a skill of organizing and managing the class and maintaining discipline. There are many useful ways how to do it, for
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In this unit I learned that there are appropriate ways to pick the type of language and vocabulary that you will be teaching to a class. There a many factors that need to be considered when looking at
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In unit 3, I have learnt about EFL methodologies, mistakes and feedback. In the first part, it gives different kinds of methodologies, such as grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, task-based learnin
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Ko Olina
There are many different types of teaching aids and equipment. A few options are: the board, interactive white boards, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, the cassette recorder
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As the title suggests, we looked at the classroom equipment and teaching aids. There are a number of different devices which can be used for an English class: regular boards, interactive white boards,
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It is nice learning about the future tense because I had never learned about the specific details of which tense to use to state various future events. Future simple over all seem to be general statem
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I have Learned a lot in this unit about how to teach receptive skills. I always Thought that speaking was more important than reading but I have Come to find out that they are all equal in importance.
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Future tenses There are seven future tenses: 1. The future simple 2. The future continuous 3. The future perfect 4. The future perfect continuous 5. Be going + infinitive 6. The present simple 7. The
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The content of the current unit covers the differences between almost every available English Test for not-native speakers nowadays, for instance: TOEFL, IELTS, PET etc. The main characteristic of the
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There are productive skills, they are speaking and writing. Writing is the most neglected skill, the teachers don't pay enough attention to it, but the students need to develop this skill, too. When t
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I learnt when to focus on different skills, this help me to make my lesson clearer, like I won't give pronunciation correcting during engage phase, plays, stories and fairies are all suitable for sude
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Lanai City
While teaching, there are many different ways of evaluating students' progress and levels, and there are also some external exams that you as the teacher might need to prepare them for. Several differ
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I learned the importance of records to track and plan out a lesson. It was very well explained that a general outline of the entire lesson is a great idea because it creates a structure to teach the i
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I have learned about the pros and cons of using a course book or created materials for lessons. A course book provides an excellent outline and structure, but it maybe outdated and predictable. Create
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In any language, the skills of reading and listening are equally important. For whichever the motives ( for a purpose or for entertainment ) our minds must not only be able to understand the words bu
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Leilani Estates
In this lesson I learned the about future senses. Starting with the Future Simple tense which encompasses 'will'' + a verb. The future tense is used for predictions, assumptions and spontaneous decisi
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Coursebooks and materials Materials that we can bring to our classroom: • Wipe board • Visual Aids • Videos • Worksheets • Electronic media • Dictionaries • Course books • Resource boo
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In this unit I have learned a whole lot about conditionals. I didn't realize that there were so many different types of conditionals in the English language. I liked how they broke them down and the s
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In English's grammar, "If" or "When" are used in the sentences which refer to past, present and future possibilities are called Conditionals. There are five main conditionals: - Zero conditional: is
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In this unit, I learnt about receptive skills; its types, motives and the different areas of expertise within it. I also attained useful knowledge about how to address language difficulty in a recepti
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In unit 16, I learnt about the great and many complexities of conditionals and reported speech. I learnt about the different types of conditionals, the differences between reported and direct speech a
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Makaha Valley
In this unit I learned about created and authentic materials used in the classroom. Created materials are usually designed by the teacher to be supplemental to the course material that was taught. Aut
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This unit contains the rules and usage of 5 conditional sentences which are: Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed, along with the teaching ideas. Also, there is another part of grammar about Direct a
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First,Teacher's personality is really important to students, also teachers should care more about their students' learning than their teaching. Second,students' learning goals is important as well. Th
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I learned that in this lesson that speaking and writing are both very important to the Students. Honestly I found out that they are harder and more complicated than I thought that they would be when i
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In the first lesson, the students appear confused because of they are not given a clear explanation of the lesson. They're reluctant to participate because there was no clear demonstration given or a
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This unit discusses the roles and responsibilities of both teachers and learners. There are many ways to describe a good teacher. A good teacher is a person who is kind and lively, responsible and
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In this lesson I learned the ways for assessing student’s language level and when to use each of them. Also learned the different types of tests (placement, progress, diagnostic and practice). I fin
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Mililani Mauka
In this lesson I learned the various ways and what should be considered when teaching vocabulary such as appropriacy to the students/task, frequency, and teach-ability. In addition to what a student s
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Mililani Town
I learned in this unit the importance of classroom management. I was able to learn more about the use of gestures and eye contact to establish yourself in a classroom and to maintain control, encourag
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After doing lesson 9, watching an actual lesson was very enlightening. I initially thought that the first lesson was supposed to be the "correct" one as I misread the unit 10 introduction. As a result
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Mountain View
In this lesson I learned about how to structure a lesson plan and the benefits of having one. Understanding what you want students to achieve and how to make that possible is one of the first steps to
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In this unit, I learnt about the different types of special groups that I may encounter as a teacher such as children and individual clients/students and how I might plan and conduct a lesson with the
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To write a lesson plan one must take attention to many important functions. 1. an aid to planning 2. a working document 3. a record 4. what should be included in a lesson plan The latter one includes:
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Nanawale Estates
In this unit I learned about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. First, modals are used to adding meaning to the main verb. Modals are used in cases such as obligation, request, ability, and advi
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A good teacher should be kind, patient, lively, and entertaining. He/she should establish rapport with the students and enjoy teaching. A teacher pays different roles, for example, a controller an org
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Ocean Pointe
This unit discussed pronunciation. This is probably the most neglected part of learning a new language, but it can have a large impact when speaking. Intonation was discussed which is the variation in
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