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I this unit I have learned the difference between authentic material and created classroom material. I learned when and where you should use them, as well as when you should modify them to fit the nee
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There are several different tests at different stages in a course: - Placement / Diagnostic tests are given at the start to determine the level of students and place them into the correct class accor
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This unit was about the different aspects of pronunciation and phonology, why it is an essential part?of language learning and teaching and how it can be taught effectively in EFL classrooms. Being ab
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Teaching special groups Classification of special groups 1. Beginners 2. Individuals (one-to-one) 3. Young learners 4. Business English 5. Monolingual vs. multilingual 1.Beginners • Absolute beginne
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Captain Cook
For books ,It is very pivotal to choose a nice corsebook for the students .If you have a nice book ,you can just follow it .Otherwise you have to spend long time on adding somepoints .For materials ,w
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Discovery Harbour
In this lesson I learned about the receptive and productive skills necessary to learn a language. In particular, various reading techniques allow us to quickly understand a topic or digest the inform
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East Honolulu
Past tenses are not very different from present tenses apart from discussing things from the past time periods. There are four different past tenses discussed in this unit: past simple, past continuou
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Eden Roc
This unit covered troubleshooting. It discussed first lessons, warmers, different levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students, and difficulty with listening texts. During the fir
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A good teacher should be able to maintain class discipline and inspire the students to be motivated to study. Eye contact can show the students that they are involved in the lesson, it can help indica
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Ewa Beach
The next tense system to consider is the future tense system. This tense system has seven different tenses: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous,
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Ewa Gentry
This unit used videos to demonstrate effective teaching strategies and ineffective teaching strategies in real time. It made several important points. The teacher should begin class in a welcoming way
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Ewa Villages
The way to evaluate the students' level is very important .The teachers should know the actual level of students to cover the content . For the students who are learning ,the month test is very key t
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Fern Acres
In this lesson I learned about the two productive skills of speaking and writing. These skills are both equally as important and should be treated with the same degree of seriousness. In addition to
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Fern Forest
Reading and listening are very important for laguage learning .I have learned many skills,such as how to give them tasks ,how to teach a reading class -There are different ways to teach a reading cla
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Content of this unit is extremely relevant and covers topics that scare me, as a new teacher, the most. Dealing with different groups can be mastered with experience, while I get that, having tools to
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To make a long story short, in the last unit we learnt about different problems we may face with as teachers having an EFL class. Some of them are: 1. The first lesson in a new class where students do
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There are many ways of teaching a foreign language. One of them is “Grammar-translation”. The basic principle of this system is finding equivalents in the students’ own language and the foreign
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In this unit I learned that materials used by teachers can be divided into two types, authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are items that a native speaker would usually liste
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In the video teacher teaches students modal verbs “have to” and “can”. He starts the lesson with engage stage, that is to talk about some topics related to the grammar. In order to answer the
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There are numerous of a reason why we should plan lessons. In term of what should be taught first and what next, we need to create a structure, logical sequence of the lesson that we can work from. Th
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This unit has gone over a lot about how to operate and function properly in a classroom. I learned that there are benefits to setting you class up one way verses another. I also have learned that ther
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This unit was short but difficult enough, after reading it once, I didn't feel ready to do the test, therefore I took some time to think and read it once again. I learnt many things from it: what we s
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In this lesson I learned about the equipment and teaching aids available. Some of them are probably not used much in my current settings, but is worth having them in mind as schools from other areas m
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In this unit I learned grammar concepts that I think are the most difficult for students: Phrasal verbs, relative clauses and modal verbs. The passive voice concept is also part of the unit but I thin
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In this unit, I have learnt four types of present tenses. Present simple: it is a verb tense which is used to show repetition, habit or generalization. for example: I walk to work every day. Present c
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Hawaiian Acres
In this unit I learned about the various teaching aids and equipment used in the classroom. Equipment that is available can include overhead projectors, white boards, and interactive white boards. In
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Hawaiian Beaches
Speaking is important in learning English --The students need lots of listening practice until they start to speak.For speaking ,there are many games to play --I have running home ,discribe and guess
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Hawaiian Ocean View
Teachers should use and assume a variety of rolls in the classroom in order to effectively help the students learn. The teacher should also make sure to cater the lesson and the interactions to the ex
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Hawaiian Paradise Park
This unit went over parts of speech. Every word that makes up a sentence is known as a part of speech. There are 8 categories of parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds,
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This unit has covered the subject of productive skills, which are speaking and writing. Although, writing is considered to be less useful in learning English, it has to be equally incorporated along w
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I this unit I learned a whole bunch about how to effectively use classroom aids. I found out some things about Over head projectors that I did not know before. I also learned that there are many diffe
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Hickam Housing
This unit was about teaching special groups of English learners. It discussed teaching beginners, individuals, children, business people or specific purpose people, and the monolingual and multilingua
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Unit 12 taught on the concepts of teaching the productive skills of writing and speaking. I was able to get useful knowledge of the types of speaking activities that I could utilize in the classroom a
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When two or more people are communicating with each other- they have some communicate purpose : - They want to say something. - They want to listen to something. - They are interested in what's be
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In unit 2, I have learnt the basic sentence structure the parts of speech. such as nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerund, pronouns, prepositions/conjunctions. It gives very clearly expl
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This unit answered the question "what exactly is a lesson plan?" including why and how they are used. Lesson plans are one of those subjective concepts in general when they are written down but when i
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For me, this Unit is a very important one, as I learned different methods of teaching, and explicitly the ESA method more detailed. The first stage of ESA - the engaging stage - is a very important st
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Conditionals Conditionals are sentences containing “if” which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the “ if” clause and the main clause, and either can come
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This unit was about teaching special classes. The unit highlighted types of English classes and the different categories of learners. I learned that there can be several categories of a "beginner" l
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Iroquois Point
This unit discussed conditionals. Conditionals contain an "if" clause that contains the condition that has to be satisfied before the action in the main clause can be realized. The different condition
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different tests are appropriate at different stages of the course. Teachers should be aware of different tests and use them throughout the course to modify the program and the teaching process. Here a
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This unit is a complex system of phonology and pronunciation in English language. We learned what intonation ( the volume and pitch in a sentence), stress( the same but in a word),and articulation( th
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In this high-content unit, modals such as (might, can, may etc.), phrasal verbs and passive/active voice in sentences was taught. The unit explained about how modals are used and in what situations. I
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This unit was about the future tenses. The unit looked at each tense's form and usage. There were examples of activities that may be used to introduce, reinforce or practice these tenses. As stated in
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In studying this unit i have come to learn that there are many ways in which you can prepare a lesson when considering all of the many ways that you can teach the material to your students. You always
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I found it interesting the different test types and why the exist. Placement tests is to determine what level a student is placed. Progress tests is to determine if students are learning and retaining
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This unit was about troubleshooting. It served as a reminder that there will be obstacles within lessons. As a teacher, you can be proactive by preparing ahead for such incidents. Which includes havi
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In this section I learned that reading offers more of a chance to learn and comprehend information then listening. Using a handout during the first study phase I think would be a good idea so any voca
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The teaching of the pronunciation of the Engish language is important but often neglected by many teachers because confidence is often lacking in the foreign teachers to teach methodically, and the na
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In this unit, I learnt a lot about phonology such as what "stress" and "intonation" are and how they are used in everyday language. The unit also taught about the different techniques one can utilize
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