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From this lesson, what I learned is about books and materials. One of the important thing for a teacher is the course book, because if the teacher choose one book as the course book, the whole class s
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In this unit, I learnt some different ways to evaluate students' levels and progress, which can be really useful to make sure most students achieve their learning goals. There are some different ways
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Alexander Bay
I learnt a lot about Grammar Condition in this unit. There are 5 main conditionals: Zero Condition, First Condition, Second Condition, Third Condition and Mixed Condition. For the 5 conditionals, stud
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As a fluent speaker of English, I natural use the correct tense of words. This unit was particularly helpful in understanding the reasons behind certain uses, and rules for certain things. For example
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This is probably the area where I have struggled most in my teaching experiences, because I was teaching a large class, with varying levels of fluency, in a limited amount of space. This unit gave me
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Learned the list of different types of leaners, from beginners through adult learners. Able to understand the different ways of teaching each type. Children should be taught more with focusing on sayi
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Barkly West
Valuable lessons on the importance of creating rapport in the first lesson along with using warmers to start off with in learning English. Good points on handling large classes with varying levels of
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I had learned much more about myself as a teacher in the future in this unit because I was not confident enough to teach English to anyone including my own kids. So I noticed that many things I though
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I felt very challenged in this unit because it brought back all grammar issues that I had studied just in my junior school times. So I concerned a lot about how important are even small details relate
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This unit 3 had been much more difficult for me because its about a field that I never had been taught. Methodology concerned to the teaching activity itself was completely new and I felt a little sca
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As a foreigner I found some difficulties to form some sentences using present perfect tense because I use to translate almost automatically all the information I getting into my native language (Portu
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Managing a class looks very challenger because you will be alone with all the responsibility to provide the knowledge every student expected to get from you and at same time, will be on your hands to
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Despite the similarities between present tenses is still a little confused for me as a Portuguese native speaker to identify some usages mainly with the past perfect continuous. I think the best way t
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This unit had been much more clear for me after read it for 3 times to avoid misunderstand among the techniques and the topics covered here. I felt I still need to understand better about the ESA meth
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Definitely the most confused tense for me as a foreigner, I had to be very careful and thing more than twice each time before choose my answer. I notice how important is to keeping reviewing the some
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This unit had been very challenge for me because I felt for the first time like a real new teacher in charge of my first class. I think I had many mistakes but it was very exciting and at same time it
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There are so many parts of the English language that I just use automatically and don't realize why I choose one wording over the other. Needing to explain it really helps me think more. Future tense
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It was very inspiring to see how the teacher's attitude affected the students. The way the teacher was positive, encouraging, and patient in the second video is a very good example. I particularly saw
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This unit summarized the various ESL teaching methodologies, past and current; activities to use at different stages of a lesson; and when and how to give corrections. As there are many teaching appro
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There are many key factors in what constitutes being a good teacher and a good learner. Both teacher and student have responsibilities in the learning process; teachers in being knowledgeable, approac
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In teaching speaking and writing, it can be hard to gauge how much correction is needed, and how much to just let the students speak and build up their confidence and fluency. It seems to me that bein
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I learned about modal and phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. I realized that a good grasp of verb tenses is vital to be able to properly use the passive voice and to be able to change a sentence fr
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De Aar
Even though teaching English can be very rewarding, there are still many struggles. In my teaching experiences, large classes were my biggest challenge. I really liked the idea that was given to have
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The unit address the information and teaching techniques for vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Some of the information presented I have observed in my classes, such as the students' ease in picking
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The unit covers the future tense and its forms. Though there are some patterns that resemble the present and past tenses, I can see how the future tense could present unique challenges to ESL learners
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This unit covered the basics of lesson planning and the importance of the information included therein. I found some of the information in this unit complementary to what I have been doing in my curre
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The unit contained video examples of what not to do and what to do when teaching. I appreciated the video format as it was easy to feel how the students felt and to see how the various teaching techni
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This lesson contained information about receptive skills: reading and listening and the challenges students face and the techniques teachers can use to help their students gain skills and confidence.
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This unit addressed productive skills: speaking and writing. It addressed the nuances of teaching each of these skills and how to present them to students in ways that are approachable and effective.
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This unit covers teaching pronunciation and phonology. It addresses the challenges of insecurity and hesitancy around the topic, for both teachers and students; and the difficulties for learners to gr
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This unit covered materials used in the classroom: course books, real-life (authentic) materials, and created materials, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each. I found that my thought
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Jan Kempdorp
This lesson covers testing and evaluation, highlighting various types of tests and their purposes and for whom they are designed. I have not yet in my teaching career had to give placement, diagnostic
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This unit covers conditional and reported speech and the nuances of how they are communicated. While studying this lesson, I realized that I had never considered the complexity of either of these item
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Modder River
This unit covers equipment and teaching aides that are commonly used in an ESL/EFL classroom, and how to effectively use them. In my current classes, I use many of the technologies and aides mentioned
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Orania, Northern Cape
This unit covered modals, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. Modals are used to add meaning to main verbs as well as express different levels of formality; passive voice which express
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This unit covered the various types of learning groups that may be encountered, such as beginners - children and adults; business English learners; solo students; and multilingual classes; and the app
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This lesson covered troubleshooting items that can help teachers when issues inevitably arise. Currently, the majority of the students I teach are returning students. I know them well and have establi
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the managing the classroom included some useful information. when to use eye contact and gestures in order to use the appropriately and the alteration of voice to suite the needs of the classroom. The
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This unit involves teaching new vocabulary and grammatical structures. When teaching new vocabulary it is important to select content that is appropriate and deliver it in a way that logical involving
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In this unit I leant that there are different methods of learning and therefore is it useful to know all the methods to cater for different learners since we do not all learn the same way. Some learn
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Victoria West
future tenses seemed to be complex at first as there are so many of them. As I worked my way through the module I noticed it followed a similar pattern as with the present and past tenses. In addition
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This unit shows the importance of planning of a lesson and although some people may only need to jot down a few ideas, other teachers will need a more comprehensive lesson plan. Not only does it allow
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The unit explain various methods of teaching which Mr Hammer then combined to create the ESA method. The unit provided many example of suitable activities for each stage of ESA and also the correct wa
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