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St Lucia
The teacher have a lot of materials to improve their classes and that was the main point of the unit, other material that we can use to improve our class and get the students attention to be more invo
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St Michael's on sea
There are different groups that we are going to face it along our path, and this unit was how to teach these different groups, how we need to behave differently when we are teaching children and begin
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This unit talked about some issues that we can have in class, and the most important one is try not to speak in the student's native language, let them think. Another thing that was a good advice was
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Tugela Ferry
Unit 5: Teaching Themes - In truth, I struggled a little bit on this unit as there was not any supporting literature apart from various photos and drawing. I have answered the questions to the best of
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The unit provides an overview of different teaching methods and techniques and which ones are most or best suited for teaching. It does seem to center though on the PPP approach, that is the ESA meth
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Songs, chants, music, games, stories, arts and crafts, and seasonal activities can all be used in the classroom to teach language points. Songs, chants, and music can be used for practice with listeni
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There are many cultural differences to take into consideration before beginning a teaching position abroad. Some of these include formal greetings, appropriate dress, gestures that could potentially b
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The unit provides a quick sort of review of the different verb tenses we use in the English language, from simple present to present perfect and so on; also prescribes ways to teach students and lists
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This was a very important unit because it provides guidelines and solid instructions as to seating arrangement, eye contact with students, TTT vs STT and so on. I also learned some important pointers
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Umhlanga Rocks
This unit explained and gave useful frameworks for the qualities and roles of teachers and students and the different types of students that we may encounter. The unit made me think more deeply about
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This unit identifies and explains the different parts of speech as an introduction to grammar. Because I write articles and reports almost every day, I found this especially challenging because it for
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A review of verb tenses such as the past continuous and the past perfect will always come in handy, especially when we are teaching it to our students. It's always helpful and useful to review and to
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The future is another important verb tense, that is verb tenses such as the future simple, future perfect, future continuous and so on. It has definitely helped me to differentiate which future tense
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The unit centers on coming up with a lesson plan which will help make the class run more smoothly, and also the importance of organizing and setting up a good lesson plan. Of course the ultimate goal
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The two videos were quite effective in building the contrast between a good and a bad lesson given by the teacher, which also helps us teachers to prepare a valid lesson plan and which techniques and
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The unit provides a good summary of the important receptive skills, reading and listening, each equally important, and the challenging task of teaching and learning such skills. Careful selection of
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The unit talks about the 2 productive skills, speaking and writing, used to communicate, and where reading is the most neglected skill taught as it is relegated usually or very often as homework. Whe
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Wow, I can't believe I was actually reading phonetic scripts, and making some sort of sense and logic with it, felt I was taking up latin..excellent teaching and review of phonetics, and the phonetic
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Van Reenen
Very helpful unit to something that is extremely important, which is the course book and even supplements and workbooks. Authentic material plays a key role in getting the students interested on a ce
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Very interesting unit dealing with testing and evaluating students, the different tests available, to the external tests such as TOEFL and TOEIC. Evaluating students before placing them in an English
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I found this unit the most challenging so far and took time to research communication games for the Activate stages of speaking lessons and consider how to use them to create fun and effective lessons
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So overlooked sometimes, and rather difficult for students to grasp these 2 functions, the conditionals and reported speech. Even I had to really study it on my own and feel comfortable with it, to b
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Warner Beach
This is a highly practical unit, which got me thinking more about the value of coursebooks and how to get the best value from them. Key things are using authentic materials to motivate students by let
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This unit introduces the topic of evaluating students, covering the less formal methods, like frequent tutorials and evaluation by the students themselves, through to formal exams that can be required
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This unit was especially interesting to me as I work mostly as a writer and sports commentator, so use these techniques intuitively all the time. The conditional rules are complex for non-native speak
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This unit gives an overview of the different types of teaching equipment and how each one can best be used to make the learning experience as engaging, enjoyable and informative as possible. The fast
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The unit provided a good review or brush up to the many resources that are available to the teachers, from cassette recorders, to overhead projectors and video cameras. Of course some of the technolo
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Such important grammar topics in this unit, and also very challenging to teach and for students to grasp successfully. Grammar is such a vital part in the language learning and teaching process and i
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This is a good, practical unit that helps new teachers to be alert for potential difficulties with classes and students. I will definitely keep the advice given here in mind during the early stages of
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Another useful and practical unit on how to teach special groups and different types of classes teachers are facing all over the world, from children groups to business english students. Teaching beg
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