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What I have learned through this unit is the teaching of new language, usages of grammar and functions. I would use these new materials to help better my teaching skills and help students understand t
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In this unit, the main subject is explaining about the future meaning which it is called the Tense System. The Tense System has about seven common tense and ideas which I will explain. The first tense
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This unit has been useful in the fact that it has introduced me to a greater range of Internet-based educational resources that I will have to explore more in the future as I continue teaching each da
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This unit has given me pause to reflect and look back at my own resume and consider what possible changes need to be made, and also it has made me consider thinking more about what kind of professiona
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Unit 1 of the course provides course instructions and an overview of the subsequent units related to teaching English to young leaners. It also covers some acronyms related to teaching English. I ha
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From unit 2 of the course, I have learnt that there are different theories related to language acquisition, mainly biological, environmental or a combination of both. L1 is for native language; L2 ma
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Unit 3 describes level testing- ITTT uses 5 different levels (starter, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate. Common European framework does not have pre intermediate. De
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Unit 4 covers authentic and non-authentic materials (created for use the classroom. Always do a demo before allowing students to carry out the activity. A lesson plan is important so that someone el
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Unit 5 covers teaching material and strategies. Songs can be fun for young learners and older students can relate to pop songs. Games also can be adapted for classroom use. Different games such as
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Banana Beach
Units 6 suggest some general issues worth considering such as being conservative and avoid sarcasm. Do research about a particular country before deciding to work there. Couple of ways to find emplo
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To be a good learner, one of the important things is to accept error correction and a desire to learn. Teachers should be able for students to be good learners by considering their different backgroun
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Vocabulary, grammar and functions are important to the students. Especially, I think that vocabulary is the most important and teachers’ role is to make students feel comfortable and easy to learn n
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Techers should prepare and think about their lesson plan before having a class. But the thing is that it should be flexible. The first, I need to set a goal as a teacher and for students and it should
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Course books are guideline to teach students but teachers should be creative based on the course book rather than just follow the exactly same contents in that. To be creative, we can use authentic ma
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I learned methods and techniques which can produce the best results. Among many techniques, I think presentation, practice and production is most important. In this method, teachers explain the meanin
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I learned how we can evaluate students’ levels and what we need to prepare for students based on evaluation. With tutorials, I can check how well the students performed the tasks. Using questionnair
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We studied examine the qualities, roles and responsibilites of both teachers and students in this unit. A good teacher should be kind , patient, lively and entertaining also be able to motivate learne
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We studied some methods for teaching new language. Grammar is often said to be the tree trunk and branches of a language while vocabulary and functions are the leaves that add beauty and variety. We h
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We studied for method lesson plan be write down. At first the writing of lesson plans has a number of important function, such as an aid to planning, working document, record. Next, we learned how sh
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Cape Vidal
Teachers use some materials such as Authetic materials, course book. Authentic materials include newspapers, poems, magazines film and video which offer acccurate information. But teacher has to choos
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Catalina Bay
A long time ago people have been learning and teaching language, there has been continual, and often heated, debate as to which methods and techniques the best results. There are teaching and leraning
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Cato Ridge
Placemant test usually use in order to arrange student into the suitable class language level. Most placement test include questions grammar and vocabulary and interview. Regulary progress test can en
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First of all, the teachers are those who set the tone for a great learning environment. However, a lot depends on the way the learners face the lessons and overall, learning. To begin with, a learner
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it says how is important to make a balance of grammar, vocabulary and functions. Especially vocabulary can be branches of a tree. So knowing lots of words makes colourful various fluent English. There
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There are lots of theories, methods and techniques to learn English. First of all we learn a lot about grammar and translation in the state school sector. This section is basic though, students learn
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For several teachers it is difficult to select the appropriate lesson or activity, others might complain about whether use the course book or not. This unit said course books are controversial issue s
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In detail, the teacher says what students will learn first off mentioning the objective, students will add decimals up to two place values in order to create a project. After mentioning the objective
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There are lots of kind of tests. Placement tests, Progress tests, Diagnostic tests, Practice tests, General external examinations and cambirdge Assessment. Before doing this test, teachers should know
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In this unit I have learned the use of planning a lesson by use three important functions. One is aid to planning by writing down and expect the students to learn the lesson by the end. The second is
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In this unit we will look at general theories about learning and development, from infancy to full maturation. We will then consider how we learn languages, both our native tongue (often referred to a
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In this unit we will explore various ways you could develop a course for young learners. From our first meetings with students, we will examine level testing and the needs analysis for the students. W
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In this unit I have learned that having a positive attitude could really affect the environment in the class. Understanding the positive attitude could encourage the students to pay more attention and
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This unit included a lot of practical ways to manage a class. Having the right attitude and posture is an important asset to being a good teacher. Being a teacher requires an approachable personality,
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This unit covered the future tense of the English grammar, and it was throughly, yet concisely explained. It covered future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and 'g
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This unit thoroughly and concisely covered the methodology on creating an ideal lesson plan to be effectively utilized in class. It provided three brief reasons on why teachers should have lesson plan
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This unit provided two video clips that displayed probable real life scenarios of teaching English to students. One showed an ideal way to teach students while having a proper attitude and posture, wh
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From this unit I learnt about the theory of learning an teaching that I found common in practice. Some are new for me, but most of it are things that I already knew, or I knew it without I realized it
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I personally learnt a lot more new stuffs from this unit in how to design a course for a young leaner. I usually found difficulties to think about or plan what to teach to my students because I have a
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The unit provides a detail explanations about types of materials to be used in a class, how to plan a class, what resources can be used and referred to, and how to manage a class with problems to be a
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I have learned a great deal about TESOL, TESL, TEFL, and TEYL just from this first unit. For starters I did not realize the great deal of differentiation and therefore specialization that takes place
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This Unit on "general theories about learning and development " has been both very informative from a practical perspective (actual class time with students) but the presentation of theory incited
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This unit covered two of the four basic skills in any language, which are reading and listening. It explained how all of the four skills are equally important, and there are two widely ranging reasons
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This unit explained the two productive skill used in the language system, which are writing and speaking. It also covered accuracy activities that are concentrated on producing correct language, and f
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Unit 1 was an introduction to the course Teaching English to Young Learners. In this unit, I learned what will be covered in the six units of this course. Next I was given the basic instructions and w
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The beginning of Unit 2 was about the four main learning and behavior theories: constructivists, maturationists, environmentalists, and developmentalists. There are many more theories outside of these
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Unit 3 begins with the different levels, ranging from starter to upper-intermediate, and descriptions of each. Once you determine the learning levels (maybe via a test) of your students, you can deter
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This unit begins by listing what is included when talking about classroom “materials” and the difference between authentic and non-authentic materials. Next, it describes a lesson plan and why you
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The first section of this unit was about using songs, chants, and music in the classroom. Music can be a great way for students to build their English vocabulary. Games are also a great way to practic
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This unit begins with a reminder to be culturally sensitive while teaching abroad. It then lists a handful of ways to find a teaching position. From my own experience, I agree that being in the countr
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Ifafa Beach
This unit thoroughly covered the application of phonetics in the English language system. It also explained how important it is to understand phonology to know pronunciation in a deeper level. It also
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