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Illovo Beach
This unit covered important grammatical rule for conditional sentences using if and when, and knowing how to use reported speech. It explained five different conditional terms used in the English lang
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This unit provided list of many teaching equipments and instructions on how to use them in a class setting. It consists of 15 different resources that any teacher could utilize in a class to teach stu
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This unit covered the usage of modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice in the English grammar. It was provided with charts and examples on how to use each and every single one of the technical terms.
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This final unit covered some of the most common problem situations that teachers may encounter while teaching students English. It provided tips on how to prepare for the first lesson, and how to set
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I found this Unit to be very informative. I had known of a few of the methods and have used many of them, however a couple of them were new. I must say some of the methods I found funny such as the si
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Even though I felt that I had good knowledge of my grammar skills, I see that the fresh up was and is needed. I think it is necessary for teachers to have these skills. I have found that rules make it
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In Unit 2, we are given an overview of mainly 3 learning and behavior theories relevant to the course. These are divided into the constructivist, maturationist and environmentalist camps. We examine t
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Unite 3 comprehends an overview of types of tests, including needs analysis and level testing. We learned what are Diagnostic, Placement, Aptitude, Achievement, Proficiency and Progress tests. Further
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I found this ver interesting. I can see how the difference between young students and adults can be. I would have been very grateful if there had been more on teaching adults. I have had a few student
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In this lesson we see a discussion on the different activities that we can use in a classroom to strengthen the four different skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. These activities are
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This Unit has given me the chance to see how lessons are built up. The different stages of lesson and the importance of selecting vocabulary. I thought that I knew more, but the ideas and suggestions
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In this Unit I found the grammar harder then other Units. I do not think I have ever really had an understanding of which was which and when to use. I hope that it is just because I needed to freshen
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La Lucia
In this unit, I learned about the different theories behind the way students learn and behave, including maturation, constructivism and environmentalism. I also consolidated knowledge about the ESA me
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La Mercy
In the 'Course Development', I learned firstly about implementing level tests for a class of young learners, in order to establish their level on the CEF scale. The needs analysis is also an important
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I found the videos very informative. It was great to see the difference in how the class is affected by the attitude of the teacher. If I were the student of the first lesson I would not have felt com
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I found this interesting. I always knew that all four reading. listening, writing and speaking. I did not know however that there was a name for this.I ver much like that we are able to make lesson pl
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This unit provided a basic description of the different theories of learning and the ways that we can appropriately implement them in our classrooms. There was some interesting information provided ab
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In this unit we were given a high-level overview of the syllabus creating and exam processes. I found this unit very helpful because even though I have a certification to teach Cambridge exams, i have
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I found this unit particularly useful because I’ve found that using a mixture of all of these materials make for interesting and engaging classes with my students. The use of authentic materials, e
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As a teacher who uses music, video and games regularly in class, I found this unit very helpful. I took away some new ideas and thought about things which have never really crossed my mind before like
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I really appreciated this unit. It provided me with additional resources and websites which I had not seen in the past. I also really enjoyed researching the cultural norms in different teaching envir
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In this chapter of Teaching and Learning Young Learners ...we learn the major age group for young learners ie. 5 years to 9 years and the 2nd 9years to 13 years . Adopting an approach, Different metho
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In this chapter we learn the various ways to develop the course for young learners. Starting with level testing using different level descriptions such as Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, inter
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Mount Edgecombe
Materials brought to class is discussed in detail based on Authentic and non Authentic, giving examples of each. A detailed structures lesson plan is explained , the reason for lesson plan , what it
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In this unit various teaching themes are introduced like songs , chants , games , stories , arts and crafts , drama etc...every technique is explained in details and some considerations in class while
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In this chapter of professional development resources are given to teachers for job search...seeking and applying for jobs, learning to write CV / resume. general EFL webliography has information TEYL
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In this unit, I could review some learning and behavior theories such as Maturation, Environmental and Constructivism and their main characteristics. Writers mentioned what factors contribute or not
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New Germany
This unit brought really relevant information about different kinds of material that I can choose from before giving a class. Besides, it also brought how I can plan my lessons, organize them througho
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New Hanover
out of all the units so far, this has for me been the hardest. I thought that I had some knowledge because I have taught my own children. As I can see I will need to do a lot more studying on this sub
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In this unit I could learn a bit more about how we can separate students according to what they already know considering the levels they could be placed in: Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Inte
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I feel pleased for concluding the study of this course and the possibilities it showed me to keep studying and learning deeply about young learners, how I can improve myself, my plannings, my classes
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Nottingham Road
This Unit really helped me understand the approach of the school I'm working at. We use the Cambridge method, and when I started there nobody really took the time to tell me why we have the levels, w
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Palm Beach
This Unit I found not to be has hard as the previous one. I found the example of materials that we are able to use in a lesson very informative. I can see that role playing is a very good way to let t
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Park Rynie
This Unit was very interesting. I found the information over the different classes and reasons for taking English was great. I have not taught for many years but I have had some of the same problems m
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I've learned a lot from this unit, and it really helped, including the lesson planning guide. I think that if you planned your class wisely your students will improve better their knowledge. I've lear
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This unit talked about the management of the classroom and our behavior in class and how to deal with students behaviors too. How our decisions can influence the class, like the way we organize how th
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In this unit I have learnt what should be in a lesson plan for young learners and how a teacher should use it. I understood what are the benefits of creating a lesson plan and what activities will be
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This unit opens a wide range of teachers strategies and themes. It learns how to use songs, chants, music, games, stories, arts and crafts, seasonal activities, drama and movement and how to put it al
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This unit helps us to understand how to search for a job in a foreign country, what shoud we consider when going to work in a foreign country, what questions to ask a potential employer. Also it show
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This unit was about past, it's simple but important, we use to describe actions in the past. The basic of English grammar that helps communicate with others. Actually is not that simple, starts to com
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Port Edward
This unit was about how we are going to teach vocabulary,grammar structure and how we can teach the students putting into a routine task to activate them and create a better understanding. There are a
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Port Shepstone
A lesson plan is very important, is where you get references during the class and prepare every detail you want them to know and learn. It has every detail that you will prepare for them, what kind of
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In teaching young learners the use of authentic materials can be a good ally, because it is a method that is often tested and effective in helping learning. However the teacher can use non authentic m
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The process and methods of learning are rewarding and pleasurable stages for the teacher, especially when we see the students' progress and commitment. These factors can be even more special with youn
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Richards Bay
I spent a protracted period of time studying this unit and had to re-read a lot because the information was mostly new to me. I basically learned the overall bones of a course, the big decisions that
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Salt Rock
This unit covered more than what the title indicated, which was welcome. The difference between authentic and non-authentic materials is crystal clear in my mind but after my own reading into the two,
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When we are preparing a class is not just about what ESA we will use, we need to choose the right material so that the class makes sense. We need to choose carefully what text/video we will use and th
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This unit I've learned about productive skills. That is different from receptive skills. Productive skills is speaking and writing. In speaking we need to make the students talk and interact and somet
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Shelly Beach
Pronounciation is the part that every student wants to improve so they will speak a good English and have a good communication with a native. But it's not that simple. Also phonology is important to u
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This unit was more about the materials that we may use in the classroom. We need to be careful when using a book, we need to get the students to be involve in the lesson, having a support material is
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